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Earliest 1882

Park Tavern

Latest 1944

21 Park Street


Park Tavern, Deal 1944.

Above photo shows the "Park Tavern" 1944, just after it was damaged by shell file on 4th January 1944. Kindly sent by Stuart Kinnon.

From the Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Telegram, 15 September, 1858.


Tuesday, September 9th 1858

J Hutchins of the "Park Tavern," Park Street, applied for a spirit licence. Application refused.



At the Deal Licensing Register renewal sessions 8 September, the license to this premises was refused and not granted again until 11 September 1862, I do not know the reason why as yet, probably something to do with licensee Hutchingson, although the paper below does indicate that it was open for business early in 1860.


From the Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Telegram, 14 March 1860. Advertisement.

Now open on strictly respectable principles - "Park Tavern," Park Street. Deal. B. R. Eastes. Proprietor.


From the Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Telegram, 15 October, 1860.

Four soldiers of 2nd Battn. 7th Fusilliers charged at Petty Sessions with stealing a cash box containing 16 in gold from "Park Tavern," Park Street., the property of Charles Prior.


From the Kentish Gazette, 23 October, 1860.


At the police court yesterday (Monday) week (before Charles Chaplin, Mayor, John Iggulden, Esq., E. Brown, Esq., Wm. Nethersole, Esq., and H. W. Harvey, Esq.), four soldiers of the 2nd Battalion 7th Fusiliers, named Thomas Horrigan, 20, Hammond Gardside, 21, Charles Brett, 20, and James Finnisaey, 20, were brought up charged with assisting in stealing a cash box containing 16 in gold, from the "Park Tavern," in Park street, Deal, the property of Mr. Charles Pryor.

Charles Pryor deposed:- I am the landlord of the "Park Tavern," and was there on Saturday last. There were several soldiers passing out and in the house all the evening. I am sure that the four prisoners were some of them; but I cannot say whether they were together or not. About eight or a little after, Mr. Bingham came to the house and gave information about a soldier going out by the back way with a box. On searching, I missed a small trunk containing a pair of cloth trousers, two shirts, a waistcoat, a necktie, and a leather purse containing sixteen sovereigns. The pieces of trunk and wearing apparel now produced I identify as my property. I last saw the trunk about five o’clock on Saturday evening. It was kept in my bed-room. I do not usually leave my bed-room door unfastened, but on the present occasion it was so. I saw one of the four prisoners in the house after 8 o’clock, but I don't recollect which.

Benjamin Richard Eastes, sworn, deposed:- On Saturday evening last I saw three of the prisoners. Thomas Horrigan, Charles Brett, and James Finnissey were together in the tap room; they were sitting down playing cards together about eight o'clock. They had been out and in several times between seven and eight. I saw them go from the tap-room into the long room—they were in company. Soon after I missed Horrigan, but did not see him go. I afterwards saw Brett standing against the passage door post, which is about a yard and a half from the foot of the stairs. I think he was there five or ten minutes when I missed him, but did not see him go. I then saw Finnissey occupy the same spot. Shortly after Mr Bingham came in, when Finniasey was still there. Gardside came in and made a disturbance about some beer, and he was still in the house when Mr. Bingham came in. Soon after the other three went into the long room, Gardside came and made the disturbance Brett was aware that the passage door led upstairs, as I employed him a short time since to hang a bell there. As soon as I found a robbery had been committed I gave information to the military and civil police, and afterwards went to the barracks, where Horrigan was, after saome resistance, hand-cuffed and taken into custody. After Horrigan was in custody, I heard prisoner Finnissey say to a witness, Wilkinson, "you know nothing about it, but I know all about it."

After some other evidence had been taken Hammond Gardside was discharged.

Horrigan, Brett, and Finnissey were committed for trial at the sessions.


From the Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Telegram, 17 August, 1861.

Complaints by neighbours regarding continuous riotous conduct exhibited by low characters on leaving and whilst in "Park Tavern." Police issued a caution to the landlord.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 15 July 1862.

Deal Borough Petty Sessions.

Mr. Atkins called the attention of the Magistrates to the annoyance himself and others in the neighbourhood was subject from the proximity of "Park Tavern" to their houses of business. Mr. Atkins said he could not complain of the landlord, as what occurred was after his customers left the tavern, and therefore he could not control it; hence he considered that a house of that nature should not be permitted to exist so near the centre of the main thoroughfare of the town, and considered the licence should be transferred to some other more appropriate neighbourhood.

The Bench recommended that Mr. Atkins should attend the calls on the next transfer day, and then state the nature of his complaints, in the presence of the landlord, and it should have the serious consideration of the bench.


Pikes 1908 advertise this establishment as being between St. George's Music Hall and Shirley House, Giraud & Sons.


Thanet Advertiser 01 May 1931.

Licensed Victualler's Death.

The funeral took place last week of Mr. Henry Edward James Webb, one of the oldest licensed victuallers in Deal and Walmer, who passed away recently at the age of 80. Mr. Webb had held the licence of the "Park Tavern," Park-street, Deal, since 1877. In his younger days he was a member of the Cinque Ports Volunteers. As a Freemason he was the oldest surviving member of the Lord Warden Lodge, No. 1006, which he joined as long ago as 1877.


Kelly's Directory 1934 stated that the premises at 21 Park Street was listed as the "Park Fish & Chip Saloon."

Damaged by enemy fire on January 4th 1944 and received a direct hit on the 20th and the landlord and his wife were both killed, but their baby daughter Joy and the family dog survived this direct hit.



HUTCHINS J T to 1858-59+ Deal Telegram alehouse

EASTES Benjamin Richard 1860

PRIOR Charles Oct/1860

KING John to Jun/1872 Deal Mercury

RICKETS Benjamin James Jun/1872-74+ Deal MercuryPost Office Directory 1874

WEBB Henry Edward James 1877-Apr/1931 dec'd Post Office Directory 1882Post Office Directory 1891Kelly's 1899Kelly's 1903Post Office Directory 1913Deal library 1914Post Office Directory 1922

THEOBALD Henry F 1934-38+ Kelly's 1934Post Office Directory 1938

ADAMS Ernest 1939-4/Jan/44 dec'd (age 40 in 1939)


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