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1 Sept 2016

Hoppers Hut

Open 2020+

1 Invicta Parade

High Street


Hoppers Hut 2017

Above photo 2017.

Hoppers Hut 2016

Above photo 2016.


Classed as a micro pub and opened in a former party goods shop, originally with just a temporary license in June 2016, but gained its full license on 1st September that year.


From the By Luke May, 8 August 2016.

Sidcup teacher turns to drink with new micropub.

The Hopper’s Hut should officially open in September.

A former teacher and craft beer enthusiast is one half of a new duo set to open Bexley’s latest micropub.

The craze, which is sweeping across the borough, will soon offer a port of call in Sidcup.

The Hopper’s Hut, led by local brewer Murray East and Rebecca Tippett is set to hold its grand opening next month.

Mr East has left his teaching position at Hurstmere School in Sidcup to pursue the adventure.

He said: “We’ve had an overwhelming response from the local community, the feeling is that we’ve brought something back to Sidcup

“It’s an alternative to the pub’s that are filled with noise and TVs. It’s the fact that there’s something quiet to enjoy good quality drinks and good company.”

Bexley has seen a steady rise of micropubs pop up across the borough, with the pubs already find success in Crayford, Blackfen and Welling.

The pubs, which are meant to be a throwback to the drinking holes of days gone by, have seen support from Bexley Campaigners for Real Ale.

The organisation supports local brewers, and held a beer festival earlier this year.

Among the brewers on offer at the festival, and at the Hopper’s Hut, will be Bexley Brewery, who had one of their drinks on tap at the Houses of Parliament earlier this year.

Mr East, is no stranger to the world of local brewing, after co-founding Swanley Village-based micro-brewery Brew Buddies.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, when we saw the shop come up for sale we just had to get it,” said Mr East, “It’s about being in charge of your own destiny, and owning your own business rather than working until you’re 100!”



EAST Murray & TIPPETT Rebecca 1/Sept/2016+


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