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Earliest 1828-

Cinque Port Arms

May 2017 (Name from)  Open 2019+

51 (37) Marine Terrace


Cinque Port Arms

Above picture, date unknown.

Cinque Ports Arms 1919

Above photo, 1919, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Cinque Ports Arms 1952

Above photo, 1952, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Cinque Port Arms

Above photo Mod s and Rockers Whitsun1964.

Cinque Port Arms

Cinque Ports Arms is just visible shown on the left. Date unknown.

Cinque Port Arms

Cinque Ports Arms is visible on the left. Dates unknown.


From the Whitstable Times, 26 January 1867. Price 1d.

The Annual Supper to the workmen in the employ of Mr. B. T. Flint, ironmonger, took place at the “Cinque Ports Arms Hotel” on Tuesday evening week, at which there were about 25 persona present, who spoke in complementary terms of the repast to admirably placed before them. Mr. Flint (who was invited by his workmen to be present (presided); and the Vice-chair was taken by Mr. G. Boulting. The usual loyal and patriotic toast haying been given and duly honoured, the vice-chairman proposed "the health of Mr. Flint," which was most enthusiastically received. Mr. Flint, in responding, expressed the pleasure it afforded him to meet his workmen at their eighth anniversary dinner, and alluded to the number of years many of them had been in his employ. He concluded by making special reference to the death of Mr. John Palmer, who, he said, had faithfully served him for 36 years. Other personal toasts haying been given and responded to, the proceedings terminated.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 06 November 1869.


On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Flisher, of the "Cinque Port Arms," was suddenly seized with serious illness; and Mr. Thornton, surgeon, was immediately called to her assistance, but she died shortly after his arrival. We understand that apoplexy was the cause of her death.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 10 March 1900. Price 1d.


The managing clerk of Messrs Pownall and Co of London, made an application in the case of Mr. F. W. Smith, of the “Cinque Ports Hotel” who is under the surveillance of of the police in the Cottage hospital for attempted suicide. He stated that Mr. Smith was in the care of Dr. Thornton, who was not prepared to say he was insane, but he was paralysed and unable to speak or write. He asked the magistrates to allow him to be out of the hospital in the care of two nurses and Dr. Rowe for a fortnight, and then, if it were found that he was insane, he would be removed to an asylum. He made his application because it was felt that if the defendant was brought to the court the excitement might lead to serious results.

Dr. Thornton described the state of Mr. Smith when he saw him a few minutes after the occurrence and added that he saw him on Wednesday at the hospital. The wound had healed perfectly, his physical health was good, but he was still unable to speak or write. He thought he would be seriously excited if brought into court. Replying to Alderman Wootton he said he thought Mr. Smith would require constant supervision. Ultimately the case was adjourned for a week.


From the Whitstable Times, 14 July, 1900.


Thomas William Down Price, of Biddenden House, Zion Place, road foreman, was charged (on remand) with threatening Mr. George C. Boulting, of the “Cinque Ports Hotel”; Mr. William Weale, of the “Kent Hotel”; and Mr. Nathaniel Raphael, of the "King’s Head," with refusing to quit licensed premises when requested to do so, and with damaging a police cell.

Dr. Hardman appeared for the prosecution, and said the object of the defendant was to demand, with violence, to be served at these hotels. He argued that the licence holders were entitled to refuse to serve a sober man on going into their houses for drink; and not the reverse, as the justices seemed to think. Whether he was drunk or sober, orderly or disorderly, the hotel proprietor had a right to refuse him.

The Clerk argued on the contrary.

The Mayor, however considered that the question now raised had to do with the present case. He did not think it fair to the prisoner to raise it now.

The prisoner said he had no explanation to make to the various charges.

The Magistrates deliberated for several minutes, and, on their return, the Mayor found the defendant guilty in each case. It was for a time supposed he was hardly responsible for his actions; however, they had had medical evidence to prove that he was perfectly sane, but unfortunately had given way to drink. For the three cases of threats on those respectable hotel proprietors he would be bound over to keep the peace for three months, himself in 20 and one surety of 10, and would have to pay 10s. costs in each case, or seven days’ imprisonment; for refusing to quit the licensed premises he would be fined 20s. and costs in each case; for the damage to the police cell six weeks' hard labour, the sentences to run concurrently.

The defendant said he would go to prison for the lot.

The Mayor said, in default of finding sureties, he would go to prison for a week, in each case.


Thanet Times, Wednesday 29 August 1973.

Trouble in Pub.

A Margate seafront public house was turned into a "Western Saloon" with glasses being hurled about and windows smashed when a gang of youths stormed in on Bank Holiday Monday.

Mr. William McConnell the 48 year-old landlord of the "Cinque Ports" on Marine Terrace said of gang of about 16 or 17 youths picked up glasses and started throwing them. With the assistance of his 23-year old son Ross and a barman they literally threw them out of the doors.

Then they started kicking in the windows he said. "They were just out to make trouble," said the landlord adding that the scene had been just like "A Western Saloon."


From an email received 30 May 2013.

Hello from Australia.

I was scanning some old photos for family history file, and looked up the “Cinque Port Arms” building in the background of this photo to see where the picture was taken and found your website. Thought you may be interested in having this shot.

I believe my father was recuperating from shrapnel wounds in his legs after being repatriated back to Britain after 1919.

Regards Chas Morris.

Cinque Ports Arms 1919


One time Cobbs tied house. Cobbs were founded in 1673, but Whitbread took them over early 1968 and closed the brewery later that year.

This pub has also been known, at various times as the "Bracket" and also the "Punch and Judy," dates of each, as yet unknown.


From an email received from Paul Wells, 11 May 2017.

Cinque Port Arms 2017

Not sure whether this is going to re-open again, but renovations appear to be taking place at the building.

Cinque Ports 2017

Indeed it is open again in June 2017. Photo kindly sent by Paul Wells.

Cinque Ports 2017

Above photo kindly sent by Paul Wells, June 2017.



CARTHEW John 1826-28+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

LADD Thomas 1832-51+ (age 49 in 1841Census) Pigot's Directory 1839Pigot's Directory 1832-34Bagshaw's Directory 1847Williams Directory 1849

FLISHER Emma Mrs 1861-Nov/69 dec'd (widow age 53 in 1861Census) Post Office Directory 1862Post Office Directory 1874

MUNNS Frederick 1871-74+ (age 33 in 1871Census)

CLISBY Samuel 1881-91+ (age 34 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

WOODWARD Harold 1891-1901+ (age 49 in 1901Census)

BOULTING George Charles 1901-22+ (age 38 in 1911Census) Post Office Directory 1922

TOZER Alex Richard 1930-38+ Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938

Last pub licensee had SCUDDER Mr 1954-60 Next pub licensee had

LILLEY Jim 1964+

McCONNELL William 1973+


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