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Earliest 1832-

King William IV

Latest 2009

64A Union Street


King William IV June 2001

Above photo June 2001 taken from

King William IV

Above picture taken from Google maps June 2009.

King William IV 1965

Above photograph by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

King William IV sign 1991King William sign 2012

Sign left King William IV October 1991. Sign right, September 2012.

Sign left thanks from Brian Curtis Sign Right from Doug Pratt.


I have found mention of another "King William IV" situated in North Lane in 1867.

Mentioned in the licensing lists of 1846 this inn was sometimes referred to as both the "King William IV" and also the "William IV" but not to be confused for the "William IV" that was found at 20 North lane.

Operating under Punch Taverns but closed in 2009 and is now of residential use. At least that is what I thought till I received the following photos taken in January 2010. Then again the pub could have been closed. Incidentally, the sign, taken September 2012 seems to have missed of the IV.


King William IV 2010

Above photo January 2010, kindly supplied by Doug Pratt.

King William IV 2010

Above photo January 2010, kindly supplied by Doug Pratt.


From the Kentish Chronicle. 13 August 1859. Price 1d.


(Before E. Holttum, Esq., in the chair, T. Philpott, Esq., and Capt, Love.)

James Pope, landlord of the “King William,” Union street, appeared in answer to a summons, to show cause why he should not contribute towards the maintenance of four of his grandchildren, who had become chargeable to the parish of St, Marylebone, London.

Mr. Delasaux appeared for the defendant.

The parish authorities from St. Marylebone were expected by the first train, to proceed with the case, but they did not make their appearance.

Mr. Delasaux said his client had been waiting more than half an hour, and he (Mr. D.) must ask the Bench to dismiss the application and to allow the defendant his costs.

The Bench accordingly dismissed the summons, but doubted as to their power to allow the costs, and therefore declined to make any order respecting them.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 24 November, 1860.


On Monday evening last James Pope, landlord of the "William the Fourth" public-house in Union street, fell down in a fit in his bar and expired in a few moments.

Mr. Tassell was sent for but his assistance was to no avail. An inquest was held on the body on Tuesday last and a verdict of "Natural Death" returned.

During the inquiry the Coroner requested Mr. Tassell to go and make an external examination of the body which he did, and for which service he required a fee of an extra guinea. This the Coroner refused, stating that it was only allowed in cases when bodies were opened, Mr. Tassell seemed dissatisfied with the reply and expressed his opinion that an examination after death, fully entitled him to an extra guinea, whether it was external or internal.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 5 January, 1867. Price 1d.

Henry Kensey and George Holness were charged with stealing a sack of potatoes, the property of Mr. W. Cannon.

The prosecutor said on the 21st of October he missed one sack of potatoes, and on the same evening he went to the “William the Fourth” public-house, and there found his potatoes. They were exactly the same kind as some he had in his store. The potatoes were produced.

P.C. Hayward went to the “William the Fourth,” and saw the potatoes. The prisoner Kersey was lodging there. Witness took him into custody on the charge. He denied his guilt. Witness also apprehended Holness the same night, whom he found in a coal shed on the South-Eastern Railway. Holness said, “It's all right, I believe.” He then asked if witness had Kensey in custody, and said it was through him that he went, and he added that he consented, being drunk, and that they took the potatoes to the “William the Fourth.”

Holness denied that he made any such statement to the constable.

John Martin said that Kensey had asked him to help with a sack of potatoes on the 21st of Oct. He said Holness had asked him (Kensey) to help him, but he was too weak. Witness went with Kensey, and found Holness with a sack of potatoes by the river. He helped him up with the potatoes, and Holness carried them to the "William the Fourth.” Kensey did not go with him.

Mr. Cannon said that Holness was in his service at the time of the robbery.

The jury found both prisoners guilty.

Three months' hard labour.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 17 August 1867. Price 1d.


(Before H. G. Austin, Esq. (chairman), J. Aris, Esq., and W. Masters, Esq.)

Eliza Palmer was charged by the landlord of the "William IV.” with breaking two panes of glass in his house last night. It appeared that some altercation took place between the prisoner and the landlady, the result of which was that the prisoner committed the offence charged. She was given in charge, and the landlord having refused to appear, was sent for by the Magistrates. On his appearing he said he did not wish to press the charge. The Magistrates dismissed the case, and made the landlord pay the expenses.

The woman Palmer then applied for a summons against the wife of the landlord for assault, and detailed a series of acts of a rather extraordinary character. The Magistrates, after hearing the circumstances, granted the application.


King William IV 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly taken and sent by Rory Kehoe.



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