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Earliest 1814-

(Name from)

Old Beefsteak House

Latest 1896+

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London Road


Map of Shorne 1895

Above map from 1895, printed 1898 showing the location of the "Crown Inn" magenta, and the "Old Beefsteak House," cyan.

Shorne map 1895

Above map 1895.


According to a map the pub was operating under the name, of the "Old Beefsteakhouse" in 1895. I have traced this back to 1819 when it was known as the "Beef Steak Inn." Obviously not "old" then.


Kentish Gazette 28 August 1819.

Free Tavern and Hotel.

High London and Dover Kent Road.

To be sold by private contract, by Charles Larkin, the unexpired term of 10 years in the lease of the oldest establish Tavern, called the "Beef Steak House," most eligible situated abutting the high turnpike road, and only a pleasant walk from the populous neighbourhood of Gravesend and the Three Towns, and calculated for business.

The House contains excellent accommodation, with Shrubbery and Pleasure Grounds, and about 14 acres of rich Orchard and Meadow Land; is perfectly free from brewer or distiller, and his considered, as a road house, equal to most in the country.

For particulars apply to C. Larkin, City Repository, Rochester.


From the Maidstone Gazette and West Kent Courier, 25 December, 1827.

Shorn, near Rochester, to be sold by auction, by Mr. T. Homewood.

At the "Beef Steak Inn," at Shorn, on Wednesday, the 2nd day of January, 1828, at 3 o'clock precisely, unless previously disposed of by private contract.

One moiety or half part of about seven acres of valuable land, with two cottages, a stable, and other outbuildings, and the entirety of a good barn being therein, situated in the parish of Shorn, about three and a half miles from Rochester, and the same distance from Gravesend, and in the occupation of Mr. Charles Jarratt, as yearly tenant.

The land is well planted with fruit trees, part is used as a market garden, and the whole is a in a high state of cultivation.

The greater part of this valuable land abounds with the finest brick earth, which, from its contiguity to Rochester, Gravesend, &c. &c. renders it particularly desirable.

For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply to Messrs. Stevens and Hills, Solicitors; or the Auctioneer, Maidstone.


Kentish Gazette, 18 November 1851.

Chatham. Salutary Alteration in the Law.

On the 9th of December last year, George Smith, formerly landlord of the "Beef Steak House," at Shorne, was summoned to appear before the County Magistrates at Rochester, on a charge of having left his wife and children chargeable to the parish of Chatham. Defendant, however, did not appear, notwithstanding the bail he had entered into to do so, and the case being proceeded with ex parte, (done with respect to or in the interests of one side only or of an interested outside party) and proved, he was sentenced to be imprisoned for three months. A difficulty now arose as to his apprehension, it being known that he had gone to Jersey, and so the case remained, until a recent alteration in the relations between that island and this country, which gave the power of putting the warrant into force. The parish officers of Chatham having become aware of the fact, applied to have it carried into effect. Accordingly a few days ago, Superintendent Everist proceeded to Jersey, apprehended the delinquent, and on Tuesday, the 28th ult., conveyed him to the county goal, where he will be kept in durance vile, (a long prison sentence,) for the term originally directed by the Court.


Gravesend Reporter, October 24th 1896.


There died at Higham, on Tuesday, John Beckenham (sic), at the age of 88 years. For 37 years he lived at the "Duke of York" public house, commonly known as the Beefsteak house. His faculties remained unimpaired to the end, and he could remember the Battle of Waterloo and the Great Frost of 1815."



BECKINGHAM John 1841-96 dec'd (age 30 in 1841Census)




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