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Notes of 1941


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 3 January, 1941


More than 3500 savings groups have been started in licensed houses throughout the country, and others are being formed at the rate of fifty a week.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 17 January 1941.


Donations were previously received to the amount totalling 29,060 0s. 4d.

Amounts included the following:-

7 10s. Employees of Whitbread's Beltring Farm.

TOTAL 29,284 15s. 10d


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 7 February, 1941




The Dover annual Licensing Sessions were held on Monday, before the Mayor (Alderman J. R. Cairnes), Messrs. S. J. Livings, W. D. Brett. G. D. Clark, W. L. Law and W. G. Jeffrey.

Chief Constables Report.

The annual report by the Chief Constable (Mr. Marshall H. Bolt, O.B.E.) stated:- I have the honour to submit for your consideration my sixth annual report upon the administration of the Licensing Laws during the year 1940. The report has been modified in view of the present war conditions. There are now 147 licensed premises in the Borough, a decrease of two on the previous year. The "Dolphin" Inn, Dolphin Lane and the "Fleur-de-Lis," Council House Street, have been closed as redundant, and compensation was paid in respect of each house on the 24th December, 1940. The "Shakespeare", Inn, Elizabeth Street, has been deemed to be redundant, and is closed, but the question of compensation is in abeyance. 32 licensed houses have been closed for the duration of the war, or in consequence of damage caused by enemy action. The licensees and managers have conducted their houses in a very satisfactory manner. There have been 18 cases of drunkenness during the year, committed by 17 males and 1 female, a decrease of 14 cases on the previous year. Five were residence (including 1 female), 2 non-residence, 7 sailors, and 4 soldiers. Seven males and 1 female were convicted and 10 males were dismissed (including 3 sailors and soldiers handed over to Naval and Military Authorities to be dealt with, and 3 cases not separately dealt with). There have been no cases of methylated spirit drinking. In addition, 1 woman was charged with being under the influence of drink to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vehicle. She was fined 25, and her motor driving licence was suspended for two years. The conduct of members of H.M. forces has been very good indeed. Registered Clubs. - There are now 11 in the Borough, a decrease of 5, all clubs in respect of Military units. 33 licenses were transferred. 530 special orders of exemption were granted, of these 520 were  in connection with Easter and Whitsuntide, and 5 in respect of registered clubs. 15 occasional licenses were granted. 12 extensions of music, singing and dancing license was granted in respect of the "Prince Louis," Chapel Lane. 1 plan for structural alterations approved.

The Mayor said that he would like to thank the trade for the way they had conducted their business during the past twelve months under very difficult circumstances, and he was sure the other Justices would agree with him.

Renewal of Licenses Question.

Mr. Rutley Mowll, appearing for the Brewers concerned, said that he took it that the Bench would follow their invariable practise of renewing all the licenses except those that had to be mentioned. That was their usual plan. There were certain houses which, he thought, it would be convenient if the Bench would adjourn the renewal until the adjourned Licensing Meeting on 3rd March. There were certain legal questions that might arise owing to the damage those licensed houses had received. The houses he referred to were the "Sussex Arms," Townwall Street, the "Granville," Townwall Street, and the "Golden Cross," St. James's Street.

The Magistrates Clerk said that they had no power to renew licences for premises demolished or made unfit for use as licensed premises. Even though they might be closed they must be fit for use.

The Mayor said they agreed to the adjournment.

Mr. Wood: I wish to take up the "Grand Hotel" licence. I suppose the same would apply to that?

The Mayor: That is included, then. All the other licences will be renewed.

Public Dancing, Singing and Music Licences were also renewed.

The compensation levy charged in respect of places of entertainment, refreshment rooms, etc. was fixed at one-third.

The adjourned licensing meeting were fixed for Wednesday, 19th February, at 3 p.m. at Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs, and Monday, March 3rd, at 11 a.m., at Dover.

Transfer Sessions are to be held on 11th April, 13th June, 15th August, 10th October, 5th December, and 9th January, 1942.



The Wingham Petty Sessions were held at Wingham, on Thursday before Viscount Hawarden, Messrs. A. J. Lilliott, F. Turner, W. G. Chandler and O. S. Hogben, Colonel Knatchbull Hugeson and Miss Tower.


The annual Licensing Sessions were held before the other business.

Supt Wheatley presented his report, which stated that in the district were four ale, 26 beer on, 5 beer off, and 3 grocer's licenses, giving a ratio of one licence to 273 persons, according to the 1931 census. The licenses of 6 ale and 4 beer on houses had been transferred. No licenses had been proceeded against, and the whole of the houses had been well conducted throughout the year. There had been no cases of drunkenness. Five ale houses and one registered club had been permitted to close for the duration of the war. One new club had been registered.

Supt. Cash, reported as regards the Wingham portion of the St. Augustine's Division, said that all licensed houses had been well conducted during the past year. There were 16 ale, 5 beer on and 2 beer off licences, which gave a ratio of one licence to 205 persons. Three licenses had been transferred .There had been no cases of drunkenness. The last case was in 1938.

The Chairman said that they were two very good reports, and were a credit to all concerned.

Permission was given for Mr. Clark, of over, to act as manager at the "Bell" Inn, Lydden, whilst Mr. Terry, the licensee, was serving in H.M. forces.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 08 February 1941.

The annual licensing meeting of the St Augustine's division was held at Canterbury on Wednesday.

Superintendent Cash, in his report, said that the licensed houses in the Division had been well conducted during the year. In the area were 101 ale-houses, 24 beer on and 8 beer off, and one beer, wine and spirits off. The population was 40,570, given a ratio of 281.7 persons per house. During the year 1 ale-house licence was granted and 3 ale-houses have been closed on the applications of the licensees. The licences of 19 houses have been transferred during the year. One person was preceded against for being under the influence of drink when in charge of a motor vehicle and was convicted.

Convictions for drunkenness in the last 5 years were as follows 1936, 4; 1937, 6; 1938, 6; 1939, 3; 1940, 1.

The Chairman (Captain R. H. R. Mackay):- A very satisfactory report.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 7 March, 1941



The adjourned annual Dover Licensing Sessions were held on Monday, before the Mayor (Alderman J. R. Cairnes) Messrs. C. E. Beaufoy, W. B. Brett, W. L. Law, W. G. Jeffrey and Mrs. Morecroft.

The business was to consider the renewal of licenses for houses damaged by enemy action.

Mr. Rutley Mowll said that at the annual licensing meeting there were three licensed houses in which he was instructed and the renewal of which stood over until that adjourned meeting. The houses were:- The "Sussex Arms", Townwall Street, The "Granville Hotel", Townwall Street, and the "Golden Cross", St. James' Street. The houses were seriously damaged, and there was, at the annual licensing meeting, some doubt as to what was the proper course for the magistrates to adopt in the renewal of the licences. Since then, a lot had happened. He wished to draw the Justices' attention to what occurred at the City of Birmingham. There, the Chairman said: "It would be quite contrary to all principles of equity if an owner, having lost his premises owing to enemy action, had also to forfeit his licence. The Home Secretary has been asked to consider the introduction of emergency legislation to provide that licences should not become void solely as a result of disqualification through enemy action. The reply has been received that the Secretary of State appreciated the difficulty, and had been giving the matter careful consideration, but he cannot see his way to take any immediate action. meanwhile, he saw no objection to the Justices taking the steps which they think right in the circumstances. Therefore, the licences will be renewed." Mr. Mowll added  that the course had been adopted in a great many places, included those very badly damaged in Coventry, Portsmouth, Southampton, and various parts of London, and, so far as he was aware, there was no known case  where the renewal  of the licence had been refused. In those circumstances he suggested that this was no time to take the view of the Licensing Acts because they could not have contemplated an emergency of that kind. Rebuilding at the moment was impossible as even the materials were not available. He submitted to the bench that the obvious thing to do was to follow the dictates of commonsense and renew the licences and leave the parties undisturbed. Then, when the right time has arrived, they might rebuild according to plans to be approved by the Justices.

The Mayor said that they had already decided to renew the licences.

The same action was taken regarding the "Grand Hotel."

Mr. Rutley Mowll applied on behalf of Lord Guilford, for the renewal of the term licences in respect of the Canon Gate Castle, which belonged to the North Foreland Hotel Ltd. The renewal was asked for 2 years with a monopoly of 5 a year.

Mr. Wright, on behalf of the Customs and Excise, said that he would agree to the renewal for 2 years with a monopoly value of 10, 5 payable on 1st October, 1941, and 5 on the 1st October, 1942.

The application was granted, and the question of the monopoly value to be decided when the renewal was confirmed on March 31st.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 21 March, 1941


At the Dover Licensing Sessions, on Monday, before Messrs. C. E. Beaufoy and W. L. Law, and Mrs. Morecroft.

The licenses of the "Ordinance" Inn, Snargate Street, and the "Swan," Strond Street, were transferred to Mr. A. E. Fullager (Brewer's Agent), who stated that they were being closed temporarily.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 5 September, 1941


A number of Dover families have left for the hop gardens this week. Bramlings are reported to have made good progress, and Goldings, too, have a nice lot of hops. A Good harvest is expected.



Hop growers are glad to welcome thousands of people of all ages, who have gathered together in numerous camps in Kent, for the purpose of picking the hops which are rapidly ripening under much appreciated sunshine. There are about 80 encampments in East Kent, and the C.E.T.S. Mission to Hop-pickers hopes to continue the evangelistic, social, medical and dispensary work, which has been carried on for considerably over half a century. With the co-operation of members of the British Red Cross and St. John Ambulance Brigade, the assistance of other nurses and a number of doctors, over twenty dispensaries have been provided and staffed. These will be opened at stated hours each morning or evening (or both), and will serve as centres for dealing with accidents and illness. There will be a number of Missioners, who will visit the pickers when at work as well as in their huts, and their duties will include organising religious and social gatherings, Sunday Schools, etc. It is expected that a staff of over seventy helpers will be co-operating in the C.E.T.S. mission during the next month. This year the C.E.T.S. asks for the modest sum of 300 in order to meet necessary expenses for dispensary equipment, which, naturally, costs more for travelling, hospitality and other necessities. Contributions will be acknowledged with gratitude by the secretary ( Mr. John. Fleming O.B.E.), C.E.T.S. Mission to Hop-pickers, 64, Burgate, Canterbury.

From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 19 September, 1941


Hop picking is nearing completion in Kent, and reports indicate that it is "coming down on the light side."

From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 3 October, 1941

A meeting of the Dover Licensed Victuallers' Association was held at the Town Hall on Thursday, when Mr. Drennan (Chairman) presided over about fifty members. Important matters regarding prices were fully discussed, and the Mayor (Alderman J. R. Cairnes) made a strong plea for unanimity. A resolution concerning prices was passed unanimously.