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March 2018 (Name from)

Miller and Carter Steakhouse

Open 2021+

Sandling Road


01622 692212

Miller and Carter 2018

Above photo 2018.


Previously known as the "White Rabbit."

This is now operating as a restaurant, so no good popping in there for a beer, you'll now need to purchase a meal as well.


From the By Tom Pyman, 28 April 2018.

Former "White Rabbit" pub in Maidstone turns away 'hundreds' of customers wanting to drink outside.

A steakhouse has defended its decision to turn away "hundreds" of customers who wanted to drink outside during last week's mini-heatwave.

Miller & Carter reopened in March as a restaurant having previously been known as one of Maidstone's most popular watering holes, the "White Rabbit."

The Grade II listed building on Sandling Road has had a colourful history, serving as the officers' mess for Invicta Barracks, built in 1779 as a reaction to the threat of Napoleon.

When it officially opened its doors as an eatery last month, bosses promised the establishment would be "a credit to Maidstone", offering high quality steaks at an average meal price of around 21.

However, punters expressed dismay last week after reportedly being told by staff they couldn't drink outside, and that the outdoor area was for diners only.

Disappointed drinkers suggested they must have turned "hundreds" of potential customers away as the mercury rose to some 27C at times in the County Town last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Responding to the reports, a spokesperson for the restaurant said: "We understand people have been disappointed and that the "White Rabbit" was a pub with a big drinking community.

Miller and Carter garden 2018

But we only opened a month ago and we're not a pub any more, we're a restaurant.

"The decision of the area manager was to, at first, not allow 'just drinkers' - everyone still assumed we were just a pub and they just wanted to come and drink.

"We opened our outdoor seating area on Thursday for the first time - we had to say no before because it wasn't open yet.

"Drinkers are now very welcome to sit outside, but within that area, we're not looking to have people sitting on the grass or bringing deckchairs along.

"We're a brand new restaurant, completely different to what we were before, and have only been open a month - we need to be given time."


From the By Jess Sharp, 28 August 2019.

Rapper Silvastone hits back at Miller & Carter Maidstone after being refused entry.

A rapper has hit back at a restaurant after being refused entry.

Afrobeats artist Silvastone had been in Maidstone to meet with the council about his youth mentoring programmes following the fatal stabbing of Andre Bent over the weekend.


Silvastone in the clothes he was wearing after being turned away from Miller & Carter.

After the meeting, he, along with his business partner, stopped at Miller & Carter, in Sandling Road, to get lunch.

The 35-year-old was told on the door by a female member of staff he did not meet the dress code to be allowed inside.

The Move Body singer said: "The lady just pointed to a sign and said I couldn't come in because of the way I was dressed.

"I have been in meetings, I am wearing a T-shirt because its hot, smart trainers, I thought it was terrible.

"This is a way to kind of outcast a certain demographic and clothing.


Silvastone spoke with the council after Andre Bent (right) was stabbed at the weekend.

"They just look at your appearance and judge you. It's 2019, you know.

"How would that impact a young mind, like the youths I mentor, you don't want you people feeling like that. It's an outdated mindset.

"We don't want to feel like a second class citizen but that is how I feel.

"It is disgraceful."

Silvastone took to Twitter to show his upset. He wrote: "How can I go for a lunch meeting in an empty Miller and Carter and be refused service because of how I look, but the white couple behind me are served.

"Wow racism is real."

The restaurant chain replied: "Hi there Silvastone. We're sorry to hear this and for any upset caused.

"We do have a smart casual dress code at our restaurants and don't allow clothing such as hats, tracksuits, trainers and baggy/ripped jeans."

They asked the Croydon-based rapper to send them a direct message but he has told KentOnline he is not interested in sending them a reply.

He added: "I was not impressed with their response, I'm not interested in getting free food from them.

"I won't eat from there ever again."

His mentoring programme White Huts Studio Education offers music workshops to young people in the hope of inspiring them.

He had decided to come to the town, to discuss his programme with Maidstone Borough Council, after hearing of the tragic death of Andre.




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