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Earliest 1450

Castle Inn

Closed late 1990s

76 West Street


Castle Inn 1940

Above photo, circa 1940.

Castle Dray horse Charley 1963

Above photo, 1953, showing the dray, Charley, who was the last dray-horse used by the brewery.

Castle Inn

Above photo taken from date unknown.

Former Castle Inn

Above picture taken from Google maps, May 2009, showing number 76 West Street which used to be the Castle Inn.


Serving beer as early as 1450 and it is said that this was the first house that Shepherd Neame owned in 1711, but unfortunately it has now closed and is a private house. At present I do not know when it closed.

The house was graded a grade II listed building on 4 May 1970, and states that the building is of 15th century but refaced in the 18th century.

Sadly closed in the late 1990s.


26 March 1789.

Insured:- Julius Shepherd, Faversham, Kent, brewer.

Other property or occupiers: in Faversham: the Castle (Jno. Bennett, victualler).


26 March 1793.

Insured: Julius Shepherd, Faversham, Kent, brewer.

Other property or occupiers: The Castle (John Burnett victualler);


From the Kentish Gazette, 5 December 1837.

Charity O’Briant and Mary Mitford were charged before Mr. K. Crow, Mayor of Faversham, on Wednesday week, with stealing a table cloth and other articles from Joseph Kent, of the "Castle Inn," Faversham; they were both committed for trial.


Kent Gazette, 29 January, 1839.


Jan. 14, at Faversham, the wife of Mr. W. Fielding, of the "Castle Inn," aged 56.


Kentish Gazette, 18 April 1854.

At the Petty Sessions for the borough on Wednesday, Robert Rogers, the landlord of the "Castle Inn," appeared to answer a charge made against him by Thomas Wickers, a cowkeeper, for an assault. It appeared the parties are the owners of two pugnacious game cocks, and Rogers happened to catch them fighting, Wickers encouraging them. After some few words had passed between them, Rogers struck Wickers, which Wickers threatened to make him pay for. Rogers did not deny "just touching" Wickers, and was fined 11s. 6d.


Maidstone Telegraph, Saturday 8 February 1868.


On Thursday an inquest was held before R, Tassell, Esq., coroner, on the body of Mrs. Jane Rogers, wife of Mr. Robert James Rogers, of the "Castle Inn," West street, Faversham, who committed suicide by throwing herself into the Creek.

Thomas Taylor stated that as he was crossing the Brents between 12 and one p.m., on the previous day he saw the deceased in the water. She appealed to him for help and he did the utmost in his power to save her, but could not succeed.

The deceased's husband and father were examined, and from their statements it was evident that the poor woman committed the act while labouring under temporary insanity.

A verdict to that effect was returned.




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