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Mount Ephriam Shades

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59 Mount Ephriam/6 Boyne Park

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Mount Ephriam Shades 1930s

Above photo, circa 1930s, when the premises also had a "Mount Ephriam Shades" attached.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 19 June 1874.

Tunbridge Wells Petty Sessions. Unstamped Measures.

Mrs. Curtis, proprietress of the "Mount Ephraim Hotel," was summoned for having an unstamped measure in her possession.

Mr. W. C. Cripps, Who appeared on behalf of Mrs. Curtis, admitted that the measure was unstamped, and said that technically his client no doubt was liable, but he could not refrain expressing an opinion that it was quite time some alteration was made, as the present system has gone quite far enough, seeing that recently some persons were fined for not having the measures with which they sold pennyworths of nuts stamped. There ought, he contended, to be an understanding that where the inspector found one out of a large number of measures unstamped, and there was no ground for supposing that fraud was intended, that he should have the power of administering a caution simply, and then if the person's after that were contumacious they should be summoned. He was not making those observations for the purpose of finding fault with Mr. Stringer, who, he believed, had frequently felt the justice of adopting a course similar to that he suggested; but who could not do so until he had the sanction of the Bench.

The Inspector was then examined, and said that on looking over the measures at the "Mount Ephraim Hotel Tap" he found the one produced unstamped. All the measures were correct as regards size. It was a year or a year and a half ago since he examined the measures before, and he then did not see the ones produced.

The Bench, while acquitting Mrs. Curtis of any intention of fraud, inflicted the nominal fine of 1s. and 10s. 6d. costs.



CURTIS ???? Mrs 1874 (also wine merchant, "Mount Ephriam Hotel.")

COLEBROOK Henry 1911+ (age 33 in 1911Census)

GRAHAM Mr & Mrs to 1960




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