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Ritzy's, Sandgate Road 1985 – 1987


Jason Anthony and Diane Bryant 1985 1987 Became Fifth Avenue

Folkestone Herald 2-8-1985

Advertising Feature

The heady fragrance of fine wine, smiling faces and a long list of drinks mixes into a tasty cocktail bar at Ritzy's. Ritzy's wine bar has opened in Sandgate Road, Folkestone, in premises once occupied by distinguished wine merchants, Lukey's. And the smell of port and claret from times past gives the unique bar a special flavour.

Owners, Jason Anthony and Diane Bryant, spotted the empty shop earlier this year and "It was love at first sight”. They have had to spend a lot of money, obviously, to convert the shop into a bar, but in very a subtle way have preserved the special character of the one time wine shop. The panelled walls with mahogany fittings remain intact, as does the original broad counter, raised just a few inches to accommodate elbows for bar leaning. Either at the bar or sitting at tables customers will need time to choose from the international selection of wines, spirits, lagers and beers – and that's only if you don't feel like trying one of the cocktails. Ritzy's boast one of the largest selection and most original choice of cocktails anywhere in the world. And where else could you find King Kong, Faye Wray and Errol Flynn in quite such close proximity? The answer is at the cocktail bar at the rear, where the Art Deco, movie star era of the thirties and early forties has been reproduced. King Kong is described on the cocktail list as “A lethal concoction that will have you climbing the Empire State Building; a Faye Wray, it warns, “Will have big apes fancying you”. But for those who wish to remain in one piece, a Black Russian, Brandy Alexander, or a Harvey Wallbanger would be the wiser choice. Drivers are also catered for with tasty sodas and shakes, ingeniously mixed. Food on a par with the best pub fare is available with a speciality each day at competitive prices. And vegetarians need not be shy. There is a menu just for you.

Ritzy’s is open lunchtimes and evenings during normal pub hours.

Folkestone Herald 27-12-1985

Local News

The owners of Ritzy’s Wine Bar in Folkestone’s Sandgate Road are to be allowed to have an additional bar on the first floor.

Folkestone Herald 23-1-1987

Local News

Ritzy's Wine Bar in Folkestone became grapes of wrath when love turned sour, a court heard this week. Instead of sparkling champagne, love’s cup was a bitter cocktail of violence and recrimination between the Sandgate Road bar owners, Mr Jason Anthony and his former girlfriend and business partner, Miss Diane Bryant.

Their stormy relationship was revealed to magistrates on Tuesday when 25-year-old Anthony, formerly of Athelstan Road, Folkestone, pleaded guilty to assaulting 30-year-old Miss Bryant at her parents’ home last month. Wine bar manager Anthony was originally charged with malicious wounding, but on Tuesday at Folkestone Magistrates Court he pleaded Guilty to the lesser charge of causing actual bodily harm. The more serious charge was dismissed. He was fined 150 plus 20 costs. He told the court he was now unemployed.

The attack on Miss Bryant took place on the Monday after Christmas at Linden Crescent, Folkestone, where she lived with her parents.
Anthony who gave an address at Temple Ewell near Dover admitted: Smashing a glass dish over his former partner’s head; Punching her in the mouth; Poking fingers in her eyes; Repeatedly punching her, causing cuts and bruises and two black eyes.

Solicitor Mr. Jim Morrison told Magistrates that Anthony used force to defend himself when he went to visit Miss Bryant on business. And he said his client had scars to prove that he had been victim of violent assaults from her. The court was told that the couple ended their relationship 14 months ago. Miss Bryant had bought out her partner and former boyfriend, but had retained him as manager. Mr. Morrison said “The background is complicated. There was once a business as well as a loving relationship. Miss Bryant went on holiday and met a new man, who happened to come from this area. He used to visit her on the premises, and Jason used to let him eat and drink there, hut on one occasion he was severely provoked by the man. Miss Bryant was trying to get staff to side with and support her - Jason found this intolerable. He decided to dismiss one of the staff but Miss Bryant refused to let her go”, said Mr. Morrison. Jason went round to Miss Bryant’s house and found her sitting on the floor, and she moved as if to go for him. “He admits that he over-reacted and hit her with a glass bowl”, said the solicitor.

Prosecuting, solicitor Mrs. Jackie Morey told Magistrates “There have been assaults against her and on occasions police have been called. She alleges she was punched and struck over the head. She had black eyes and cuts and bruises. Her parents tried to restrain him and the police were called - it was an unprovoked attack”, said Mrs. Morey.

Anthony, who was granted three months to pay the fine, told the court “I am extremely sorry for what I have done - words cannot change the past”.

Folkestone Herald 9-10-1987

Local News

Wine bar boss Jason Anthony has been found dead at his home. Neighbours alerted police after hearing loud music from his flat all night and through the morning. Officers found Mr. Anthony, 26, slumped in a chair at the flat in Broadmead Road, Folkestone, last Thursday. Results of a post mortem have been postponed pending further tests and an inquest has been ordered.

Anthony and former girlfriend and business partner, Diane Bryant, opened Ritzy's Wine Bar in Sandgate Road in 1985 on the premises of the former wine merchant's, Lukey's. But the business venture turned sour when Miss Bryant, 30, and Anthony ended their relationship. Anthony appeared before Folkestone Magistrates in January charged with causing Miss Bryant actual bodily harm. He admitted smashing a glass dish over his former partner's head, punching her in the mouth, poking fingers in her eyes and repeatedly punching her. He was fined 150 plus 20 costs. At the time Anthony commented “I am extremely sorry for what I have done – words cannot change the past”.

Last month Mr. Anthony was with six men arrested by Dover police climbing the White Cliffs near Dover Castle and tunnels into the former Regional Seat of Government, contained in the cliffs. In the incident an unnamed 26-year-old Folkestone man fell down the cliff. It has since been confirmed that the injured man was Mr. Anthony. He was taken to hospital before police officers could question him.

At the time of his death Mr. Anthony was manager of the Fifth Avenue wine bar, the successor to Ritzy’s in Sandgate Road. When he appeared in court earlier this year magistrates were told that while no longer holding a financial interest in the business, Mr. Anthony had been re-employed in the renamed business as a manager.

Folkestone Herald 23-10-1987

Local News

An inquest into the death of wine bar boss Jason Anthony was expected to be opened and adjourned this week. Mr. Anthony, 26, was found dead in his flat at Broadmead Road, Folkestone, on Thursday, October 1. Neighbours called the police after hearing loud music playing in his home throughout the previous night. Following a post mortem examination of his body, pathologists said this week he died from inhalation of vomit and cardio-respiratory failure. At the time of his death, Mr. Anthony was manager of the Fifth Avenue wine bar in Sandgate Road, Folkestone.


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