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Earliest 1868-

Chillington Arms

Latest 1889+

10 St Faith Street



Maidstone Telegraph 06 February 1869.


Before C. Arkcoll, Esq. (in the chair) and W. Laurence, Esq.

John Francis, landlord of the "Chillington Arms," St. Faith street, was summoned for keeping his house open for the sale of beer during prohibited hours; also with unlawfully allowing gambling in his house, on the 27th of January.

P.S. Phipps deposed that his attention was called by P.C. White to defendant's house being open about twenty minutes before two o'clock on the morning of the 27th of January. He went into the house and found some men engaged in the rear of the premises emptying a water-closet. Behind the bar was a little window looking into the parlour. He observed through the window four men sitting down throwing dice. He then went through the taproom and into the parlour by the back door. On entering the room he spoke to the men, who had a pot before them containing beer, which was offered him to drink from, but which he refused. One man remarked that he had no doubt witness had seen them throwing, and they therefore might as well keep on. The men in that room were not in any way connected with those emptying the closet. Defendant was present when witness was in the room. They did not say anything to each other.

P.C. White said that he was passing the house about twenty minutes to two when he observed it wide open, and communicated the fact to P.S. Phipps. They both then entered the house, and found four men throwing dice.

Defendant, in reply to the bench, said that he had only been a beerhouse-keeper about three months, and knew nothing of the arrangements of the trade. He had his house open for the convenience of the men emptying the closet. He did not know the men were raffling till his attention was called to them.

The Chairman said that the bench considered that both charges had been proved. He should fine defendant 10s and 10s costs for the first offence; and 2, the lowest penalty, for allowing gambling, and 8s costs.

Defendant paid the money.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 30 April 1889.

A Maidstone Publican Found Drowned.

On Sunday evening P.C. Wood of the Maidstone Borough Police Force received information from David King, living in Bower Street, that while he was rowing in a boat on the River Medway he saw the body of a man floating down between the Springfield and the Medway paper mills. The body was taken from the water by a man named Henry Beecher, who was employed at the sewage works, and was subsequently removed to the mortuary in Mill Street. It was there identified to be that of the body of Mark Baker, landlord of the "Chillington Arms" Beerhouse, St. Faith's Street, who has been missing from his home about 3 weeks. A large number of persons witnessed the removal of the body from the water to the mortuary. We are informed that at the time deceased was missed, nothing strange was noticed about him, and how he got in the water is not yet known. On the evening of the 9th of April, the day from which nothing had been known or heard of the deceased, 2 women reported hearing a noise as if someone was in the water opposite the barrack field, but further information will be gathered from the inquest to be held at the Town Hall, Maidstone, this Tuesday morning.




FRANCIS John Nov/1868-69+

BRAIN E Mrs 1882+

BAKER Mark to Apr/1889 dec'd


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