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Earliest 1860s

Lord Nelson

Closed Jan 1991

108 London Road


Lord Nelson 1931

Above photo 1931. Creative Commons Licence.

Lord Nelson 1939

Above photo 1939. Creative Commons Licence.

Lord Nelson outing 1947

Above photo, circa 1947, showing an outing from the pub, including the entertainment of one gentleman with an accordion. From the Bexley Archives. Local man Alf Gibson shown second from right,

Lord Nelson ledger

Charrington's ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Arthur Illes 1982

Above photo, showing licensee Arthur Illes in 1982, from the Bexley Archives.

Lord Nelson sign 1986

Above sign, November 1986.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Lord Nelson 1988

Above photo, 1988, from the Bexley Archives.


From an unknown document.

Built in 1864 and became a beerhouse around 1867. A coach builder, John Nash, who was the licensee of The "Star" became the owner-occupier in 1871 when he purchased the property from the site developer, Mrs King (of Bexley?). He sold the business to Edward Crowley, brewer of Croydon, around 1875.

In the 1980s, the regulars played a trick on the licensees who were away on holiday. When they returned they found the pub sign had been altered to Nelson’s mistress’s name “The Lady Hamilton,” - unfortunately before I could get spare time, and my camera, the sign had been removed.

At the end of the 1980s the husband and wife licensees were warned several times about supplying drink on the premises after closing time. Even in the early hours of the morning, before they were due to attend court, a Police Inspector saw a cab pull up outside the pub to collect after-hours drinkers. The couple’s actions caused them to lose their licences and, after they lost their appeal, the pub closed up in January 1991.


I am informed that the pub from 2007 or earlier is being used as a restaurant called Gandhis Spice.


Former Lord Nelson 2007

Above photo 2007, by Steve Thoroughgood.

Former Lord Nelson 2016

Above Google image June 2016.


The pub was converted into a restaurant in 1993 and operated under the name of Gandhi's Spice since 1997.

James Miller tells me in March 2019 that:- The building is no longer Gandhis restaurant, it only lasted from 9 September 1998 till 6 August 2002, and in 2018 was converted into 2 terraced houses. I have found the pub on the 1891 census and the owner seems to be, Joseph Aines (writing not too clear) shown as a Yeast Dealer/Brewer. Age 36 Born Reedham, Norfolk. Wife is Harriet Age 35.



McGUINESS William 1871+ (age 45 in 1871Census)

TUNSTALL Benjamin 1881+ (age 58 in 1881Census)

AINES Joseph 1891+ (age 36 in 1891Census)

DREW Harold William 1901-22+ (age 30 in 1901Census)

PERRY Emily Mrs 1930+

THOMPSON Edward T 1932-38

RICHARDSON ???? 1938-49

STEWART P R 1949-54

BOLD A C 1954-Aug/57

FORD E W G Aug/1953-Mar/59

KITE L W Mar/1959-Oct/1960

BOWLES A V Oct/1960-Jan/65

ILLES Arthur W Aug/1965-82+




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