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1778- (Name to)

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90 Manor Road


01304 360080

Farrier 2018

Above photo 2018.


The Sandwich Borough Records shows Licensed Victuallers who paid for new Inn signs, 6s. 8d, and Sureties of 5 on 12th September, 1662. This public house was one of those in the list.

Unfortunately, to date I have no address or indeed any further mention of the above public house.

It is possible that the name changed to the "Admiral Keppel," by 1778.


90 Manor Road


01304 360080

In March 2016 the "Admiral Keppel" changed name to what I believe was its original, the "Farrier."


From the by Victoria Chessum. 16 March 2016.

Former Admiral Keppel pub has been renamed The Farrier and is under new ownership.

The new owner of Deal’s oldest pub is appealing for community-backing after saving it from being demolished.

Dayle Melody, 41, bought the former "Admiral Keppel" in Manor Road with his wife Donna, 40.

The ex-Deal Town Football club chairman stepped away from his duties two years ago with the vision of becoming a landlord, a prospect he and Donna discussed over a drink in the very same pub.

Dayle & Donna Melody

Dayle and Donna Melody outside their newly renamed pub.

Little did they know that after scouring the country for a suitable boozer, that they would come to own the same premises.

The father-of-two said: “It is very prestigious and a gift in sight of what is going on with pubs nationally with them closing down.

“It is a typical pub that has had zero investment, the carpet was 25 years old.”

“There are so many pubs that are being sold so I essentially saved it from development.

The pub, which dates back to the 1800s was formerly called the "Farrier."

Dayle also said that his grandfather, Thomas Melody, was a farrier and that the oil painting that is on the wall is of a farrier who looks like his grandad.

Small changes have been made to put the Melody mark on the place, but the original quirks and character of the building will remain.

“We have our work cut out but it is a work in progress,” he said.

“We will get a better feel for the building, respect it, and give it what it deserves.”

The grand opening was met with warm messages on Saturday when the first customers came through its doors at 5.30pm.

The first punters, a man and his son, told Dayle that their great-grandfather was also a farrier during the First World War.

Changes to the building includes new tables and chairs, a gold sign and a general spruce-up.

Dayle said: “Even in the short-term, it looks and feels different, it is a friendly environment for local people.”

The owners have also consented to allowing people to bring their own food to eat, whether it be from home or a takeaway.

He said: “We don’t want to segregate people who are hungry, we are trying to promote responsible drinking.”

Farrier sign 2016

For more information, search The Farrier Freehouse on Facebook, or call 01304 360080.



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