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Beer Retailers



From the Maidstone Assizes

14 March 1676.

49. Writ Capius. (In the common law legal systems, capias ad respondendum (Latin: "that you may capture [him] in order for him to reply") is or was a writ issued by a court to the sheriff of a particular county to bring the defendant, having failed to appear, to answer a civil action against him.)

For Richard Gallant, victualler, of St Dunstan Without, at Maidstone, 27 July 1675, and returned by Sir John Cutler, sheriff.


From the Maidstone Assizes.

21 March 1676.

Before Thomas Twisden, J, and Thomas Jones, J.

125. Writs, exigent, (Requiring immediate action; pressing:) for Richard Gallant, victualler, of St Dunstan Without. Issued by Thomas Twisden, J, at Maidstone, 14 Mar. 1676, and returned by Sir John Cutler, sheriff.


According to Edward Wilmot's book "Inns of Canterbury" published 1988, there were 115 licensed houses in Canterbury mentioned in a list in 1692, 152 in 1862, 165 in 1882, and from a Police list of 1964, 75 public houses plus 7 in suspense and 4 hotels.


Kentish Gazette 05 November 1777.

On Thursday last Robert Friend and Henry Pooley, were committed to Westgate Gaol, for stealing a quantity of rum from Jeremiah Cooke, a Publican, in the parish of Northgate.

(At present, name of pub unknown.)



A list of pubs mentioned by a Mr. Enderby, shows that pubs existed at various times in Canterbury in the following locations, although being over 300 in the list there were never more than 165 at any one time, and some may be the same building and name change.

Artillery Street, 3.

Beer Cart Lane, 2.

Best Lane, 4.

Broad Street, 18.

Borough, 4.

Black Griffin Lane, 1.

Burgate Street, 12.

Butchery Lane, 8.

Castle Street, 7.

Church Street, (St Paul's,) 6.

Church Lane, (St Radigund's,) 2.

Cross Street, 3.

Dover Street, 7.

Duck Lane, 1.

Guildhall Street, 2.

High Street, 22.

Ivy Lane, 10.

Jewry Lane, 2.

King Street, 7.

Knotts Lane, 2.

Longport, 2.

Military Road, 17.

North Lane, 33.

New Town Street, 1.

Old Dover Road, 5.

Orchard Street, 1.

Palace Street, 3.

Pound Lane, 3.

Rosemary Lane, 3.

St Dunstan's Street, 17,

St George's Place, 4.

St George's Street, 12.

St Margaret's Street, 10.

St Peter's Street, 16.

St Thomas' Hill, 1.

Stour Street,12.

Sturry Road, 5.

Union Street, 2.

Watling Street, 4.

Worthgate Place, 3.

Win cheap Green, 4.

Wincheap Street, 12.

North Lane, 11.

White Horse Lane, 6.


From the Pigot's Directory 1824.

ASH George, Watling Street, Brewers.

BENNETTt & BEER, St. Augustine’s Monastery, Brewers.

FLINT & KINSFORD, St. Dunstan's, Brewers.

GILES Thomas, Longport, Brewers.

PILLOW Charles (Trustees for) 2, St George’s Place, Brewers.

READ, FLINT & Co. Stour Street, Brewers.

RIGDEN, PEIRCE & Co. Beer Cart Lane, Brewers.


From the Pigot's Directory 1828.

BENNETT & BEER, St. Augustines, Brewers.

FLINT & KINGSFORD, St. Dunstan, Brewers.

WATSON Thomas, St. George, Brewers.


Pigot's Directory 1828.

ASH George, Watling Street, Canterbury, Brewers.

CRAM George, 18 St. George's Street, Spirit Merchants.

DELMAR James, 35 St. Margaret's Street, Wine Merchants.

DOMBRAIN Abm. 37 St. Margaret's Street, Spirit Merchants.

EVANS Benjamin, 43 High Street, Spirit Merchants.

FLINT Messrs. Stour Street, Brewers.

FREND George, 25 St. George's Street, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

GILES Thomas, Longport, Brewer

HART Thomas, 30 Burgate Street, Wine Merchants

HORSELEY William, High Street, Spirit Merchants

JONES Henry, High Street, Wine and Spirit Merchants

MASON Thomas, Longport, Brewers.

RIGDEN & CO. Beercart Lane, Brewers.

ROYLE Joseph, 20 High Street, Spirit Merchants

WILDISH W. D. Guildhall, Wine and Spirit Merchants


Pigot's Directory 1832.

ASH George, 36 Watling Street, Brewers.


BENNETT Jn. Saunders, St. George's Place, Brewers.

CARTER Thomas, 9 Northgate Street, Retailers of Beer.

DALLBY John, 10 Union Street, Retailers of Beer.

DEAKENY John, Ivy Lane, Retailers of Beer.

DELMAR James, 35 St. Margaret's Street, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

DOMBRAIN Abraham, 37 St. Margaret's Street, Spirit Merchants.

FLINT Thomas & Priscilla, Stour Street, Brewers.

FLINT Thomas, Stour Street, Spirit Merchants.

FREND Ann, 24 St. George's Street, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

FORTLINE Geo. 35 Watling Street, Retailers of Beer and Brewer.

HARRIS John, 1 Rosemary Lane, Retailers of Beer.

HART Thomas, 30 Bargate Street, Wine Merchants.

JONES Henry, 11-12 Guildhall Street, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

LEPINE William, 14 St. Peter's Street, Retailers of Beer.

MARLEY Thomas, 99 Northgate Street, Retailers of Beer and Brewer.

MASON Thomas, 65 Northgate Street, Retailers of Beer.

MOUNT William, Old Castle House, Wine Merchants.

NEWTON Isaac, 2 King Street, Retailers of Beer.

PALMER William Staines, North Lane, Retailers of Beer.

RIGDEN & DELMAR, Beercart Lane, Brewers.

ROYLE Jos. 20 High Street, (Brandy & Hop), Spirit Merchants.

WELCH John, Old Dover Road, Retailers of Beer.

FLINT & KINGSFORD,  St. Dunstan's Brewers and Spirit Merchants.

WHITING George, Canterbury, Westgate without Retailers of Beer.


Stapleton's Guide 1838. BREWERS. Stapletons Guide

ASH George, 36, Watling Street.

BEER William, St. Augustine's Brewery, and 65, Burgate Street.

BENNETT John Saunders, Longport Brewery, Longport.

BENHAM Charles, Cannon Brewery, St. Georges Place.

FLINT & Co, Stour Street.

FLINT & KINGSFORD, St. Dunstan's Street.

FORTUNE George, 35 Watling Street.

HACKER George, Watling Street.

RIGDEN William, and DELMAR, Harriett, Hawk's Lane.

SAUNDERS Francis, North Lane.

WALL William, and George, Northgate Brewery, Duck Lane.


CENSUS 1841.Census

FOX Robert, Westgate Street, Holy Cross, Westgate Without, age 25, Inn Keeper.

PEARSON Thomas, Ivy Lane, age 55, Publican.

ROBERTS Ann, Lamb Lane, age 40, Victualler.

STOKES Thomas, Old Dover Road, St. Paul, age 40, Victualler.

TREVOR Charles, "Lion," age 45, Inn Keeper.

WELLARD Sarah, Guildhall Street, next to White Horse Lane, age 50, Victualler.


BAGSHAW'S DIRECTORY 1847 Bagshaw's Directory 1847

JOHN Andraietta, North Lane, Beerhouse.

BAKER Rachel, Military Road, Beerhouse.

BENNETT Thomas, Butchery Lane, Beerhouse.

BRETT Edward, North Lane, Beerhouse.

CULLEN Elizabeth, 75 Northgate Street, Beerhouse.

CULLEN William, 3 Northgate Lane, Beerhouse.

FOURTUNE George, Watling Street, Beerhouse.

HARRISON Joseph, 25 Northgate Street, Beerhouse.

HODGES James, Wincheap, Beerhouse

JONES George, Military Road, Beerhouse.

JACKSON Jonth, Ruttington Row, Beerhouse.

PENTECOST Joseph, Wincheap Street, Beerhouse.

ROBERTS George, 99 Northgate Street, Beerhouse.

ROGERS Thomas, 19 High Street, Beerhouse.

STONE William, Ruttington Row, Beerhouse.

WALPOLE Robert, Church Street, Beerhouse.

WEBB Samuel, Sturry Road, Beerhouse.

WEST Thomas, Mercery Lane, Beerhouse.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 9 June, 1860.


(Before the Mayor, W. Mount and E. Wootton, Esqrs.)

George Reed, keeper of a beer-house in Castle-street was brought up in custody on a charge of assaulting his wife on Saturday.

Mary Reed, the complainant, deposed:— That on Saturday in consequence of not giving the defendant a penny change he struck her. He was regularly in the habit of using obscene and disgusting language, and had frequently threatened to do her bodily harm. She was really afraid something dreadful would take place. She did not wish to have the defendant punished, but to obtain protection from his violence.

The defendant's daughter stated that her father struck her on Sunday morning.

A son of the defendant here stood forward and said it was very painful to appear in Court against his father, though the latter was continually abusing all his family and calling them disgusting names. He wished the Court to grant his mother protection, as he was afraid every day he should hear of some serious injury being done to her. He attributed his fathers conduct entirely to drink.

The Mayor commented very severely upon the conduct of the defendant, who was committed to the city gaol for three months with hard labour.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 23 October, 1874.

Canterbury. The New Licensing Act.

Robert Styles, the landlord of the "Kings Head," has been summoned for having his house open for the sale of liquors at 11:50 o'clock, a prohibited hour. A policeman found about 20 person's drinking in the house, and returning again at 12:45, found five drinking champagne. The defendant swore that the person's were all his private friends, and that he did not receive a penny for what they had had.

The Bench dismissed the case.



CENSUS 1911.Census

LLOYD Mary, 13 Wincheap Street (11 rooms), age 62, Licensed Victualler.


Edward Wilmot CanterburyInns of Canterbury by Edward Wilmot's,1988


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