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Earliest 1869-

Fishing Boat

Latest 1873

(Name to)

68 Middle Street 



Deal Licensing Register recorded this as being a beerhouse in 1869 and in 1873 it changed name to the "Shah."


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 9 October, 1869. 1d.


The license of the "Fishing Boat," beer-house, Middle Street, was transferred from Thomas Bax, to W. G. Smith, who was informed by the Magistrates that he would be required to produce testimonials as to character before the granting of the certificate.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 6 November, 1869. 1d.


Mr. W. Gilbert Smith applied for the transfer of the licence of the "Fishing Boat" beer-shop, Middle Street, and produced a testimonial as to the character which was deemed sufficient, and a certificate was accordingly granted him.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 18 June, 1870. 1d.


On Wednesday evening an accident befell Mr. W. Smith, carpenter and landlord of the "Fishing Boat" beer-shop, Middle Street, whilst on a shooting excursion in the Marshes. Smith, it appears had shot at and wounded a rook, which afterwards fell into the dyke, when he endeavoured to reach the bird with his gun, which he held by the nozzle whilst the stock rested on the ground. The gun was loaded with large shot, and by some means or other the hammer, which was down on the nipple, was raised and flew down again, which caused the gun to go off, the contents carrying away the inside flesh and part of the muscle of Smith's right arm. He, at once got into the stream, and continued pouring water over the wound till the blood was stanched, and in the meantime information of the accident had been conveyed by a couple of boys to one of the employs of the South-Eastern Railway Company named Scarden, who happened to be on the line, and who immediately communicated with Supt. Parker. medical assistance was instantly procured, and Dr. Wilcox and Supt. Parker at once set out for the Marshes. On their way, however, they met the wounded man, who was being conveyed down the line on a "trolley," and he was at once taken to the Engine-house and the wound examined. A fly was then procured, and Dr. Wilcox and the Superintendent accompanied the wounded man to his residence. A more careful examination of the wound was then made, when it was found that a portion of the flesh, together with part of the muscle, of the right arm had been carried away, but the bone was fortunately found to be uninjured. Mr. Mercer, surgeon, and Dr. Wilcox then carefully dressed the injured arm, and we are glad to state that the wound is now progressing favourably.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 25 June 1870.


On Wednesday evening last rather an alarming accident occurred to Mr. Williant Smith, landlord of the "Fishing Boat," Middle-street Deal, who it appears went out for an evening’s shoot in the Marshes, near the railway line from Deal to Sandwich, in the coarse of which he had wounded a jackdaw, that fell into a ditch, which he endeavoured to recover by reaching towards it with the butt end of his double barrelled gun, one of the barrels still remaining loaded. The hammer was on the nipple, but in drawing the gun towards him it caught some branches, which raised the hammer and the gun went off, discharging its contents through the thick part of his right arm, the blood of course flowed in a stream, but Smith had the presence of mind to bathe the wound in the ditch, were he remained until discovered by some one passing. The intelligence was conveyed to the railway station and thence to the police station and with the assistance of Superintendent Parker and Mr. Skardon, the railway porter he was conveyed to the engine-house on a trolley and from thence to his home, where he was attended by Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Mercer and we are glad to say he is progressing favourably under the circumstances.



BEAL James 1861-62+ (age 44 in 1861Census)

BAX Mr Thomas J to Oct/1869 Deal Mercury

SMITH W Gilbert Oct/1869+ Deal Mercury

MAY Henry G 1871+ (also bricklayer age 24 in 1871Census)

GRIGG John Galley 1874+

PHILPOTT David 1881+ (age 35 in 1881Census)


Deal MercuryFrom the Deal Walmer & Sandwich Mercury



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