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Earliest 1952

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31 The Mall


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Elephant Elephant sign

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 1 September 2012.


This premises started life as the "French Horn" and changed name in 1886 to the "Brewer's Inn" when it belonged to Flint & Co. of Canterbury. the name changed yet again and was renamed the "Elephant" in 1952 partly because of frequent confusion with the "Two Brewers Inn" in town, and also because the elephant is found on the coat-of-arms of the Fremlin family, who had acquired the pub.

Today (2014) the pub is proud to serve beer as long as it doesn't come from the Sherpherd Neames brewery, as Faversaham is the home of the brewery and almost every other pub serves that ale.

Voted the Swale CAMRA pub of the year 2012 and the East Kent pub of the year in 2010.


I have just added the pubs of Faversham after a visit to the hop festival in 2012.

I will be adding further information as time allows, but with my site getting ever larger, time spent on each pub is being watered down unfortunately.


From 27 January, 2012.

PUB landlord Jim Pearson has been warned he could end up in prison after admitting beating up his wife.

Jim and Kim Pearson

Pearson, 54, who runs the award-winning "Elephant" pub in The Mall, Faversham, struck his wife Kim during a row over money.

Maidstone Magistrates' Court heard on Wednesday last week that the couple, who have been married for six years, were having financial troubles after trying to buy the pub.

Pearson admitted assaulting his wife in November last year.

Ed Parton, prosecuting, said Pearson lost his temper at 10.30pm and began hitting his wife in the head.

She fell to the floor, where he continued to punch her.

It was only when he left the room that she managed to escape downstairs and call the police.

In a statement she said she had been "petrified" during the attack and could not stop crying afterwards.

She was left badly bruised and with a cut ear.

Chairman of the bench Alan Phipps told Pearson: "We have taken into account that you punched the victim while she was on the floor, the domestic nature of the incident and that the victim was petrified of you and the injuries she sustained.

"This is so serious that we must consider a custodial sentence."

But Rocco Marinaccio, defending, said the couple, who live above the pub, had since made up and were still working together.

He said Pearson was seeking help with anger management and added: "This was not pre-meditated.

"It was simply a loss of temper after an argument.

"The couple have taken a very mature approach and have agreed they have a future in the pub."

While they have been running the pub, it was named CAMRA's East Kent Pub of the Year in 2010.

Magistrates took the unusual step of granting Pearson unconditional bail to continue his duties at the pub until he returns to court on February 8 for sentencing.

He had been living at his parents' house in Oxford Road, Canterbury after his original bail conditions banned him from making contact with his wife outside working hours.



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