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Ewell Minnis


This is a new one to me, and the only reference to the pub I have found to date is from the Dover Express of 1870. I have no firm location to the house at present, other than at Ewell Minnis, and the only other "Plough" I know of that is around that area would be the one at Hougham, but that's a good few miles away and along the Folkestone Road. So I am assuming that this is yet another of those houses that existed, but of which little is known.

Further research as shown below indicates that the house was present as early as 1846, but still no definite location.


Dover Chronicles 31 January 1846.

County Magistrates Office. Monday.

(Before H. Russell, Esq., and Aretas Akres, Esq.)

William Davies alias George Gibbs, and James Grores, were brought up for re-examination, on a charge of offering counterfeit coin.

Mr. Powell, solicitor for the Mint, attended to conduct the prosecution.

Richard Collard deposed:- At half past 12 o'clock last Wednesday noon (the 21st instant), the two prisoners came to the public house which I keep at river, called the "Marquis of Granby," and had a pint of beer for which the one calling himself William Davis gave me a shilling in payment, and I gave him the change. They had several more pints of beer afterwards, and for the last of three of these Davis tendered me half a crown. I gave him 2s. 4d. change, and they left shortly after. The next morning the constable came to my house and asked me if I had taken any bad money. I took out my money, and found that the half crown I had taken off Davis was counterfeit. It was the only one I had.

Sarah Bourn deposed:- I am the wife of Thomas Bourne, who is the landlord of the "Plough," Ewell Minnis, Alkham parish. On Wednesday last, about 12 o'clock, the two prisoners now present came to the house and called for a pint of beer, for which the one called William Davies gave me, as I thought, half a crown. I gave him 2s. 4d change, and put the coin into the drawer, where there were only sixpences. On the same evening my husband went to Dover, and took some money with him. When he came back, he said the half crown was bad. It was the only one we had.

The husband of last witness deposed that he tendered the said coins to Mr. Phillips, of the "Salutation," who discovered it to be bad.

Sarah Powell daughter of Mrs. Powell River, deposed:- On Wednesday last, about half past 11 o'clock, the prisoner calling himself William Davis came to the shop, where I am in the habit of assisting, and ask for one ounce of tobacco. He gave half a crown in payment, and I gave him the change - 2s. 3d. When he was gone I suspected it was bad, but was not sure. I gave it to our man for change previous to his coming to Dover, without telling him my suspicions; but he brought it back.

John Johnson, journeyman to Mrs. Powell, deposed to receiving the half crown (now produced) of last witness, with some silver, as change, and bringing it back again.

There being no direct evidence against Groves, the Magistrates directed his acquittal; and he was not long, in consequence, making his exit from the office. Mr. Powell, however, had a remembrance of a former case in which Groves had been concerned.

Mr. Coulthard, governor of Dover gaol, deposed that the person now calling himself William Davis was, in the session of December 1841, sentenced, by the name of George Gibbs, to 12 months imprisonment in Dover gaol for issuing counterfeit coin in the parish of St. Mary.

By the 34th George the 3rd, the first offence of this kind is a misdemeanour, and the second a felony, which renders the perpetrator liable to transportation. In consequence of the present being a second offence, the prisoners was committed to Maidstone gaol, to take his trial for felony.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday, 14 March, 1846. Price 5d.


William Davis, 22, indicted for feloniously uttering counterfeit half-crowns at Alkham and River.

Susannah Powell stated, that on the 21st January the prisoner came to the shop of her mother, at River, for a half-once of tobacco, and paid for it with a half-crown, which she gave to a person named Johnson, at Dover, which he brought back to her. Had the half-crown in her possession ever since, and was certain it was the same she had received from the prisoner.

John Johnson deposed, that he lived with the prosecutor, and received some silver from the last witness to give change to his customers. Had only one half-crown from Miss Powell, which was a bad one.

Sarah Bourne deposed, that her husband kept the “Plough” public house. On the 21st January prisoner had a pint of beer, which he paid for with the half-crown and received the change. Found it was a counterfeit, and had no other in the house.

John Bourne stated, that on the 22nd January he received a half-crown from his wife, which he took to Dover, when he found it was a counterfeit.

Richard Collard stated that he kept the “Marquis of Granby” public house, at Alkham. Prisoner came there on the 21st January, and had three pints of beer, which he paid for with a counterfeit half-crown. Had no other in his possession.

Birch, the Constable who apprehended the prisoner, said that he found on him 4s. 6d. in good money.

Mr. Powell, assistant-solicitor to the Mint, proved the half-crowns were counterfeit; and produced the records of a conviction of the prisoner by the name of John Turner, for uttering counterfeit coin in the month of July, 1842.

William Chapman, turnkey of the gaol, identified the prisoner as the man who was convicted at the West Kent sessions in 1844, and imprisoned twelve months. A verdict of guilty being returned, the prisoner was sentenced to ten years transportation.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 22 July, 1870.


Saturday, before T. Humphreys and W. F. Elsted Esqs., and Major Munn.

Mary Ann Wells was summoned by Catherine Chidwick for an assault, on the 8th July.

The complainant, a married woman, said she lived at Ewell Minis, where also the defendant belonged. On the previous Saturday she was in the house of her brother, the "Plough," at Ewell Minnis, and the defendant was there. Some words ensued, in the course of which the defendant brandished a knife at her.

The Magistrates, after hearing with great patience the particulars of the quarrel, thought that, if any provocation had been offered at all, it had been given by the complainant, and they therefore dismissed the case.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 5 August, 1870. Price 1d.


John Maxted, belonging in Ewell, was summoned by Daniel Finch, of the same place, on a charge of assaulting him on the 23 instant.

Mr. Fox appeared on behalf of the complainant.

Daniel Finch: I live at Ewell Minnis, and the defendant is my next door neighbour. I was going to the "Plough" public-house, on Saturday morning last, about noon, to fetch some beer for dinner, when the defendant came behind me, and seizing hold of me, tore my coat up the back, at the same time striking me in the eye and under the ear, and knocking me down, I was stunned by the blows, and I do not know exactly what took place afterwards, but I believe the defendant kicked me. I know of no reason for the defendant's violence.

By the defendant: I have never interrupted your wife, nor called her bad names, or have offered to fight you. I am not a fighting man.

The defendant, in reply to the charge, said there had been differences between himself and the complainant in request to their respective rights a neighbours. The complainant had in consequence challenged him to fight at any time; and as he met him on the day in question, he reminded him of the challenge, and they adjourned to a field and "had it out."

The Magistrates fined the defendant 10s. and 6s. 6d. cost; in default seven days' imprisonment with hard labour.




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