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Jackdaw, Denton 2010

Jackdaw at Denton, by Paul Skelton 4 April 2010.

Jackdaw at Denton
Jackdaw at Denton  Jackdaw sign, 1998

 Above from the Wayside Inn series No 9, issued 13 January 1994.

Jackdaw sign, Denton

Above sign, 2010.

Jackdaw sign 1983Jackdaw sign 1990

Jackdaw sign left, April 1983, sign right 1990.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Jackdaw card frontJackdaw card back

Above pictures showing the front and back of the Kent series, No. 11 issued by Whitbread, 28 May 1973.

Jackdaw mat

Above mat, circa 1980s, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Jackdaw, 1998

Above photo by P E Blanche 1998.


Originally called the "Red Lion" and dates from 1645.

In 1962 the name was changed to the "Jackdaw" as the then brewery owners, Whitbread considered there to be too many other pubs in the area with the same name. In 1969 the pub was used as location for the film "The Battle of Britain," and the famous air-battle was fought in the skies over this pub.

I have heard that the name was changed to commemorate a jackdaw that featured in one of the Reverend Barham's Ingoldsby Legends.

Jackdaw, Battle of Britain scene

Above photo taken from the film.

Jackdaw, Battle of Britain scene

Above shows three photographs taken from the film, The Battle of Britain, although technically speaking the pub would have been called the "Red Lion" in the days the picture depicted.

Jackdaw, Battle of Britain scene

The above shot, which gives the impression that it is of the inside of the pub, I am informed by Liam Geraghty was actually shot inside the "Hoops" in Bassingbourne, Cambridgeshire, and the barman was Tony Newman.


From the Dover Express, 7 August 1970.

Jackdaw park?

Members of Dover Rural Council are going along to the "Jackdaw" public house at Denton where the parish council is in favour of the provision of a public car park. The villages point out it would cut out the necessity of having to park on the village green.


Saturday 17th December 2005. Ghost Search


The Jackdaw was built in 1645, in the 19th year of the reign of King Charles 1. This was originally a farmhouse belonging to the estate of Thomas Leythorne and up until 1756 was leased out to tenant farmers. In 1756, under the ownership of Keeble Estate, Andrew Snell Esq. took lease and was given a licence to sell Ales and Ciders, these premises were then subsequently named 'The Red Lion'. There are two claims to fames for The Jackdaw. First, how it got it's new name. During the 1760's the celebrated poet Thomas Grey was a regular patron, as was Richard Harris Barham: a local resident who compiled the famous "Ingoldsby Legends- The Jackdaw Of Rheims". So it was in 1962 in honour of that poet 'The Jackdaw's name came to be. Secondly, The Jackdaw was featured in the epic film "The Battle Of Britain", starring Michael Caine & Christopher Plummer. There is a very strange atmosphere at The Jackdaw, lots of Spiritual mysteries. There seems to be so many Spirit that reside here, that it is hard to find where one ends and another begins. There is also another power source, that belongs to the underground stream, which in turn gives the energy these Spirit need to manifest. The cellar is a place where most staff dread to go. I must admit, when Peter and I went to check this place out Peter was caught unawares and was pushed quite violently which made him stumble. (We have since found out this is why the staff hate it so). This is one investigation you shouldn't miss, we as a team can't wait.


The Investigation Report


Oh boy, we as a team knew that there would be a fight on our hands this time around at The Jackdaw, but we didn't anticipate the strength or length of time the battle would go on for.

I was asked to go to The Jackdaw as 'something wasn't right' about seven weeks before the night's investigation date. I was to find a male energy (known to the owner) that was intent on causing as much emotional and mental damage as he possibly could. I was told by my guide and another male energy on site that they were containing 'his' desires and that they would continue with the protection for the time being. I did not tell Caroline who the energy was, as this would have played on her mind and given the male energy a way in. However, Caroline was hearing noises, objects were being moved, a clock was altered and an uneasy feeling was also present. My team were briefed with the basic of details (except the Mediums who had to know more of the details) of who and how this low male energy was connected with Caroline. Originally it was booked that only myself, Pete and Adam were to be the working Mediums, but at the eleventh hour Glen was called upon as well.

The night started at it continued, whilst Glen's group were holding communications via a glass, it smashed, which is something that has never happened before. We did not 'play' on the significance as we did not want to cause alarm or indeed give this energy the 'attention' he was seeking. The glass was cleaned up and we carried on. The table tilting sessions were fantastic, and were moved with a huge amount of strength. From here I took my group of seven to the flat above the pub and formed a circle. The Spirit that reside at The Jackdaw were a little uneasy about coming in to work for too long, however the low male energy soon made an appearance. At that time we were unaware he had brought along back up, an additional two low male energies. My guests were very aware of the energy build up, especially one guest who was non believer (more about John later!). Everyone at different times were feeling cold spots behind them, waves of energy would leave them feeling in no doubt 'someone' was with them. The temperature then started to drop dramatically, leaving us feeling very shivery. John was then to be picked on...which carried on through the night! He said that he felt very angry, that the anger was not his. John said he could easily start to hit out. I left the circle and made my way to John, went to carry out some healing but realised that the male energy was covering him with emotions that could have soon taken a hold, so I placed John in the centre of the circle for protection. Within minutes these feelings then waned. When John rejoined the circle I placed myself next to him so I could keep an eye on him. It wasn't long before our low energy started to try to find a weak link as a way of breaking the circle up. Guests periodically felt as if their hands were being prised apart, arm twisting was carried out and John was given immense pain which triggered him to squeeze the death out of hands either side of him. We held this circle for two hours, in this time Adam was being over shadowed by the lower Spirit to the point he was no longer with us, and John was given pain after pain.

The sťance in the front bar area of The Jackdaw was also a good evidence provider. This time round we had seats as this would make us more comfortable for the time I thought would be spent here. I sat next to Adam and Caroline on the other side of Adam; I noticed that when I looked in to Adams eyes they were not his, they were the eyes of an elder man. I also knew that at any moment Adam would strike either Caroline or myself in the face. I moved Caroline immediately to the other side of the circle, but I stayed next to Adam just in case. No sooner had the sťance begun we all started to feel a build up of energy, and it wasn't good. It was at this point I discovered that we had three male energies as opposed to just one. John once again was being given immense pain; he would throw his head back, moan and squeeze the hand of the people next to him. Whilst this was going on Peter (guest) started to shake, he was unable to control this motion. Peter also said he felt as if Caroline's hand was being pulled from his. With some re-adjustments Peter held on to Caroline's arm for a better grip. Adam then started to drop his head and drift in and out of awareness, I was constantly shouting at him to fight the energy, to not give him the satisfaction of winning him over, this worked to a large degree yet Adam was still not with us. Guests were also reporting seeing flashes of light around me, the fire very suddenly roared like an inferno and the energy around us was awesome. Suddenly Adam said, "I'd be better off leaving the circle", he then tried to break the circle. This for a Medium is a big no, no and I knew that the low entity had almost won over Adam. Placing guest's hands behind me so as not to break the circle I pushed Adam in to the centre of the circle. Nice try low entities, but not good enough! As I was giving Adam healing, John cried 'not again' as he winced in pain, Peter once again had the shakes and others began to feel very uneasy. It was then I felt Adam lunge forward, I knew he (should say low entity) was trying to get to Caroline, without a second thought for her safety I pushed an open hand in to Adams face and sent him back to the ground....which seemed to bring him back again! At this point I knew my circle was under seige from all three male Spirit and put out an alarm call which sent both Mediums to my aid within minutes. Both Pete and Glen carried out rescue work to many guests, John's body then went in to spasm with pain and he was squeezing Caroline's hand so hard she was crying, Adam had his hands over John and Caroline's as if to seal them. I had to prize Adam and Johns hand off of Caroline's, her hand had swollen with the amount of pressure that had been applied. This was the last attack for the time being. We all broke to have a well earned coffee before holding a final sťance with the guests.

Cams were mounted on Tripods for this sťance and all hands were united. Caroline was placed in the centre of the circle for her own protection. Straight away the attacks began. Once again John (not forgetting he was the disbeliever!) was sent reeling with pain given to him by the low entities in the hope to break the circle (to which a nick name of 'crusher' was given!), guests were seeing flashes of lights dart about the room. We all heard loud thuds from behind the bar and then heard a three way male conversation taking place at the back of the room. A guest suddenly felt the taste of blood in her mouth and others began to shake (as the time before). Pete was continuously having to give healing whilst guests sat in the circle. Adam was still not with us, and the energy was building fast. I shouted at the main character (low entity) as to what he thought he was playing at, I asked why had he come back, what gave him the right to enter Caroline's home and abuse her. The low entity gave Glen his words "She used to hide in a cupboard" there was more said but none that I wish to write about. I saw red, knowing what he had put Caroline through I let him have the full force of my anger and my tongue, I told him he had met his match and that I was not afraid of him. I told him I was ready to kick his butt. It fell silent. Caroline then said "Oh my God, I don't believe it". Neither could the rest of the circle as the smell of aftershave drifted from the centre of the circle where Caroline was across the room. One male guest said the brand name, which confirmed to Caroline this was not in her imagination as we were all smelling it to. I closed guest's hands behind me and stepped outside the circle. I wanted to fight this son of a *itch, he was cruel, vindictive and nasty, and I had had enough. I told the low entities that I was now not protected by the circle that I wanted 'the man' to face me off. Again it fell silent. I then smelt the after shave and felt 'his' energy in front of me, but not alone...he was a coward after all, he had one of his minions standing to the right of me. Again I challenged him, told him that it would give me pleasure to watch my guide drag him back to where he rightfully belonged. I stood outside the circle for a good ten/fifteen minutes, he would not take me on. At 6.45 am we bid our guests good morning and sent them home to bed. The team once again sat in circle for the final showdown. We meant business and so did our guides; we had some dirty laundry that needed taken out. Pete conducted this sťance as my own energy (as well as Glen and Adams) were down to our boots. Pete asked both his guide (Buffalo) and my guide (Sym) to go and gather the three male energies up and bring them to us. Once this mission was completed Pete said "Let the battle commence". Four Mediums means four guides, we were also sent other helpers from the Spiritual plains. We sat in circle and Spirit circled our circle with the energies in between the two. Spirit began to move forward, which meant the three energies were being pushed closer to our circle. Pete saw Buffalo and Sym on white horseback circle the two circles, these energies were not going to get away. Whilst this took place I was shown a pair of brown eyes and then a leather jacket, Caroline knew these to be the abusers. Pete then saw three white sacks; one was placed over each low entity before being carried back to the world of Spirit. It was interesting to note the three Spirits were protesting their innocence through this rescue work, but the higher realms were not having any of that. We have been told these energies will not be bothering Caroline or anyone again; they will be guarded at all times.

We have no photo's to submit as there was no time in which to take any, like I said, this investigation started as it finished...non stop and a fight to the bitter end.


Donna (Ghost Search Uk Paranormal investigator).


Saturday 28th May 2006 Ghost Search


I don't often take my team to an investigation site the second time around, but The Jackdaw gave so much evidence that I have decided to go in again. For full details check out the previous investigation report. If this investigation is anything like the first then we are in for one good night, perhaps there will be more guests added to list of seeing a full ghost manifestation.


The Investigation Report


Our second visit to The Jackdaw was held high in expectations within the team, we were hopeful that this time round we could secure 'something' on tape to give some credence to life after death. Our first visit had been fantastic...hence our return. It soon became apparent that this was not to be the case, the atmosphere felt flat and as the night progressed we, as Mediums, had to work very hard to encourage Spirit to step forward.

The first room that my group investigated was the living room. The normal procedure of holding a sťance took place, in the hope we could build up some much needed energy. We held this sťance for about five minutes, but still the energy was very low. We were however soon joined by a male Spirit who introduced himself as Adrian. Adrian was happy to circle us and pick off certain guests to try to give them evidence that he was here within the room. Barry (guest and my uncle) was the first to be chosen, I could see Adrian pulling on his right ear, yet Barry was unable to 'feel' anything. Dear Adrian tried for some time, at times yanking his ear quite violently.....yet still Barry was unable to feel this ear pulling. Adrian gave up on Barry and passed around the circle to a lady called Debbie, he said he was going to massage her neck and shoulders. I whispered this to the person standing on my right (whilst getting Debbie to hum so she couldn't overhear what I was saying) and asked Debbie to invite Adrian to give her the evidence she was seeking. Sure enough Debbie said she could feel 'something' around the nape of her neck. Pleased that at last someone could sense him he said he'd like to try something else. Adrian said he'd like to tweak her nose, once again I told the person on my right whilst getting Debbie to hum. Sure enough within just a few moments Debbie reported feeling a strange sensation around her top lip area. Once the sťance was over I was asked if I could describe Adrian by one of the guests, Adrian stepped close so I could see him in his entirety, the description is as follows: A slender man who stood approximately 5' 5"-5' 6" in height. He wore dark trousers that seemed to be covered from just below the knee with white stockings, upon his feet were highly polished shoes (also dark in colour) which were adorned with a large silver buckle. His blouse he was wearing appeared quite feminine, in the respect that it had ruffles that tapered down from the neck line in a large V shape. The blouse was white with long sleeves. Adrian said that he often wore a 'tri-hat', which he was not wearing at the time. His hair appeared very soft and clean and was collar length which consisted of loose natural curls. Adrian went on to tell me that his surname was McNally (unsure of spelling), he was 32 years of age when he met his death, this was due to a fall he had from his horse to which his broke his neck, death was instantaneous. According to the information given, Adrian was one of eight local councillors that rode past The Jackdaw on their way to the local council meetings he and the other seven councillors would stop on route both to and from the meetings.

Adrian said that they would stop for an ale to which he would drink from his own tankard, the other councillors also had tankards of their own. The year given for this council work and connections to The Jackdaw were 1832-1852.

Caroline (owner) reported Jake (her 4 year old son) had started to leave his bedroom regularly between 3 & 3.30 am. Jake didn't appear to be distressed he just kept saying that he was fed up with 'them' sitting on his bed. I asked that two camera operators, Bev and Chris, sit in that room between the times given to see if anything happened. We couldn't believe our eyes when, secured on cam at approximately 3.42am, we watched an orb (that appeared to resemble tissue paper) come up through the bed and disappear into thin air. This secured evidence gave Caroline the reassurance that Jake didn't have an over active imagination and wasn't being naughty, it seems that someone really does visit him in the wee hours of the morning.

The rest of the investigation didn't bring forth much more; the table tipping was good, but weak, as with the glass moving.

All in all I was disappointed that The Jackdaw didn't produce more in the way of paranormal just goes to show capturing any Spiritual evidence is not as easy as one would have hoped.



The first stop for our team was the cellar, and most of the group experienced touching, pushing and pulling by Spirit. A dark male shape was observed by one of the guests. As I looked at him (Spirit) I could make out his facial features which were very sharp/pointed with high prominent cheekbones. Another of the guests stated he looked almost skeletal.

I also got the name of Michael (not the dark man).

From the cellar we moved to one of the bar areas. In a wing chair there was a Spirit gent named George. He said he had passed in 1949, he was wearing a dark 1930's/1940's suit and a hat. A little girl with fair hair and aged about 5 or 6yrs joined us she told us her name was Elizabeth. I asked her to go round the circle to make herself known to people, and try as she might she just couldn't. Adam (medium) felt her sit on his lap and play with his hair for a while, but she got bored with this and left.

We went on to try some table tipping, this went well and some of the guests who had never tried it before were quite amazed, and Tony (camera man) caught a couple of orbs coming out from the table as we were working on it.

When we went into the small bedroom upstairs I kept catching fleeting glimpses of someone (Spirit) dashing from side to side, trying to conceal themselves. Once I assured him that we meant him no harm, we got some information from him.

He gave the impression that he was always hiding, both on the material plain and the Spiritual one. This was borne out by what he told me.

He was a thief amongst thieves, in other words he stole from the thieves and was always wary and hiding. There were tunnels in the area at one time and these were used for the movement of illicit goods from one point to another. This was where he lived and died.

He passed over in 1790 just before Christmas and his body was never found.

He gave his name as Jake Robinson, he said his dad was named Derek and his Mum was called Nan (Nancy?).

The investigation, although slower than we would have liked, still gave a few insights.

Pete & Adam

From the Dover Express, 24 January 2008. Report by Simon Finlay.

Pub fined for battle on its beeches.

Jackdaw 2008

IT IS one of the most famous and fraught love scenes in any Second World War cinema blockbuster.

Dashing squadron leader Colin Harvey sweeps up to a quintessentially English pub in an open topped sports car to meet his wife, Maggie, for a drink to discuss the war’s uncertainty on their marriage in the epic film Battle of Britain.

Played by Christopher Plummer and Susannah York in a stellar cast, the couple’s relationship underpinned the whole of the film, which detailed the heroic airborne battles against the odds to repel Hitler’s invading hordes in 1940.

Also starring Michael Caine and Trevor Howard and set to a BAFTA-nominated score, Battle of Britain showed how a ragbag of RAF servicemen and foreign Spitfire pilots finally sent the Germans into retreat.

The real conflict raged in the skies high above the very pub, The Jackdaw, in Denton, where the iconic scenes were shot in 1969.

But in 2008 another couple featured at the pub and this time in circumstances no less fraught than the tension-packed scenes between Plummer and York. Just like the film, this involved a plot with a far from happy ending.

Landlord and landlady Robert and Caroline Hopkins appeared before magistrates on January 7 to plead guilty to chopping down 18 beech trees in the pub’s car park in breach of the local authority’s planning rules. The trees were in a conservation area, said the prosecuting authority, Dover District Council.

The magistrates at Folkestone were not impressed either when they handed down fines and costs.

The defendants were fined £3,600, £1,000 in costs and £30 surcharge towards crime victim support.

The couple both in their 30s, pleaded guilty to 18 counts of the unlawful removal of a tree on May 21 last year.

They had hired a local man to carry out the work but took responsibility for the problem when the council intervened.

A council spokesman said: “They hired a chap who chopped down 18 beech trees that sort of bisected the car park at the pub. It was because it was in a conservation area that there was a problem.’"

The Hopkins must pay back the total amount owed at £400 a month.

The couple were unavailable for comment.


From the Dover Express, 30 April 2009.

Chirpy Jackdaw owners excited by its reopening

Report by Adam Westgarth

Jackdaw licensees 2009

A FAMOUS village pub featured in a blockbusting movie has reopened under new management.

The Jackdaw in Denton closed in September 2008, leaving locals fearing the pub was lost forever.

But enthusiastic landlord Eric Gaskell and his partner Helen Brown have refurbished the building, which found fame in the 1969 film Battle of Britain.

Former St Edmund's IT teacher Mr Gaskell said: "It's such a wonderful pub with great character. The previous owners left it mysteriously and we don't really know where they have gone.

"We saw an opportunity to reopen this pub and we decided to take it."

Each room of the building has been dedicated to specific aircraft from the RAF and has been decorated accordingly.

The drinking areas outside and the car park have also been reopened and it is hoped the new additions will attract former regulars and new customers.

Mr Gaskell entered the pub business just two years ago when he bought the "Duke of Cumberland" in Barham.

The 52-year-old has made such a success of the business during the recession and smoking ban that it has funded the Jackdaw refurbishment.

He added: "We haven't quite regained the business from before the Jackdaw closed but we're slowly getting it back.

"When we bought it the bailiffs had completely gutted the place but that allowed us to make some nice changes.

"It's great to have the Jackdaw back open in Denton again."


Closed for a few months during 2008, but reopened April 2009.


From the By John James, 30 October 2019.

Butcher stages one-man protest against The Jackdaw pub in Denton over claims he's owed money.

The boss of Gunne's Butchers claims the pub owes him more than £4,300.

Norman Gunn butcher 2019

Norman Gunne has been protesting outside the Jackdaw pub in Denton.

A butcher has staged a one-man protest outside a pub on the outskirts of Canterbury, claiming bosses haven't paid him.

Armed with a placard, the chairman of Gunne Butchers, a family-run company, stood outside The Jackdaw in The Street today (October 30).

The sign read: "Why am I standing here?

"Because Jackdaw owes my company £4,389.90 since August 2019."

The 81-year old is at the helm of the business that his father started in 1926.

Norman believes his stand will pressure to the pub into paying their accounts.

The claims are strongly denied by the co-owners of the rural boozer, married couple Graham and Michelle Bevan.

Norman's company Gunne Butchers is based in Bexhill-on-Sea and supplies meat to premises throughout Kent and Sussex.

He was driven to his lonely picket after talks with The Jackdaw "broke down", he said.

He said: "I’ve picketed on many different occasions outside pubs that don’t pay.

"It’s always the same story and I’ve got better things to do.

"This time of the year can be difficult for traders so we’ve had this trouble before."

The Bevans have managed The Jackdaw for two years and vehemently deny Norman's claims.

The dispute between the butcher and the landlords boils down to the fate of the envelopes containing the Jackdaw's weekly payments.

Michelle is adamant that paying in this manner is what is best for their business and that Gunnes is aware of this.

She said: "We pay all our providers in envelopes with cash in them because we’re a small business and that’s how our cash flow works.

"We received a statement in September asking for over £4,000 that we’ve already paid.

"We told them they knew we paid them weekly in envelopes.

"The fact he’s come here picketing is absolutely outrageous so we've called the police."

Mr Gunne left shortly afterwards.

A spokesman for the force said: "Kent Police received a report of a disturbance outside a business in The Street, Denton at around 11am on Wednesday 30 October 2019.

"The individual involved subsequently left the area and the matter has been deemed a civil dispute, therefore no police action is required at this time."


From the By Lauren MacDougall, 6 November 2019.

Kent’s cosiest pubs with gorgeous log fires that will shield you from the cold.

These stunning pubs come with crackling fires, beautiful interiors and tasty food.

Is there anything better than curling up next a toasty log fire, pint in hand?

With the winter months drawing in and November predicted to be one of the coldest ever, knowing your local cosy pub with a gorgeous log fire is more important than ever.

Whether you're looking for a tipple after a brisk walk or just after a warm afternoon out, there's plenty of choice.

These stunning pubs come with crackling fires, beautiful interiors and tasty food.

Some of them even have more than one wood burner, so you won't be fighting for the coveted space in front of the flickering flames.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out our list below.

The Jackdaw Inn.

Jackdaw Inn inside 2019

The Jackdaw Inn (Image: The Jackdaw Inn).

Where: The Street, Denton, between Dover and Canterbury, CT4 6QZ.

What: Just a stone's throw from Canterbury, The Jackdaw is renowned for its quaint interior inside its 17th century surroundings.

It was also the setting for the famous Battle of Britain film and guests can take a look at the various Spitfire memorabilia in the pub and in its very own Spitfire room.

Good news is there's a log fire to cosy around in the winter too.



MORE Dennis Charles 1970-75 Library archives 1974 Gardner & Co

???? Peter & Shirley 1980s?

HOPKINS Robert & Caroline 2008+

GASKELL Eric Apr/2009-Oct/17 Next pub licensee had

BEVAN Michelle Oct/2017-19+


Library archives 1974Library archives 1974


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