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19 Aug 2016

Hackney Carriage

Open 2020+

165 Station Road



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Hackney Carriage 2016

Above photo 2016.


Described as a micro pub, this one opened on the 19th August 2016. Previously it was a school outfitters.


From the By Jim Palmer, 22nd August 2016.

Inside Sidcup’s new micro pub, The Hackney Carriage.

Hackney Carriage inside 2016

Many a grand scheme has been cooked up at a pub and a Sidcup woman’s after-work drink led to her owning her own mini boozer.

A letting agent for the past 18 years, Liz Twort was taken to a micro pub by a colleague for a tipple.

The 43-year-old told us: “I did not know what it was at the time - it turns out it was the most expensive drink I have ever had. I loved the atmosphere so much and was ready for a career change, and now I own one.”

The Hackney Carriage opened on Friday, August 19, in an old shop in Station Road. But opening the boozer wasn’t a totally straightforward prospect. For starters, cabbie husband Mark – whose career the pub is named after – was not initially enthusiastic.

Liz said: “I went home so impressed I told my husband and said I want to open one. My husband’s reaction was ‘over my dead body’.”

Hackney Carriage licensees 2016

Liz spent a year researching micro pubs and got Mark on board before getting in touch with Bexley CAMRA, who put her in touch with Andy Wheeler at the Broken Drum in Blackfen where she has been working since January learning the ropes of the micro pub trade.

Liz, who was positive about the support from Bexley Council, said: “I have learned so much and met so many supportive people it's help me to achieve my dream.”

In keeping with micro pub traditions, the Hackney Carriage will serve predominantly ales and will have a no music, no TV and no mobile phone policy to encourage drinkers to talk to each other.

Liz said: “It will be a relaxed place to come chat and enjoy real ale, Prosecco, wine and a little Gin and vodka with friends.

“It has taken a while to set up due to a few hurdles to overcome but family and friends - new and old - have been so supportive.”

She added: “I can only hope it takes off as well as other micro pubs have and help bring a community together with the art of talking, as this is the micro pub ethos.”


From the By Tom Bull, 2nd August 2017.

The Hackney Carriage micropub in Sidcup is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

A micropub in Sidcup is preparing for its one-year anniversary after what its owner has called a "mad" opening 12 months.

The Hackney Carriage opened in Station Road on August 19 last year and now owner Liz Twort has said the last 12 months have hit her like a brick wall as she prepares for a festival to mark the year anniversary.

The boozer, which won a Bexley CAMRA’s award for its ciders, operates with traditional micropub rules such as no speaking on the phone.

Liz said: “It has been far more fun but busy than I expected. I knew the people of Sidcup needed somewhere boys and girls could feel comfortable but I didn’t realise how much they needed it.

“I didn’t expect to be able to take on anybody but now I have a full time bar manager and some part timers, it is all about keeping it local and sticking to the micro pub ethos.”

The pub has four craft ales on offer during the week and six on the weekend, as well as ciders and wines.

Customers are not allowed to speak on the phone whilst they are in the pub to encourage them to talk to each other.

Liz said: "They look at me like I'm mad, I don't care who it is but it is a really good thing.

“We just wanted to give the community somewhere fun to go and still keep it all local.”

The pub, named after Liz’s husband Mark’s career as a cabbie, offers pints from Bexley Brewery as well as other micro-brewery casks.

The pubs anniversary festival will take place on August, 13-20 and feature live music sets from performers based in the area.

Liz said the pub is looking forward to welcoming customers to celebrate the first year of trading.



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