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Earliest 1874-

(Name from)

New Plough

Latest 2008

33 Middle Deal Road


New Plough 1976

Above photo, circa 1976, kindly sent by Barry Smith.

Former New Plough, Deal

Above photograph kindly sent by Patricia Streater showing the former "New Plough"

New Plough sign 1986

New Plough sign, July 1986.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis


Found in Bagshaws directory of 1847 and listed as a beerhouse in 1861 and 1869 and as an alehouse in 1870.

According to planning application reports 2 July 2007 the pub was purpose built in the 1920s of brick construction under a pitched, tiled, gabled roof. A flat roof extension having been added in more recent years and renewed in 1998. The elevations are a mixture of tile hanging, colour-washing and brewers' mock Tudor facades.

2 July 2007 Planning Application Form 1 indicated that Mr. A Mitchell had applied for the change of use from a public house to 2 dwellings and 4 semi detached 2 storey dwellings.

It was considered unrealistic to expect that this establishment could ever generate sufficient business to make it a viable proposition, particularly when taking into account the prohibitive repair and refurbishment costs that would need to be met, and so another pub is converted into houses. I am also informed that the cellar was frequently flooded to it being below sea level.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 3 November, 1900. 1d.


Dr. Hardman held an inquest at the "New Plough Inn," Middle Deal, on Thursday afternoon, into the causes of the death of William Batt Annall, employed as a night watchman on the drainage works, who suddenly expired at six o'clock the same morning, after extinguishing the lamps, previous to going off duty. The following composed the Jury:- Messrs. J. Taylor (foreman), C. Gray, W. Redsull, D. Rogers, S. Simmonds, P. Curling, J. Pellett, J. Dawes, T. Lincoln, A. Finnis, E. Ramell, and T. Randall.

The jury having viewed the body, Dr. Hulks said that he was called to St. George's Road about six o'clock that morning, and found deceased lying on his side on a heap of stones. he had apparently recently died. There was a little streak of blood from his nose, which, he thought, might have been caused by him falling on his face. he did not see any other signs of injury, and there was nothing in the appearance of the body to give any indication of the cause of death, which was probably syncope. (Loss of consciousness). He was an elderly man, and had been exposed all night, and it would not be surprising if an attack of syncope came on, which he judged to be the case from what the man who was talking to him at the time of his death told him.

By the Coroner: If death had been caused by pneumonia, deceased would have shown very marked signs of illness before. He had lost an arm, which was injured, he believed, in a winch on the beach many years ago.

John Batt Annal said that the body the jury had viewed was that of his brother, who would have been 64 years of age on his next birthday. He had been employed as night watchman on the drainage works since they had been in operation. Lately he had a nasty violent cold, and had complained to him frequently of pains in his chest, and he had coughed a good deal. He went to Canterbury Hospital some years ago in consequence of his chest, and on leaving he was told that they could do nothing for him there. He believed he had seen Dr. Lyddon once or twice this year on account of his health. His occupation would make him liable to colds, having so much night work and exposure.

William Harris, ganger on the drainage works, stated that he went to the works in St. George's Road about five minutes to six that morning. About two minutes afterwards deceased came to the side of the trench to put out the lights, and he seemed as usual. Witness wished him good morning, and he replied. He could not say whether deceased had had anything to eat or drink. After some further remarks had passed between them, the bugle sounded at the barracks, and deceased said that it was six o'clock. Witness replied that it was a little fast, and turned between the trenches and shouted "blow up" to the men. Just then deceased fell forward on to his face on the footpath by the letter-box, where he was standing. Witness went to pick him up, and he gave one gurgle, but there was no other sign of life, and he died within five minutes. He had only been on the works since Monday, and did not know much about deceased, but he had never complained to him about being unfit for work.

Dr. Hardman said it was tolerably clear, when the matter was reported to him, that this was a case of death from natural causes, but the Act required, when a sudden death took place and there was no known illness previously existing, that an inquest should be held. The jury had heard the evidence, and would probably be of opinion, with him, that the deceased died from failure of the heart - syncope. Probably the strain on the heart might have increased by the coughing - nothing was so likely as a fit of coughing to bring on a heart attack - but at all events, as they knew, heart disease might go on for years and its existence not known to the person suffering from it, and certainly not to other people. It was quite clearly a case of death from natural causes, and if they agreed with him they would return a verdict to that effect.

The jury returned a verdict accordingly.




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Closed in 2008. Now a private residence.


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