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Earliest 1877-

Wellington Hotel

Latest 1899+

87-91 Mount Ephrian

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Wellington Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown.


I have found reference to this establishment in 1880 and 1898.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 3 March, 1880.


At the Police court, on Tuesday morning, before W F Browell Esq., and Major Lutwidge, William Wright alias Patrick Gynn, was charged with obtaining by means of false pretences 144 dozen of empty bottles value 3 12s., belonging Mr. John Braby, proprietor of the “Wellington Hotel.”

Trayton Mitchell deposed that he was a hotel porter at the “Wellington Hotel,” which was kept by Mr. John Braby. The prisoner went to the hotel on Friday evening, the 30th January, and wanted to buy as many empty champagne bottles as Mr Braby would like to. He said he would take one hundred gross. Witness went and told Mr. Braby, who said he could have the bottles, and it was arranged that prisoner was to come the next morning and have as many bottles as there were. He was to pay the cash before the bottles were taken away. On the following morning prisoner went to the hotel, but instead of having a pair horse van, as he had stated, he brought a coastermonger’s cart and a barrow, and was accompanied by two other men. Witness told prisoner that he was going to count the bottles out on the lawn and receive the money for them before they were taken away. He wanted to take the bottles away without paying for them, but this witness refused, locked the door leading to the lawn, and went into the hotel, and spoke to Mr. Braby, on the subject. Mr. Braby jun, then went out, and prisoner told him that he was getting the bottles for Mr. Ellis, marine store dealer, who had an order for one hundred gross. Prisoner, three distinct times, said the bottles were for Mr. Ellis, marine store dealer, who would send a cheque up after all the bottles were delivered. They knew Mr. Ellis, the marine store dealer, and Mr. Braby, jun., let prisoner have the bottles, as they were for Mr. Ellis, and he would send a cheque.

Prisoner was then allowed to cart the bottles away, and continued doing so all day. He took away 144 dozen, but did not return for the remainder, which were to be fetched away on the Monday.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 13 January 1899.

Trade notices.

The "Wellington Hotel," Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, occupies unrivalled position, uniquely situated amidst the most beautiful scenery in the South of England.

422 feet above sea level, commanding magnificent views into Forests unsuppassed in the Ardennes, for the wild grandest of their surroundings.

The hotel has, during the winter of 1897-98 been extended, re-modelled, re-decorated, and thoroughly re-drained, and the latest and most scientific Sanitary appointments introduced, the Public Rooms enlarged, a handsome Billiard Room, and Passenger lift added.

Under the management of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Boston.



BRABY John 1877-91+ (widower age 53 in 1891Census)

BOSTON H W Mr & Mrs 1898+



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