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Earliest 1950s

Gentil Knyght

Closed 2016

Knight Avenue


Gentil Knight 1961

Above photo, 1961, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. The Vicar of Harbledown conducting a harvest festival service on the Bat & Trap pitch. Some 50 years later, the only vegetable products readily available at the pub were (allegedly!) more of the smokable variety, which was part of the reason why this pub closed down.

Gentil Knight 1965

Above photograph by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

Gentil Knyght Gentil Knyght sign 1991Gentil Knyght sign 1992

Gentil Knyght sign left July 1991, sign right June 1992.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Gentil Knyght sign 2013

Above showing the sign in 2013.

Gentil Knight 2016

Above photo taken 2 April, 2016. Kindly taken by Emma Vaughan.


Opened in July 1958 when the new London Road Estate was being built and opened by ex M.P. Mr. John Baker White and it is stated that on that night only, beer was served at pre-war prices of 10d (4p) a pint.

The pub itself was named after a verse from Chaucer:

"There was a knight, a most distinguished man

Who from the day on which he first began

To ride abroad had followed chivalry,

Truth, honour, generousness and courtesy.

He had done nobly in his sovereign's war

And ridden into battle, no man more,

As well in Christian as in heathen places,

And ever honoured for his noble graces …

He was of sovereign value in all eyes.

And though so much distinguished, he was wise

And in his bearing modest as a maid

He never yet a boorish thing had said

In all his life to any, come what might;

He was a true, a perfect gentle-knight.

Speaking of his equipment, he possessed

Fine horses, but he was not gaily dressed.

He wore a fustian tunic stained and dark

With smudges where his armour had left mark;

Just home from service, he had joined our ranks

To do his pilgrimage and render thanks."


I am informed that the licensee in January 2015 is about to retire and that the pub may be sold and converted into a private residence.

Auction to take place for its sale on the 17th March 2016.

Latest information tells me the pub was sold and is likely to be demolished to make way for, you got it, more houses.


Gentil Knight 2018

Above photo, July 2018, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe.

Gentil Knyght location 2019

Above photo, October 2019, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe.



HARDIE Eddie 1970s-1990s

HARDIE Les (son of above) & ADES Debra 2012+


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