PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1867-

Brickmaker's Arms

Latest 1871+

Buckland Bottom


This name in the nineteenth century referred to the land through which Coombe Valley Road now passes. A brickfield did exist on your left after leaving the London Road and that no doubt influenced the title.

Not a lot known about this one unfortunately, accept the licensee list, and even then there is confusion whether the pub is called the Brickmakers or Bricklayers, but being on a brickfield, I will assume the former.

Further research as seen below, predating Barry's research by 2 years, confirms that the name was indeed the "Brickmaker's Arms."


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 1 November, 1867.


Henry Clark, Thomas Scott, and James Daly, three men belonging to the 13th Brigade Royal Artillery, quartered at Dover Castle, were charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct, and with breaking several panes of glass at the "Brickmaker's Arms" public-house, Buckland Bottom.

It appeared from the evidence of Henry Cox, the landlord of the public-house, that the prisoners had been drinking at the "Brickmaker's Arms" on Saturday night. They wanted to remain in the house after the usual time for closing, but the landlord refused to permit this, and positively declined to draw them any more beer. This seemed to exasperate the men, for on getting outside the house they smashed several windows.

The Magistrates fined each of the prisoners 1s. the damage 10s. and costs, 6s.; in default, they were each committed to prison for seven days.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 16 September, 1870. Price 1d.



In the case of the “Brickmaker's Arms,” Mr. Lewis appeared in support of an application to transfer the licence from Mr. John Avery to Mr. James Stone. Mr. Fox said he appeared on behalf of a great many of the residents in the immediate neighbourhood of this house, who had signed a memorial against the renewal of the house. Mr. Fox having read the memorial, and expatiated upon the points it raised.

The Magistrates' Clerk pointed out that the Bench had no power to withhold a licence or a transfer, except for disorderly practices, which the memorial did not appear to allege.

The transfer was then granted.




COX Henry 1867+

AVERY John  1869-Sept/70

STONE James Sept/1870+ Dover Express

PIERCE Edward Mark Nov/1870-71 (also cow keeper age 24 in 1871Census)


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



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