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Earliest ????

Admiral (Sir C) Napier

Latest ????

48 Amersham Vale / Douglas Way

New Cross

Admiral Napier

Above photo, date unknown.

Admiral Napier location 2019

Above Google image April 2019, showing the same location.


I have also seen this pub addressed as St. Paul, Deptford in 1854 and 1866. I believe the building was demolished in the 1970s.


Now part of Greater London, this area was indeed Kent before 1965. Hence, I will be adding information regarding this pub as and when I find or it is sent to me.

Your help is appreciated, and every email is answered.


From an email received 14 August 2022.

I was carrying out some research for my book on The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, and came across a reference to a Lionel William Bartram, who was the licensee of the pub around the early 1890s. He was apparently the son of William Bartram who owned a brewery in Tonbridge.

Lionel would have come into his inheritance on reaching the age of 21 in about 1886. It would appear that he squandered all his money and was in serious financial difficulties by 1890. He replied to an advertisement placed by the fraudster Charles Wells (better known as ‘Monte Carlo Wells’) who promised to turn the sum of 750 into a fortune. Lionel somehow got hold of the 750 (which would be the equivalent of about 75,000 today). But – along with many other victims of Wells – he lost every penny.

When I wrote the biography of Charles Wells, which came out in 2016, I did not have all of the above info because Bartram’s name was quoted in the press as ‘Barton’ and therefore I could not trace him. I’m now writing a second, updated edition and there will certainly be some mention of Lionel Bartram this time.

If you’d like me to send over any further info on this topic that I may find, I’ll be pleased to send it over to you.

Kind regards,

Robin Quinn.



FREAME William Henry Sept/1854-55+ West Kent Guardian

WILCOX 1857-61 (age 65 in 1861Census)

FERRIS Elizabeth to May/1865

PALMER William Court May/1865-Jan/70

BOYCE John Jan/1870+

BUSSELL Robert 1874+

CARNELL Robert 1881+ (age 42 in 1881Census)

SMITH Henry 1884+

BARTRAM Lionel William 1890s

GRIFFITHS Mary 1894-95+

TURNWELL Richard 1910-12+

OSBORNE William 1913-17+

OSBORNE Amy 1920+

KELLY Alfred 1944+

KELLY Frank (son) & Doris after 1944-56+

MORLEY Sidney George 1961+



West Kent GuardianWest Kent Guardian


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