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Earliest 1929-

Old Charles Hotel

Latest 1964+

North End Road



This was a private hotel so only open for residence and guests.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 18 August, 1964.

Bert Loverseed of the "Old Charles."

Bert Liverseed 1964

Think of the "Old Charles Hotel" at North End Road, Margate, and you think, if you've lived in the town for any time, of the licensee, Mr. Burt Loverseed, and his wife Vera.

That Mr. and Mrs. Loverseed and the hotel should, as it were, ne synonymous is not unnatural, for they have been there since 1939, and Mr. Loverseed is believed to have held a licence at the same house for longer than any other licensee in a town.

It all began in about the 1930s. Mr. Loverseed served during the first world war with the Royal Flying Corps, flying in DH9s, as an observer. He left the service, then the Royal Air Force, in 1921 and returned to college to resume studies to become a teacher.

During his student days he used the "Brewery Tap" public house of Plumstead, and their met his wife-to-be, whose parents ran the pub.

Mrs. Loverseed's family has been in the trade for more than 100 years, and Mrs. Loverseed first became associated with the other side of the bar during the couples courting days.

As Mrs. Loverseed parents then had the popular "Captain Digby," Kingsgate, Mr. Loverseed served his apprenticeship behind the bar while on college vacations.

But before he went into the trade proper he was a school master and professional vocalist, singing baritone with a tenor partner. And when he first came to Margate he used to take lead parts in Margate Operatic Society productions.

For three years from 1925 he managed the "Captain Digby." "I thought I had a flair for this kind of business, and when my father-in-Law asked if I wanted to manage the place I said yes," said Mr. Loverseed.

In 1929 he took over the licence of the "Old Charles Hotel," and in the 35 years has being there he has also held the licences of three other premises.




Last pub licensee had LOVERSEED Bert 1929-64+


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