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Earliest 1864

Prince Alfred

Latest 1873

98 Lower Street

122 Middle Street?


Former Prince Alfred Inn

Above photo, date known by Darkstar.


Described as an alehouse in 1864 and situated about 112 yards from the "Sun," it lost its license in 1873 and became a private house. Not known whether it is still standing today as full address still unknown.

Further research has found a document at Deal library listing the former pubs of Deal and Walmer that suggests this public house could be number 122 Middle Street.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 9 October, 1869. 1d.


The licence of the "Prince Alfred," public-house, Lower Street, was endorsed from Mr. Cole to Miss Emily Cole.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 13 may, 1871. 1d.


This was an action to recover 24 15s. for balance of beer account, supplied to defendant and her brother, Mr. George Cole, when carrying on business at the "Prince Alfred," public-house, at the North End, by plaintiff, a brewer of Dover.

Mr. P. B. Claris, of Dover, appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. F. J. Mercer, for defendant.

The plaintiff was examined by Mr. Claris, and on cross-examination by Mr. Mercer, said that he commenced to serve Miss Cole on the 10th January, 1870 that when the house was first taken it was conjointly by brother and sister. He admitted having supplied the goods to Mr. George Cole at first.

Mr. Claris: The defendant promised to pay the whole amount.

Mr. Mercer: A verbal promise to pay the debt of another is not sufficient to satisfy the Statute of Frauds. Such a promise, to be binding, must be in writing, and in this case there is no evidence of a written promise.

His Honour said this was so.

Mr. Claris attempted to show that a constructive partnership had existed.

Mr. Mercer denied that Miss Cole was ever in partnership with her brother, and said she would call her as a witness to prove it. Up to the 10th of January, 1870, the license stood in the name of Mr. George Cole and the entries in the brewer's book up to that date were also in his name alone. Mr. Mercer produced the brewer's book in proof of these facts, and showed that at the time of the transfer to Miss Cole there was a balance due to the plaintiff on Mr. George Cole's account, with which he had nothing to do, and that she had paid for all beer delivered to her since the business had been transferred, viz., from January 10th, 1870. He therefore submitted that his Honour would, under the circumstances, find a verdict for the defendant.

Miss Cole was then sworn, and deposed to the facts above stated.

His Honour said that there was in his opinion no evidence of partnership, nor was there a sufficient promise on the part of Miss Cole to satisfy the Statute, and he should therefore give verdict for defendant.

Mr. Mercer applied for costs, which his Honour allowed.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 1 July, 1871. 1d.


The "Prince Alfred," Public-house, Lower Street, Deal. Incoming Moderate.

Apply, R. Worthington, Brewer, Maxton, near Dover.





COLE Mr George Jan/1870

COLE Emily Miss Jan/1870-July/71 (age 24 in 1871Census) Deal Mercury

SAXBY Mrs July/1871-Jan/72 Deal Mercury

Last pub licensee had SHARP Richard Next pub licensee had Jan/1872+ Deal Mercury


Deal MercuryFrom the Deal Walmer & Sandwich Mercury



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