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Spoken about Nov 2016

Chromos (perhaps)

Closed Aug 2018

(Name to)

77 Stour Street


Chromos 2016

Above photo, 2016.

Chromos 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


Situated next to what was once the "City of London" in November 2016 the building occupied by Chromos Global Art Supplies.

Rumour has it that the premises is going to be converted into an artisan licensed restaurant with bar called Chromos.

The entrance stairs says:- Boutique Cinemas, Cocktail Bar, Cereal Bar.


From 02 August, 2016. By L MacDougall.

An all day cereal café and cinema is coming to Canterbury.

A truly one-of-a-kind venue boasting aerial performances, a mini cinema and an all-day cereal bar will open in Stour Street in Canterbury this November.

The site, on 77 Stour Street, was previously set to transform into a Gastropub when planning permission was granted in May this year.

But the building will now become Chromos - an eclectic, unique venue instead, featuring several different components, including two restaurant areas, a cereal café, hair salon, nail booth and neighbourhood cinema.

A spokesperson for Chromos said: "Get ready for a whole new dimension to Canterbury's social scene as Chromos, Stour Street prepares to open its doors this Autumn!

"Offering a unique eat, work and play experience in Canterbury, this venue has something for everyone!

"It's destined to get a little bit louder towards the night, so it's best to get your work done earlier in the day!"

So what will be inside the unique venue?

Canterbury's first all-day Cerealious Café with a fabulous range of cereals from all over the world on offer plus a range of milks and toppings to brighten up your bowl.

The Lounge

The Lounge at Chromos will offer free, unlimited WIFI and loads of charging spots all over making it not only a great social work/study, but also a great place to chill-out with friends.

They will serve a great selection of snacks and beverages, including Costa Coffee, a range of teas, juices and alcoholic drinks.

Diners at The Lounge will also be able to expect a tasty, uncomplicated food menu, good selection of hot and cold drinks plus some pretty decent cocktails.


In 2018 the "Foundry" was forced to close its doors and moved to these premises.




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