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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1651-

Leopoldus Tavern

Latest 1666+

Address unknown



This shows on a token of 1651. A later farthing token of 1666 gave the initial of the host as G and MF.

The token showed an image of the Emperors bust, and a crown.


From Kentish Tokens of the 17th Century" by H.W. Rolfe, Esq. 1862.

No. 10. - "At the "Leopouldus," in Dover, 1651. C.M.D. " A draped portrait, having a bton in the right hand, and an arched crown in the field, over the left shoulder.

Leopoldus token 1651

Derek Donnelly kindly sent me a photo of a different coin but same striking, he says a member of a local metal detecting club found in a field between Sutton and Ringwould.

Leopoldus TokenLeopoldus Token

No.11. - A farthing of the same tavern as the last, struck 15 years after, when G. and M.F. were host and hostess of the "Leopuldous, in Dover, 1666."

The "edax rerum" has only left these tokens to record that there was once such an inn in Dover. As the Emperor Leopold was not crowned until 1658, the sign must have represented some other distinguished person of the same name - probably Prince Leopold, the uncle and guardian of the emperor, who was the governor of the Low Countries for some years from 1647.

Leopoldus token 1666



G 1651 C.M.D.

MF 1666 G.M.F.


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