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30 East Street




Classed as a nightclub, this premises became the "Zenon Bar" and then "Vu Vu."


From the 11th June 2001.

Council turns down 'tacky' nightclub lap-dancing plan.

A BROMLEY nightclub has been refused permission to introduce nude dancing in a unanimous decision by the council's appeals committee.

Ivor Andrews, from Chislehurst, the owner of Delano's nightclub, in East Street, wanted to have lap dancing on the premises despite being turned turned down twice before in 2000 and 1999.

Plaistow and Sundridge ward Councillor Cathy Bustard, members of the public and a church representative went to the committee meeting to oppose the move.

Cllr Bustard said: “I am pleased the council refused permission because such a club is completely unnecessary around here. There are family restaurants on the street and I doubt if parents would want to take their children past it. The whole town would become very tacky.

“Perhaps there are other areas in the borough which would be more suitable.”

Speaking to the News Shopper as the committee was making its decision, Mr Andrews dismissed his opponents as scaremongers.

He said: “Why shouldn't I run my own business the way I want, within the law?

“You can't tell people how to conduct their own lives in this day and age.”


From the 9 March 2007.

Football star's brother still sought after attack.

DETECTIVES are still searching for the brother of Premiership footballer Tim Cahill, wanted after allegedly blinding a man in one eye.

In a renewed appeal, police say Sean Cahill is one of seven suspects who have failed to answer to bail granted by Bromley police, since 2005.

Sean Cahill, 28, formerly of Ravensbourne Road, Bromley, was charged with assault after an incident outside a cab firm in East Street, Bromley, in the early hours of Sunday, July 11, 2005.

At approximately 2.50am, Sean Cahill was allegedly involved in a fight with a 28-year-old man from Orpington.

Both Sean and his brother Tim had been in Bromley nightclub Delano’s earlier in the evening.

The victim claims it was the Everton player’s brother who assaulted him, resulting in horrific injuries.

He received nerve damage to one of his eyes and, despite the best efforts of specialists at the Princess Royal Hospital, Farnborough and Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, he lost the sight in his eye.

The victim also lost his trade, as well as having to go through extensive dental treatment.

Borough commander Chief Supt Charles Griggs said: “I would urge anyone who has any information on Cahill’s whereabouts to contact Bromley police.

“If an individual doesn’t answer their bail or fails to turn up at court, we don’t just forget about them. We regularly review all of our outstanding wanted people and implement a plan of action to arrest them.”

The appeal for information comes on the back of a request by Bromley Extra into the number of outstanding warrants Bromley police have on record.

Three are for burglary, two for vehicle crime, one for criminal damage and the one for Sean Cahill.

Mr Griggs added: “We have had significant success doing this and will continue to target those individuals.”

Anyone with information about Cahill’s whereabouts or the alleged attack, may call Bromley police on 01689 891212 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 08500 555 111.




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