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Earliest ????

Saxon Shore

Open 2020+

78-80 Central Parade

Herne Bay

01227 370316

Saxon Shore 2015

Above photo 2015.


This is another of the Wetherspoon's pubs, and as yet I do not know the history of the building or when it opened. Local knowledge welcome please.


From By Steph Cockroft 23 April 2014.

Wetherspoon pub is decorated with Union Jacks because the flag of St George 'might offend people'.

Customers claim a JD Wetherspoon pub hung Union Jacks on England's national day in case non-English people found the St George's flag offensive.

Drinkers at the "Saxon Shore" in Herne Bay, Kent, blasted the move as 'political correctness gone mad' after staff decided not use England's red and white flag in favour of the United Kingdom's.

When angry customers asked why the pub was decorated in Union Jacks, they claim staff told them that the St George's flag 'might offend'.

Outrage: Customers were furious after the "Saxon Shore" pub, in Herne Bay, Kent, hung Union Jack flags - representing the United Kingdom - instead of the St George's flag, to celebrate England's national day.

Dental nurse Sam Gurney, 29, said she was 'gobsmacked' after she saw the St George's Day promotion while drinking with friends at the JD Wetherspoon pub.

She said: 'Being quite a patriotic person, I thought "Oh my God, why have they got the Union Jack instead of the St George?"

'I asked the manager and she said, "don’t go there". Apparently it was the Union Jack or nothing - I was completely gobsmacked.

'She said the policy was there because of fears the St George’s flag might offend people, which is just political correctness gone mad.

'It annoys me because when it was St Patrick’s Day, they made a big deal out of it flying Irish flags, hats and shamrocks but yet we can’t celebrate our national day.

'The Union Jack doesn’t make sense as Scotland are voting to break away. I’m pretty sure they won’t be flying it on St Andrew’s Day or St David’s Day.'

The "Saxon Shore" pub has now replaced the Union Jack flags with St George's flags. A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said hanging Union Jacks was a tradition and was not done to stop offence being caused.

After posting her disgust on Facebook, Miss Gurney received support from other drinkers.

Shirley Turner posted: 'Wetherspoons ought to be ashamed of themselves.

'St George is the patron saint of England, so for St George's Day fly the cross of St George which is the English flag. Simple!'

Katherine KJ Baxter added: 'Yet they’ll still fly the cross to show support to the English football team. How does that work then?'

Pub manager Hayley Bates said she understands why drinkers have questioned the decision to use the Union Jack, but said the pub had always used those flags.

She said: 'I can see her point, but we have always used the Union Jack to celebrate St George’s Day and it has never been an issue before.

'She started questioning it and she also said we should make a bigger deal out of St George’s Day than St Patrick’s, which I agree with.

'But I’ve been at Wetherspoons for eight years and nothing has changed in that time.'

A JD Wetherspoon spokeswoman denied the Union Jack flags were put up through fear of offending customers with the English national flag.

She said: 'They have got St George's flags up now, they were put up today.

'It was something which was done every year, it was the decorations they always had.

'Nobody had ever pointed it out before, so now they have changed the decorations. We like to please our customers.'


From the By Charlie Harman, 2 March 2019.

Man stabbed at Wetherspoons' The Saxon Shore pub on Central Parade in Herne Bay.

Police detained two men following a bottle attack in a pub last night.

Officers were called to The Saxon Shore Public House in Central Parade, Herne Bay at 11.30pm last night following a report of an assault.

The victim - a man in his 20s - sustained injuries consistent with stab wounds during the attack.

The Saxon Shore pub is still open today following the incident.

A Wetherspoons spokesman confirmed the incident, saying: "We can confirm that an incident occurred in our pub at 11.30pm on Friday night.

"There was an altercation inside the pub, which then continued in the garden, where a customer was attacked with a bottle.

"The pub was closed immediately and the police and ambulance attended. The customer was taken to hospital.

"The pub is open again this morning, but the garden area is closed off whilst the police are investigating.

"We send our best wishes to the customer involved and trust he'll make a speedy recovery.

"We will continue to assist the police in any way possible."

The injured man was taken to a London hospital via air ambulance and was later discharged.

A 24-year-old man from Gillingham and 26-year-old man from Canterbury have been arrested in connection with the incident and are currently in custody.


From the By Stela Gineva, 26 August 2019.

Saxon Shore in Herne Bay: We went to the worst Wetherspoons in Kent according to TripAdvisor.

Saxon Shore is found on the Central Parade by the beach.

Wetherspoons is synonymous with affordable drinks and meals in a no-frills atmosphere.

Students on a budget go there for pre-drinks, families with children go there when they need a quick, affordable meal.

It is a versatile pub chain that is many things to many people.

Kent boasts 22 different Wetherspoons branches, and a quick look on Trip Advisor reveals that some might be less pleasant than others.

At the very bottom of the list is Herne Bay's Saxon Shore - a pub located on the Central Parade by the beach.

Of the 305 reviews on Trip Advisor, over 107 ranked their experience 'Terrible' or 'Poor'. This means that, on average, every third person disliked their experience in the pub for one reason or another.

Saxon Shore outside area 2019

There is a seating area outside the pub.

One of the more recent Trip Advisor reviewers had this to say about the pub: "Took our grandson out for the day.

"Came to Wetherspoons as they have a children’s menu.

"Husband went and asked how long and was told an hour... Grandsons ham egg and chips had no egg so had to be sent back when it arrived the egg was over cooked but he was so hungry he ate it.

"Can’t express my disappointment strongly enough never had a problem with the chain before. Several customers had to ask for their tables to be cleaned... "

Long waiting times, unclean tables, rude staff were some of the things that reviewers complained about.

So we decided to go and see if it was as bad as they say - on a bank holiday no less!

On walking in at about 3pm, I found the restaurant completely packed. There was one lone table I managed to find and I had to go find a chair elsewhere as families had pulled up extra chairs to accommodate their kids.

There was a massive queue at the bar. Why, I am not sure as one of the best things about Wetherspoons is that it has an app with the whole menu on it so you can just order from your table.

This is what I did.

I noticed a family at a table next to me got up and as it was a bit quieter, I moved over. Already I was pleasantly surprised as a waiter appeared almost immediately to clear away some of the larger plates.

Unfortunately, however, that's where the cleaning ended. The dirty napkins and glasses remained, as well as the crumbs and other remnants of food even after my food and drinks had been served.

Maybe it was because it was absolutely rammed, or maybe they were short staffed as the waiting staff were definitely not sitting around. Polite but efficient, they served food quickly and dealt with questions.

In all honesty, the worst part of my experience was the fact that the table was not cleaned and this did detract from the atmosphere. No frills is one thing, but not bothering to clean a dirty table seemed a bit much.

The food was affordable and tasted good - something I have come to expect from Wetherspoons.

I had the chicken and brie burger with onion rings and fries. There was a cranberry sauce as well which worked really well with the brie I thought. For a chain pub, they have some really creative food options!

I was worried it would take too long to get to me as per previous reviews, but it arrived within ten minutes of ordering. Even on such a busy day, service was astonishingly fast!

The burger and my drink - I went for water as I was parched, only cost 6,10 - an absolute steal!

After the filling meal, I had a bit of a wander around the pub - it is spacious with a decent sized beer garden. Although sadly no views of the beach there.

As for the atmosphere, it's a lot like walking into any relatively busy Wetherspoons pub anywhere in the UK. That's the thing with chain pubs, they're reliable in their offering. Maybe the tables could've been cleaner though.

So what's the verdict? Yes, the table was not cleared away but I am sure if I asked they would have accommodated.

Service was fast on a busy day and the food was decent - about as much as you can expect from a pub chain.

But if this is the worst Wetherspoons in Kent, I'm not sure we've got much right to complain.


From the By Jack Dyson, 24 January 2020.

Wetherspoon plans 2.5m hotel above its Herne Bay pub with 20 rooms.

Wetherspoon wants to build a 20-room hotel costing 2.5 million above its Herne Bay pub.

Bosses say the development will create 40 new jobs at The Saxon Shore in Central Parade - and could encourage more businesses to invest in the town.

Saxon Shore 2020

Wetherspoon bosses want to expand the Saxon Shore in Central Parade, Herne Bay.

The pub chain is hoping to purchase part of Beach Street car park, behind the tavern, from Canterbury City Council in order to build a reception for the planned hotel.

A document prepared by council officers said the scheme hinged on the sale of the land.

It read: “Wetherspoon would need the additional land to create reception space and improve access to the upper floors – which are currently under-utilised – both of which are necessary for the conversion to hotel accommodation.”

The 65sqm plot was originally earmarked for two new homes to be built by the city council as part of its regeneration of the former Tivoli Arcade.

But ahead of last night's property and regeneration committee meeting, officers recommended councillors give the go-ahead to the proposed sale.

Saxon Shore artists impression 2020

An artist's impression showing the Beach Street development, which Wetherspoon wants to expand into.

They argued the profits from the sale of the properties would be "very similar" to the sum Wetherspoon is offering to pay.

The local authority did not stipulate the price it wants to sell the land for – but said it represents the "best value to the council".

The document added: “It is possible that, if put on the open market, a different value could be achieved.

"However, that would stop the development of hotel accommodation by Wetherspoon.

"Only they would be able to develop this small area of land in such a way to deliver more than 20 new hotel rooms in the town centre.

"It is recommended to sell the land to Wetherspoon as this represents the best opportunity to enable significant investment into Herne Bay which would deliver much-needed hotel accommodation.”

The multi-million pound Tivoli scheme is for 27 flats, as well as artists' studio spaces, a retail unit, six town houses, and 25 parking spaces.

It will continue to go-ahead, despite councillors voting to approve the sale of the land yesterday.

Council spokesman Rob Davies last month said construction will begin this summer - a year behind original expectations.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "Subject to planning and licensing we aim to extend the pub and garden and also add a 20-room hotel to the pub.

"The overall development cost is 2.5 million and will create up to 40 new jobs at the pub.

"Hopefully it will also act as a catalyst for other businesses to invest in Herne Bay. There are no opening dates for the project."



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