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Earliest 1867-

George and Dragon

Latest 1871+

16 Harbour Street



The following passage is the only reference I have for this pub at present. There is also the "Royal Native" with the address of 18-19 Harbour Street.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 8 January 1870.


Another sad case of suicide occurred here on Saturday last, the unfortunate deceased being an elderly man named Machell, who lately came to reside in this town as assistant to Mr. H. T. Goulden, chemist, of Harbour Street. On Monday the coroner, T. T. Delasanx, Esq., and a jury, of whom Mr. Thomas Whorlow acted as foreman, held an inquest on the body at the "George and Dragon" public-house, Harbour Street, when the following evidence was adduced:—

George Elliott, landlord of the "George and Dragon," deposed:- On New Year's Day the deceased came to my house at about twenty minutes past two in the afternoon, and went into the tap-room. I had occasion to go into the room a few minutes after he had entered, and saw him sitting by the fire. He was coughing and spitting. I noticed two small bottles on the table. I remarked to him that he did not seem very well. He said he was not, and asked me to show him to the closet, which I did. While he was in the closet I heard him vomiting. In a short time he came out and sat down in the taproom again. I noticed that he was worse, and said "You have been taking something." He answered "No." I then said. "What do those two bottles mean on the table?” He snatched them off and endeavoured to put them in his pocket, but did not do so as they fell on the ground. Seeing he was getting much worse I ran for medical assistance. The deceased had never been in my house before and was quite a stranger to me.

Mr. Hayward, surgeon, stated that the last witness came for him at about twenty-five minutes past two, and he went with him to the deceased. As soon as he entered the room he detected the smell of essential oil of almonds, and at once returned to his surgery for his stomach pump. The deceased was quite insensible, and his teeth were firmly clenched. Witness opened his mouth and used the pump. The contents brought up contained essential oil of almonds which had caused death.

Mr. Herbert T. Goulden said:— I am a chemist in Harbour Street. Have known the deceased for about a month. During the last fortnight he has assisted me in my business, and during the last week he has resided entirely at my house. On Saturday morning last he was engaged in the shop, and I did not notice anything particular in his manner. Several times previous to Saturday I had noticed he seemed melancholy and thoughtful, and I mentioned it to Dr. Williams, and also to my wife. I do not know of any cause for his committing suicide, as he was quite comfortable with me and quite capable of attending to my business.

George Shrubsole, a youth twelve years of age, in the employ of Mr. Goulden, was also examined. He saw the deceased in the shop on Saturday morning, and did not notice anything different in his ways. Witness saw him leave the shop about twenty minutes past two with a small phial in his hand containing about two drachms of essential oil of almonds. The phial produced was the same.

The jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide while in a state of mental derangement.



Last pub licensee had ELLIOTT George 1867-71+ (age 56 in 1871Census)


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