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Earliest 1871-

Abbey Tavern

Latest 1939

28 Abbey Street


Abbey Tavern

Above photo taken from date unknown.

Former Abbey Tavern

Above picture taken from Google maps, July 2009.


Originally listed as numbers 27 and 28 Abbey Street this building is a 16th or early 17th century timber framed building.

The license was revoked in 1939 after the Police wished it to be closed due to redundancy, stating that there were more than enough ale houses within 250 yards of this tavern. At that time it was stated that there were five other fully licensed houses and two off-licenses.

Today the pub has been converted into two private houses.


From the Whitstable Times, 26 January 1867. Price 1d.


Thursday (Before H. Fielding and W. N. Spong, Esqs.)

Violent and Unprovoked Assault.

Hylton Carr, a shipwright, was charged with haring, on the 16th inst., assaulted James Dole, a brickmaker, to which he pleaded not guilty.

The complainant deposed:—Last evening, at about six o'clock I, with other men, was at the “Abbey Tavern,” Abbey-street. Prisoner was also there. He commenced knocking a little man named Larkins about the head with both his hands. He did not seem inclined to desist, and I asked civilly to do so, saying it was not right for him to knock so small a man about in that way. He said he would not leave off, but then struck me a violent blow on the eye (from the effects of which the eye was completely closed), knocked me off my seat, and then kicked me on the back of my head. I was stunned and rendered insensible, and when I came to I found myself in another room. I was on the floor when prisoner kicked me. He was drunk. I had had a pint or so of beer, but was not drunk, which I think Supt. White can answer for.

Superintendent White said the complainant did not appear to be the worse for drink when he saw him.

In cross-examination by prisoner, complainant said:— I did not strike you on the eye. Did not pull off my coat to you. I refused to fight.

John Iles, who was present at the time, corroborated the complainant's evidence in every particular.

The prisoner said he was first struck by the complainant, and that they then took off their coats and fought.

The Bench considered that a very unprovoked assault had been clearly proved against the prisoner, and ordered him to pay a fine of 10s. and 10s. costs, or be imprisoned for fourteen days.


Your information, photos, old or new and licensee names and dates is much appreciated.



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