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Taproom TN23

Open 2023+

Calgarth House

39-41 Bank Street


01233 641492

Taproom TN23 2019

Above photo 2019.

Taproom 2022

Above photo 2022.

Taproom 2022

Above photo, April 2022, kindly sent by Allan Ward.

Taproom 2022

Above photo, April 2022, kindly sent by Roger Corbett.

Taproom sign 2022

Above sign 2022.


Previously "Vinnie's Bar and Club" and before that "Horton's Wine & Dine" and originally "Utopia," this establishment is now one of the Hop Stuff brewery's currently (2020) three tap rooms, and the first outside of London. The others being the "Taproom SE8" in Deptford, and the other called the "Taproom SE18" in Woolwich Arsenal.


From the  by Darryl Chamberlain, 12 July 2019.

Hop Stuff Brewery sells out to Carling owner and leaves local investors with nothing.

Hop Stuff’s Woolwich Taproom is part of the sale.

Woolwich’s Hop Stuff Brewery has gone into administration and been sold to beer giant Molson Coors, leaving local drinkers who invested in the company in its early days out of pocket.

The company, which was founded in the Royal Arsenal in 2013, hit financial problems earlier this year after it failed to declare a move to a new brewery in Thamesmead to the Inland Revenue, forcing it to temporarily stop production.

After seeing off a winding-up order from a company which said it had not been paid for work on a bar in Ashford, Kent, the Thamesmead brewery, on White Hart Avenue, was repossessed by its landlord.

Administrators from KPMG were appointed to run the company on Friday, with the company’s assets – including its Taproom bars in Woolwich, Deptford and Ashford, its brewery and its brand – sold to Molson Coors, which owns Carling lager and Sharp’s, the Cornish brewery behind Doom Bar ale.

The company’s investors – many of whom were local to Woolwich – will receive nothing from the sale, which came a month after the company’s Twitter account announced: “Nearly there with something great for Hop Stuff!” One of the founders of the company, James Yeomans, set up a new company, JY Advisory Ltd, in March, while Hop Stuff was in turmoil, according to Companies House records. His wife, Emma Yeomans, who founded the company with him, resigned from Hop Stuff in April.

“I am so sorry,” James Yeomans wrote in an email sent to investors on Friday. “I wanted so much to turn the passion you have for Hop Stuff Brewery into a financial win for you and I am absolutely gutted that hasn’t happened.

“I want to thank you so much for your belief in us. You have helped to build this business and I want to make sure that you continue to feel a part of it. For my part, I am absolutely committed to protecting the ethos of Hop Stuff and our brands and I am completely confident that Molson Coors share that commitment.

“In Molson Coors we’ve found a partner who believes wholeheartedly that craft beer should be accessible, inclusive and of exceptionally high and consistent quality. With their support and guidance, we are going to be able to start brewing again and be able to supply our customers in London. Hop Stuff beers won’t disappear.”

Hop Stuff began with the aim of brewing ale for festivals, opening with 58,000 raised from investors through the investment platform Crowdcube. Many of its initial investors were from the Woolwich and Plumstead areas. It rode the craft beer boom on the back of crowdfunding appeals – and last year it raised over 770,000 for further expansion. In total, it has raised over 1.5m from investors.

Brewing stopped at Hop Stuff’s Thamesmead base earlier this year.

Yeomans added: “I would completely understand if you wanted to wash your hands of us, but I very much hope that you don’t. If you’d like to remain a part of our journey, together with Molson Coors, we will be launching a Hop Stuff Collective for original investors who would like to stay involved.

“Members of the Collective will receive exclusive access to key events throughout the year, a product subscription, discounts and be invited to be part of New Product Development through quarterly tastings and innovation sessions at the brewery.”

Plans for a fourth Taproom bar, in east Greenwich, were abandoned last August after Greenwich Council refused to give it a licence for outdoor drinking, after a hearing in which Yeomans emphasised the company’s local roots.


From the By Alex Jee, 14 March 2022.

Boutilliers brewery to open The Taproom in Ashford town centre.

An Ashford taproom which has been shut since the first lockdown is set to reopen next month under new ownership.

The Taproom in Bank Street has been taken over by Boutilliers, a Faversham-based independent brewery.

Drew Harris 2022

Drew Harris is reopening The Taproom with Boutilliers.

Director and brewer Drew Harris says the team is aiming to reopen the site by the end of April after the previous incumbents were forced to close due to the pandemic.

"I have grown up in Ashford so the chance to open something here is great for me," he explained.

"When The Taproom opened, it was fantastic for the nightlife – especially for me, because I'm a huge craft beer nerd."

The brewers are subletting The Taproom from new owners SALT Beer Factory, and will be bringing their own branded beer as well as SALT's signature drinks.

There will also be wine, cocktails, and an "innovative" approach to food.

Tap Room inside 2018

The Taproom opened in May 2018 but has been closed since lockdown.

"There are so many fantastic pop-up food places in the area that just don't get the chance to work in a full-blown kitchen," explained Mr Harris, 35.

"With that in mind we've decided to team up with individual companies and go for a quarterly rotation in the kitchen – so every three months, you come in to something completely different.

"It also means that any regulars will have that change rather than just working through the menu and being stuck with the same old thing."

The former Norton Knatchbull school pupil says he wanted to "do his bit" to aid Ashford's nightlife.

"Being in the area as a child, I always had an idea of what Ashford was, if that makes sense," he explained.

James Yeomans 2018

James Yeomans opened The Taproom in 2018; the site was previously the Vinnie's club.

"Now, with fantastic places like Valerie's Wine Bar and Matches Sports Bar, once we bring The Taproom back there will be something for every demographic – it's incredibly exciting."

Mr Harris has also come up with a unique way to provide the small amount of capital needed to get The Taproom back up and running as soon as possible.

"We are giving people the option, rather than just fundraising, to purchase their tab before we open," he said.

"You can donate any amount, and we will add an extra 25% on top – with more added bonuses.

"For 500, for example, you get a 625 bar tab and a 5% discount for life."

Drew Harris

Mr Harris is a former Norton Knatchbull pupil.




HARRIS Drew Apr/2022-23+


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