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Earliest 1841


Latest 1919

1 Robert Street


Bell House painting

Bell House is the building on the left; white with blue windows and door. You can just see the wall to the left of it that still exists. It looks small from the front but it goes back further than the building next door and its' garden. My Mother painted this from memory but it is as I remember it.

Nita Kennedy.

Location of Bell

The above picture taken from Google maps, May 2009, shows from left to right numbers 1 to 11 Robert Street, so i am going to assume the Bell would have been situated somewhere in this area, with it's Bowling green next to it.


This pub was next to a bowling green of which was part of the public house premises.

According to the Deal History Society, there was a Bell, address unknown, from 1661 to 1851.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 12 January 1850.

The "Bell" premises having recently undergone and alteration, by an extension of the bowling green and the building of a large room, they worthy host, Mr. Steven Mockett, as a proof of his gratitude, last week gave to his customers and excellent supper. The table was well furnished with substantial food, and we must say that the manner in which it was served up, as well as the quality of the meat, is deserving of the encomium passed upon the worthy hostess. After enjoying themselves with song, toast, and sentiment, over "Sir John Barleycorn," the party retired, highly pleased with the evening's amusement. The chair was ably filled by Mr. Steven Moffat, Sen.


From Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Telegram, 28th September, 1859.

By Auction - Mr. G. West at the Bell Inn, Robert St. on 6th October.

Lot 5 - Freehold Public House, called the Bell, having a Good Bowling Green, situated in Robert St., occupied by Mr. Stephen Mockett, with a Wheelwright's Shop & Garden, occupied by William Allen & Mrs. Ewell.

Particulars: Mr. G. F. Brown, Solicitor, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Auctioneer's Office, 87 Beach Street or Mr. Richard Gibbons, Builder, Deal.


Kentish Chronicle, 14 April 1860.


The annual festival of the Deal United Friendly Association, established 1818, took place on Monday last in the spacious and handsome room recently erected at the Bell Inn. The dinner which was attended by a strong muster of resident members, consisting of Old English Fare of first rate quality, and was served up in excellent style by the worthy landlord, Mr. Mockett.

Having done ample justice to alimentary comforts. Mr. Marsh was called upon to fill the office of chairman for the evening, which he kindly accepted. After a few preliminaries, the usual routine of royal and patriotic toasts succeeded, interspersed with a variety of excellent songs of unlivening character. Altogether the evening glided away very pleasantly, and the company separated much gratified with the social and convivial spirit of the proceedings.


Mentioned in Bagshaws directory of 1847 as a beerhouse and by Pikes directory 1909 as the "Bell Inn."


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 29 November 1919.


At the supplemental meeting of East Kent Compensation Authority held at Canterbury last week, under the presidency of Lord Harris, the amounts awarded by the Committee's valuer (Mr. Cobb) were apportioned among owner and tenants, as follows:—

In the case of the "Bell," Robert Street, Deal, which had been awarded 2,184, the licensee, Leonard Bussey, said he considered the offer of 100 by the brewers, Messrs. Thompson and Son, Deal, was insufficient. After a private consultation, however, the parties came to an agreement that the amount should be apportioned as to 1,959 to the 'brewers and 225 to the licensee.


From the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Mercury, 29 November 1919.

Among the awards of compensation in respect of licensed houses decided last week by the East Kent Compensation Authority, were the following:-

"Bell," Robert Street, Deal. - 2,184 (Messrs. Thompson & Son, 1,959, Mr. L. Bussey 225). In this case the tenant objected to an offer of 100, and asked for 800. After a conference between the Committee's Valuer, Mr. H. M. Cobb). Dr. Hardman for the brewers and the tenant, the sum stated was agreed upon.



August 17th 1921, a sale catalogue shows No. 1 Robert Street sold with stove and bowls, known formerly as the "Bell Inn."

The property later became a private residence called "Bell House" and this in turn was later demolished in 1977.

Today there is a row of houses built on the site and the land lying between 11 and 13 used to be their bowling green.


From an email received, 10 February 2017.

Hi, my Grand Parents owned this property and I do remember it. At the time, the back of it was probably original and the front rearranged. It had an an ally way down the side of it and starting at the back, it had a large 'bathroom with doorways at two ends. Then there was a large kitchen which butted up to a sitting area with a large open fire with a huge surround with seats on the corners. The reworked part was the front room which was large and was, at the time used to hold Spiritual Church Meetings in. There was a large cellar which had a window which opened up below street level. The bedrooms were all wood lined and there was, at the very back, supported by metal the columns, a huge room that was said to be a dance hall. It was divided with curtains to make it usable.

In the garden, the columns were evident and there was an outside toilet. As a child, I played with nine pin bowling pins and bowls that had been left there from when it was a pub. The ownership of this property also included the shop next door (were I lived as a child) which may have been built on the bowling green but I have no proof of this. It also included 4 garages and, what our family called The Stores. These areas may well also have been part of the bowling green or they may have been a place for horse and carriages. This property had a range in it and was changed to electric lighting in my family's memory. Therefore, it can't be a very new building.

We do not have any informative photos of the Inn but my Mother has painted a scene of Robert Street which includes, what we called, 'Bell House'.

My Grand father's name was James Marsh as was his fathers, who owned the property before him. This James Marsh died in 1936 so would have brought it before then.

I found it very interesting in your research that next door was a wheelwright. Apparently my Grandfather stored his "Breaks" (a bus type cart used to transport people along the seafront) in the garage space before he converted some of the space to garages; plenty of space to store carts needing wheels. In the end space, which was double the size of a garage, there was a work bench with a machine in it that may have been used to hold wheels. You can also see the double shop front which confirms its' use as a shop rather than just a dwelling.

It is possible that my Great Grandfather bought the properties in 1921 wishing to convert it from a pub to a grocers shop and living space for one of his sons. He seems to have been a bit of a entrepreneur owning several buildings and also buying and training horses. There was also tails of my Grandfather going to London with a horse and cart to buy vegetables. However, when my mother moved there as a child, soon after the 2nd World War, it was no longer a shop.

I hope this is useful.

NIta Kennedy.



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MOCKETT Sarah Elizabeth Bennett 1890-91 (widow age 47 in 1891Census)

MOCKETT Stephen George 1891+Post Office Directory 1891

FOSTER Harry 1893-1903 dec'd Kelly's 1899Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

THOMPSONS Brewers 1903+

FOSTER Mary Ann 1905+

CHANDLER Edward dec'd 1907+

HUNTER Hugh Crawford 1908-11+ (age 29 in 1911Census) Pikes 1908

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BUSSEY Leonard 1916+31/Dec/19


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