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Beer Retailers



CENSUS 1841.Census

JARMAN William, Tovil Hill, age 70, beer seller.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 24 October 1868.


William Freeman, beer-house keeper, Tovil, was summoned for assaulting Thomas Holding, at Tovil, on the 5th October.

Mr. Dawson appeared for defendant.

Complainant deposed that on the 5th October he was in company with a man named C. Bourne at defendant's house playing cards with a man named Goldsmith. It was a game of cribbage. While we were playing Browne said to him "are you going to allow yourself to be cheated. Goldsmith has taken twelve holes for eight." He then looked at his cards and found he should have taken only eight. He told Goldsmith, who was a stranger to him that he should play no more. Goldsmith then wanted to be a pint of beer, when he told him that the sooner than he would do that he would throw the cards in his face. He (complainant) then dashed the cards upon the table when some fell to the ground. Freeman then told him to pick them up but he refused, whereupon Freeman caught hold of him by the back of the neck and forced his head to the ground. Defendant afterwards pulled the chair from under him causing him to fall to the ground. He was so hurt that he could scarcely work the next day.

Cross-examined by Mr. Dawson - I am millwright by trade. I did drink at Mr. Rayfield's house. I had no gin. We had three pots at Rayfields. Freeman's is about two minutes walk from Rayfield's. I did not hear Bourne say "we have had some gin in this bottle and drank it." I did not threaten to strike the man. I did not throw the cards at the man. I threw them on the table and they fell on the floor. I did not make use of worse language than others. Freeman did not ask me to pick up the cards before he caught hold of me. I don't remember Freeman asking me to go out. Mr. Freeman took the chair from under me. I won't swear Freeman helped me up. I went down twice. I did not fall when I was outside.

C. Bourne deposed to being in company with complainant and others at Mr. Freeman's. After playing several games of cards &c., with two men, a dispute arose, when complainant threatened to smack his opponent's head, in consequence of cheating; and then threw the cards upon the table, some falling on the ground. Freeman forced Holding's nose upon the ground.

James Goldsmith was then called for the defence. He was at Freeman's at seven o'clock with complainant and when he took his holes wrong complainant threw the cards on the table and they fell to the ground. Mr. Freeman merely took the chair from under him. That was before he told the complainant to go out.

By the Chairman:- He did see Freeman catch hold of complainant by the collar.

By Mr. Dewson:- Both complainant and his witness, were in house.

Henry Matthews, labourer, Tovil, was in the tap-room on the occasion. When complainant and Goldsmith had a dispute. Complainant made use of very bad language. Defendant caught of Holding by the neck to make him pick up the cards. Holding was in liquor. We had several pots of beer. Freeman had just came home and was perfectly sober.

The Chairman advised both parties to settle the dispute between them, but as complainant asked for his expenses, the defendant refused.

The Chairman said that he considered the assault proved. The defendant was wrong in permitting card playing in his house. He then ordered the defendant to pay a fine of 5s. and 14s 6d costs.


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