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In a mad moment of 2014 I decided to try and identify every pub that ever existed in Kent. I hadn't realised that part of London used to be Kent, but once started I couldn't back down.

What you see on this site is a collection of archive material from any source I can get my hands on that is connected to the highlighted pub and every pub has its own page.

These archives as far as I am concerned are a personal working notebook created my me that are updated as often as I gain further information or corrections. I cannot guarantee that all the information is totally correct and I am very reliant on local knowledge to help get it correct, but the more information I gain, I am sure the more accurate the details will become.

As a kind of notebook publication, the order of material isn't polished, and possibly not in chronological order, but I am slowly getting there. One day, perhaps, I, or someone will want to put this information into book form, but if you do, please give credit to where the information came from; I do try and reference where all the material comes from, but I don't want to make the contents look like a university degree thesis. I also tend to work the Copyleft policy. (if you're not sure what that is, look it up, it does exist.)

However, what started out to be all my own work, once opened up to the public over the www, it has now become a collection of work from many, and although I am still doing some research myself, the majority of time is now spent adding others work to these pages. Thank you, and please keep it coming in.

Please feel free to use the contents for your own purposes, but if you do make some money out of them, think about sending me some, it does cost me to keep this site live each year.

Lastly, again a really big thank you to everyone who has helped me with the research, photographs, information and corrections, and if you have anything I haven't and would like to share it, my contact email is below.

The research continues.


Paul Skelton.

Paul Skelton 2016

Photo taken 2016 turning a 72 foot canal boat around.

I am after a list and photographs of pubs in Kent. If you are able to help, please email me at the following address:-