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Earliest 1871-

Kentish Hotel

Latest 1978+

7 Hawthorne Place

Milton Regis

Former Kentish Hotel 2015

Above Google image, August 2015.


I have found two references to this pub in the 1891 and 1901 census addressed as Milton, but I am going to assume it is Milton Regis.

I have also seen this addressed as Sittingbourne.

The above premises was still being run as a pub till at least 1978 but was an off-licence in 2015 and had lost the name. The address also appears to be called Hawthorne Road now as well, less the original listing was incorrect.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 18th January 1947.

And to all whom it may concern.

I, Edward Mount now residing at "Kentish Hotel," Milton Regis in the said County beerhouse keeper do hereby give you notice that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting for the said Division to be holding at the Court House, Sittingbourne in the said County on Monday the 10th day of February 1947 at 10:15 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Justice's Licence authorising me to apply for and hold and Excise Licence to sell wine by retail at the premises situate at and being "Kentish Hotel" (on) Beerhouse, Milton Regis in the said Division for consumption either on or off the premises of which said premises I am the occupier and Style and Winch Limited whose registered office is situate at Medway Brewery, Maidstone in the county of Kent are the owners.

Given under my hand this 2nd day of January 1947.

E Mount.



FOSTER Thomas to Nov/1871 East Kent Gazette

VANT Saul Nov/1871-May/73 East Kent Gazette

WILLSON George May/1873+ East Kent Gazette

BLAKE William 1891+ (age 48 in 1891Census)

CLARKE Alfred J 1901-11+ (age 38 in 1901Census)

MOUNT Edward 1947+



East Kent GazetteEast Kent Gazette


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