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Earliest 1896

Hotel Metropole

Latest 1934+

West Lees


Hotel Metropole, Folkestone, 1896

Above photo shows the "Hotel Metropole" in 1896.

Hotel Metropole

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Peter Lemmy.

Metropole & Grand Hotels, 1920, Folkestone

The above 1920 photograph shows the "Grand Hotel" on the right and the "Hotel Metropole" on the left.

Grand and Metropole Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly submitted by Mark Jennings.

Grand and Metropole Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly submitted by Mark Jennings.

Metropole Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly submitted by Mark Jennings.

Above photo by kind permission of showing Diana Dors and Dennis Hamilton arriving at the hotel for the filming of Lady Godiva Rides Again in July 1951.

Metropole Hotel Inside the Metropole Hotel

Above photos showing the "Metropole" as viewed circa 2010 and inside.

Metropole painting 2000

Above painting sent and painted by Duncan Lamb 2000.


Kelly's directory of 1899 says the following about the "Hotel Metropole."

The Hotel Metropole, opened in 1896, occupies a fine position on the Lees, and stands within its own grounds of 2 acres, upwards of 300 feet above the sea level; it comprises fine dining halls and ball, banqueting and billiard rooms, besides suites of private apartments &c. and is available for 350 visitors.

During the first world way from October 1918 the hotel was used to accommodate members of the Womans' Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) before they sailed across to France to do their part for the war effort.

Now private apartments, with an art gallery occupying the elegant Victorian public rooms on the ground level.

Next door to the "Metropole" is another hotel called the "Grand." After the "Metropole" had been constructed, Daniel Baker, a local builder being disappointed at not gaining the contract for it, decided to build another, even grander hotel right next door.


From an email received 24, May 2011.

I have a brass key fob '2nd floor 87' Found it when digging in my allotment in north London.

Sorry no key attached. It had obviously been in the ground a long time - possibly at about the time the house was built around 1927. I would love to know how the key got into the ground so far from home - it will remain a mystery.

Geoff Gilby.

Hotel Metropole Key fob Hotel Metropole Key fob
From an email received 24 September 2021.


I found a key fob in Flandersfields Belgium from one of the rooms from the Folkestone hotel. (3th floor room 168). It was found on a WW1 camp in Reningelst near Ypres. So it must be lost there between 1916-1918. The camp name was Medocfarm.

Grts Johan Dils.

Hotel Metropole key fob Hotel Metropole key fob



GORDON HOTELS Lim. 1899-1934+ Kelly's 1899Kelly's 1934

TOWLE Francis ????


Kelly's 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899


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