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Earliest 1741

Green Dragon

Latest 1782




I have only recently added Folkestone to this site. The information gathered so far is from "Old Folkestone Pubs" by C H Bishop M.A. Ph.D. and Kevan of

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Folkestone Herald 12 August 1916.


Who can throw some light on the following note I have received from Lieut. Col. Fynmore, J.P.?

“Sandgate Castle, 31st July, 1916. Dear Felix, You asked some years ago if there had ever been a barn on The Bayle. I notice in the 1782 plan John Hobday held plots 32, 33, and 34. In 1792, John Hobday is described as a farmer. In Stock's Handbook, p. 89, reference is made to a barn and buildings, which in 1769 passed to Henry Hobday. In connection with this occupation by the Hobdays in 1769, Stock brings in the two shields of arms of Herdson and Dixwell that I drew attention to some years ago. Can it be that originally this was the Folkestone Arms? In 1776 we have the White Hart at the top of High Street, and this, in the 1782 plan, had become the Folkestone Arms, probably reviving a sign which had formerly existed, and where there was a more probable site than that of Hobday's, on The Bayle, and that the arms of the landlords (Herdson and Dixwell) should be placed on either side of the doorway, hence the Folkestone Arms. The proprietor might well in those days have been a farmer as well, and, judging by the plan, there was ample room for yard and stabling”.

I am told the site of the Folkestone arms now forms a part of Gosling's Stores. The old porching – and a fine specimen, too – still stands there. Here, too, the coaches started for London, and there are now the old waiting rooms, etc., still in existence. The stabling was in close proximity, too. I dare say some of the oldest inhabitants cane recall the scene when the coach started on its daily journey. I believe Mr. Tilden Tunbridge or Mr. Jenkings could throw some light on this.

Note: Actually a reference to the "Green Dragon," The Bayle.



BAYLEY William to 1741 Bastions

HOBDAY Henry 1741-69 Bastions

HOBDAY John 1769-82+ Bastions

BastionsFrom More Bastions of the Bar by Easdown and Rooney


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