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Spring 2019

Beer Shop

Open 2020+

34 Rendezvous Street


07967 006 696


Potting Shed 2019

Above photo 2019.


Situated secretly inside a working antiques shop, if you know the password you'll gain access to this 1920s style cocktail bar, that bases itself on the Speakeasy life of prohibition.


From the By Ben Hatton, 12 March 2019.

A 'secret' 1930s style cocktail bar is planned for Folkestone and it will be invite only.

The bar will be themed as a 1930s speakeasy.

A secret bar is planned for Folkestone - hidden inside an antique shop.

Those in search of artefacts of bygone eras could soon find more than trinkets and old furniture in The Potting Shed antiques shop which has just opened in Rendezvous Street.

David Holden 2019

That's because David Holden, who already owns a similar store in Hythe, is planning to open a "1930s style speakeasy cocktail bar" within the premises.

Inside the regular shop will be a "secret entrance" which can be accessed "by appointment only".

Potting Shed inside 2019

Inside The Potting Shed, in Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, where there will be an entrance.

Potting Shed entrance

In the plans owner Mr Holden said the exclusivity is in keeping "with trying to keep with the original premise of the speakeasy that it was a secret that only people in the know knew about".

And he added: “This way we can control who comes into the bar and always have a record of their contact details.

"During the day the shop will run as a normal antique shop selling a range of antique furniture and collectibles for the home," he explains, but he hopes that an hour after it closes at 6pm, the bar will open.

He hopes to be granted permission to open between 7pm and 1.30am, four nights a week "to start off with".

The bar will be "very small" with "six or seven tables".

The plans for the hidden bar have been submitted to Folkestone and Hythe District Council.



HOLDEN David 2019+


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