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Notes of 1871



From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 5 May, 1871.


The following transfer of licences were granted:-

"Railway Tavern," Broadstairs, Anne Shepherd; "Bricklayer's Arms," Snargate Street. - Viner, adjourned till next Monday. "Lord Nelson," Ringwould, Christopher Terry; "Five Bells," Ringwould, William Cash; "Priory Tavern," Folkestone Road, William Cook.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 8 July, 1871. 1d.


A license was granted to Mr. Reeve, grocer, of Lower Street, (Deal) to sell bottled beer and porter.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 21 July, 1871. Price 1d.



Messrs. Robinson and Son are honoured with instructions from the Commissioners of Dover Harbour, to submit for sale by public auction, on the Premises of Union Street and Strond Street, on Monday 7th August, 1871, punctually at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

FOUR HOUSES THREE OF WHICH ARE NEARLY NEW, and will be sold without any reserve; to be pulled down within a specific time to be named in the Conditions of Sale, viz.:

Lot 1. All that newly erected Public House, known as the “Three Kings,” together with the fixtures that are therein.

Lot 2. In a small house adjoining, and formerly occupied by Mrs. Richards.

Lot 3. is that substantial, modern, and newly built Public House, and known as the “Royal Arms,” late in tenure of Mr. Woodrow, together with such fixtures as may be therein.

Lot 4. Embraces all that extensive and well built shop, bake-house, and outbuildings, with such fixtures as are contained therein, and which is now in the occupation of Mrs. Beecham.

N.B. The Materials and Debris must be cleared within 21 days from this day of Sale, and the Premises on view on and from the 4th and 5th days of August until the Day of Sale, and particulars known on application to the Messrs. Robinson, Auctioneers, 18, Bench Street, Dover.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 8 September, 1871. Price 1d.


The general annual licensing meeting for Dover and its liberties was held on Monday last, the following Magistrates being present:- Steriker Finnis, Esq., (in the chair) T. E. Back, Esq., J. G. Smith, Esq., W. R. Mowll, Esq., and R. Rees, Esq.

The proceedings were commenced by the granting of renewals of licenses unopposed.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 8 September, 1871.


Picking of the earliest sorts of hops has commenced, but it will be at least ten days or a fortnight before the process becomes general; and for this reason, we regret to find that the South Eastern Railway Company have announced their trains to commence running on Friday next. Already we have too many vagrants making their way on foot into the county. It is impossible with the small growth to find employment but for a very limited number, and the result will be that the county will be inundated by thousands who cannot expect to obtain engagements. With regard to the condition of the crop, we have little to add to our former notices. The weather has been fairly favourable during the past week, although red spider and mould are said, here and there, to prevail. If the weather should continue fine, planters will be anxious to give the flower as long an opportunity as possible to obtain strength and quality. Some of the samples, in Mid Kent especially, will undoubtedly be excellent. But as, owing to the scarcity, every hop will be picked that will pay for picking, there will be a great difference in quality. Prices must rule high, whatever may be said to the contrary, and growers should be careful not to force their crop upon the market too early.

Maidstone Gazette.


Thanet Advertiser 09 September 1871.


At the annual licensing sessions for Dover and its liberties, Mr. T. C. Ashidon applied for a beer-house license at St. Peter's.

Mr. B. Howlett applied for a license at Broadstairs.

An application was made by Mr. Boys, solicitor, for a license for a new house at Westgate-on-Sea.

The whole of the cases were adjourned to Broadstairs, in order that the Bench might have an opportunity of inspecting the locality, and then giving their decision.


Thanet Advertiser 09 September 1871.


The brewster sessions commenced on Monday, which was set apart for renewing licenses already granted.

The number of licenses granted was as follows:-

Ramsgate—Spirit licenses, 80; wine and beer, 34; total, 114.

Sandwich—Spirit licenees, 32; beer and wine 10; total 42.

Walmer—Spirit licenses, 22; beer and wine, 6; total, 28.

Sarre—Spirit license, 2.


It was stated that four persons holding full licenses in Ramsgate had been convicted during the year, and two persons holding beer and wine licenses.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 16 September 1871.

Annual Licensing Meeting.

At the City Petty Sessions, on Thursday, Mr. Sprague, the deputy clerk, accompanied by Mr. Haines (from the county justices’ office), attended to transact the business connected with the renewals of the various licences and certificates. Out of 177 of the publicans, 168 attended and received their licences. There are in the city 21 persons licensed to retail wine and beer, and certificates were granted to 18 who attended.