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Sept 2020

Algar Lodge Farm Shop & Cafe

Open 2020+

Sandwich Road


Algar Lodge 2020

Above photo July 2020.

Algar Lodge 2020

Above drawing 2020.

Algar Lodge inside 2020

Above photo showing their stock 2020.


Bought in 2017 by the Algar family, this previous lorry park is a newly opened (2020) farm shop incorporating a cafe and off-license, so although you can buy drinks here, you'll not be allowed to drink them on the premises if they are alcoholic.


From the By Eleanor Perkins, 15 July 2020.

Opening of Deal's new farm shop and cafe delayed by four months due to Covid-19.

A highly anticipated new farm shop and café has been forced to delay its opening by almost four months due to coronavirus.

The Algar family who purchased the former Old Lorry Farm Shop in Deal in October 2017 had been gearing up towards a June launch before the pandemic hit.

And although dad Colin Algar, a builder, was able to continue with some construction during the Covid-19 outbreak, delays with orders and deliveries now mean the new establishment is aiming to be up and running by the end of September.

The family from Westbrook in Thanet have invested substantial funds into the building creating a brand new barn-like venue. The interior once complete will have a rustic feel with wooden features.

They had waited two years for planning permission to be agreed before demolishing the old metal frame farm shop and constructing their own new version.

To be known as Algar Lodge Farm Shop & Café, the 7-day a week business will be run by mother and daughter Jane and Kelly Algar.

It will offer local produce including meat, vegetables, bread, fish and a deli, as well as sweet treats like fudge and cake.

Algar Lodge inside 2020

Covid-19 delivery time delays has prevented Algar Lodge Farm Shop & Cafe from opening sooner.

Algar Lodge inside 2020

Inside the new Algar Lodge Farm Shop & Cafe which is due to open in September.

Jane Algar, who has previously run her own online heath and beauty business, said: "It was a nice location and big plot. We could see it had a lot of potential and felt like the perfect new challenge for us.

"It took us two years to get planning permission then with everything that happened it's put us back by a further three to four months.

"Many of the items we need for the interior now have a six to eight week order time.

"But we're very excited to now be at the stage where we're working towards opening."

The shop will also boast a 20 table café, complete with an outdoor area, offering breakfasts and light lunches.

Algar Lodge construction 2017

The Algar family bought the site in October 2017 and have built a brand new farm shop.

"We want it to be all about the quality of the food and complement other businesses nearby," Mrs Algar added.

They will also sell seasonal items such as pumpkins and Christmas trees - which were already growing on the 3.88 acre site - as well as year-round hampers.

Mrs Algar added: "I think people know that local, artisan food is generally more expensive but our aim is to be a good quality farm shop that's affordable for everybody."

Up to 10 jobs will be created in the farm shop, coffee shop and kitchen.

Old Lorry farm Shop

The site was previously occupied by the Old Lorry Farm Shop run by Jamie Vince Picture: Matt McArdle.



ALGAR Colin Sept/2020+


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