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St. Michaels Lane



Don't get too excited about this one, it's fictitious as well as the location.

This pub name has been found mentioned in a crime fiction novel of 2016, by Freeman Willis Crofts titled "Mystery in the Channel.

The book is described as follows:- The captain of the Newhaven to Dieppe steamer spots a small pleasure yacht lying motionless in the water, and on closer inspection, sees a body lying on the deck. When members of his crew go aboard the yacht, they find not one male corpse but two. Both men have been shot, but there is no sign of either the murderer or the pistol. The dead men, it quickly emerges, were called Moxon and Deeping, and they were chairman and vice-chairman respectively of the firm of Moxon General Securities, one of the largest financial houses in the country. Inspector Joseph French of Scotland Yard is called in, reporting directly to the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Mortimer Ellison. French soon discovers that Moxon’s is on the brink of collapse. One and a half million pounds have gone missing, and so has one of the partners in the business. Moxon and Deeping seem to have been fleeing the country with their ill-gotten gains, but who killed them, and how? French faces one of the toughest challenges of his career, and in a dramatic climax, risks his life in a desperate attempt to ensure that justice is done.

There are two mentions of the pun the "Angel" in the book, the first on page 93 that says:-

"What is the name of Mr. Moxons boatman in Folkestone?"

"John Hurley. I don’t know his exact address, but he lives a couple of doors from the Angel Tavern, just going down to the Inner Harbour."

The next mention is on page 125:-

"Before starting I rang up Nolan to see if he could give me the address of Moxon’s boatman. He did so."

"John Hurley. Lives a couple of doors from the Angel tavern."

"Oh, you know that, do you? Lives at 3 St. Michael’s Lane, to be more correct. I found the place and the man without trouble. Hurley is an old man, but is still fit and seems reliable. He makes a job out of looking after people’s boats. He's had charge of Moxon’s for five years; keeps it clean and provided with stores and goes out if required. A useful sort of man.




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