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Earliest 1874

Unknown Name

Latest ???

130-131 Camden Road

Royal Tunbridge Wells

129-131 Camden Road

Above Google image, August 2018 showing what is now 129-131 Camden Road.


Although this was applied for an Off-licence in 1874, and gained permission, I do not know whether it ever had a name or for how long it operated.

I am also not sure whether the Camden Road has been renumbered since 1874, in which case may not show the correct building.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 2 October, 1874.

Mr. James Carr applied for a certificate authorising him to sell beer to be consumed off the premises occupied by him at 130 and 131, Camden Road.

Mr. Burton, solicitor, supported the application, and was addressing the Bench, when Mr. Cripps, solicitor, said he wished to make a remark in the case, but Mr. Burton objected to his doing so, and argued that Mr. Cripps ought not to be heard until he (Mr. Burton) had concluded his case.

Mr. Cripps thanked Mr. Burton for the lecture he had read him, but said a very lengthened experience practice in matters of that kind had taught him that where he (Mr. Cripps) did not oppose or raise an objection in a case, but still had an intimation to give which might have great weights with a person making an application, he should be allowed to say what he had got to say before the case had preceded far, and then those who made the application would know how to act. His object in rising was simply to point out that the owner of the property objected to the application, and to the sale of beer on the premises.

The Magistrates' Clerk said that being so, the owner could proceed by injunction against Mr. Carr if he obtained the licence.

Mr. Cripps was understood to say that such would be the case.

The service and advertising of the notices and the necessary evidence as to rating qualifications having been given, the Bench granted the certificate asked for.



CARR James 1874+


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