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Earliest 1826-

First and Last

Latest 1990s

19 Vicarage Place


First and Last

Above photo 1903 when E. H. Hammond was the licensee.

O S map 1852

O.S. map 1852.

Above photo, 1989, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

First and Last

Above photo by John Robinson, date unknown.


First and Last

Above photo by John Robinson, date unknown.


First and Last 2019

Above photo, 2019, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


The premises used to be part of the "Vicarage brewery" which was sold in 1864.

Michael Mirams informs me (2015) that the pub closed some years ago and was converted into flats.

I have also been informed that one licensee used to have a stuffed lamb with 5 legs on display in a case inside the pub.


Thanet Advertiser 12 November 1864.


The whole of the useful Plant of the VICARAGE BREWERY, Adjoining the "First and Last Tavern" Top of the Ramsgate Road, Margate.

The Licensed House, Brewhouse and Premises having changed hands and the present proprietor relinquishing the Brewery Department, and alterations to premises being required forthwith, consequently the whole of the Plant will be offered at a Tempting Price, to be cleared away immediately.

The Plant consists of a 7 Barrell Brewing Copper, A 3 Barrell Brewing Copper, Lead and Copper Pumps affixed, with Gear complete. 3 Quarter Mash Tub with Cast Iron Fining Bottom and gear to do. 11ft. 6in. Coal Back—10ft. Cast Iron Fining Bottom and ad 8ft. 3in. gear to do. 16 Barrel Copper Refrigerator. 2 10-Barrel Rounds, iron Bound. 1 7-Barrel Rounds, iron Bound. 1 3 1/4-Barrel Rounds, iron Bound with Pipes and tops complete. Superior Malt Mill with 48in. wheel. Winch, crane, and gear to do. Large Deal Tank 16ft. by 6ft. 3 Hand-trucks for Casks. Copper Furnaces, Brass and Lead Pipes, &c. A large quantity of Beer Buts, Hogsheads, Barrels, and Pins, Troughs, Stillens, and the usual Gear in a small brewery.

The whole can be viewed by application to Mr. James Kevis, on the Premises, or to Mr. George Goodale, Appraiser, 1, Cecil Square, Margate.


East Kent Times and Mail, Wednesday 25 July 1956.


Blind Margate publican Len Hyett, 60-year-old grey-haired licensee at the "First and Last," High-street, was the victim of a weekend sneak thief during a minor petty crime wave at Margate, Westgate and Broadstairs.

The despicably mean character who bought a bottle of brown ale in Len's public bar just before 7 p.m. on Saturday and walked out without a word, carrying the collecting tin for the blind containing about 4 10s., really hurt the sightless publican.

"By carrying on and doing this job I am still a useful citizen," said Len. "Only when a mean thing like this happens do I realise my limitations. Of course I was an easy prey for the man I did not see.

"He came in and ordered a brown ale. I served him and drank a cup of tea. Ten minutes later my wife brought me another cup of tea into the bar and asked. "What has happened to the bar blind box!" It had gone, and so had the customer."

Darts players using darts provided by Mr. Hyett are invited to contribute to the blind box. "Perhaps because I am blind my customers are very generous" said the publican.

"Of course. I could have had the box screwed down, but one does not like to do that sort of thing it was an easy job for the thief."

Mr. Hyett added. "Another customer saw a man outside waiting for me to open. I think that was the fellow wanting to make sure he would be the only customer in the bar."

East Kent Times and Mail, Wednesday 28 May 1980.


PUBLICAN Peter Clayton, 40, of the "First and Last" public house in Margate High Street has been charged with dishonestly receiving a stolen Teasmaid some time between January and May. The case was adjourned until June 9 and bail was granted.


From an email received 11 January 2015.

My great great grandmother, Mary Castle, was the owner from sometime between 1826 and 1838. After the death of her husband in 1838, she carried on the business as brewer and innkeeper. She is mentioned in Pigot's Directory in 1840 as well as the 1841 Census, 1851 Census and Melville's Directory of 1858. In late 1857 she granted a 21 year lease on the property and business to Thomas William Chandler and then retired to live with her daughter at the "Lord Nelson" pub on The Parade, Margate.

In her will she provided for the profits from the lease to be divided amongst her children and then on it's expiry for the business to be sold.

Henry and Mary Castle took over the "First and Last" sometime between 1826 and 1838. The first mention of them living there is in Henry's will of April 1838. He died in June 1838 and Mary took over the pub. In 1851 her son Thomas was the brewer, living with his family next door.

In 1850, Mary's daughter, Mary Ann, married Edwin George Smith and in 1851 they are at the "Lord Nelson," 11 The Parade, between the "York Hotel" and the "White Hart Hotel."

In about Nov 1857, Mary granted a 21-year lease on the "First and Last" to Thomas William Chandler. She retired from the business (although continued to gain an income from the lease) and went to live with the Smiths at the "Lord Nelson." Edwin George Smith died in 1860, so no doubt Mary stepped in to help her daughter.

Mary Ann Smith remarried in 1864, to William Allwright Jones, and they continued to run the "Lord Nelson."

In Summer 1866, Mary Castle moved to live with her other daughter in Woolwich, where she died in Nov 1866. Mary Castle's will provided for the sale of the "First and Last" after the lease either expired or was otherwise terminated. According to, in 1874 the publican was George Bayley, but I don't know anything about him.

I can't find the Jones in the 1871 Margate Census, so presume they have moved on from the Lord Nelson. I understand that it was demolished to make way for the new "White Hart Hotel" built in 1876 (Thanet's Public Houses and Hotels 19th and early 20th Century B J White March 2004).

Trevor Lawson.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 22 August 1925.

Violent Customer. Noisy scene at Margate Inn.

A noisy scene at the "First and Last" public house, Ramsgate Road, caused through the refusal of the licensee to serve a man, was described at Margate Police Court on Tuesday, when Richard William Barrett, 42, of Ferndale Avenue, Walthamstow, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in High Street and further with being drunk and disorderly and refusing to quit the public bar of the "First and Last."

Asked if he was guilty or not, defendant replied, "I don't remember much, but I shall have to plead guilty, I suppose." He was fined 1 or in default 7-days' imprisonment, on the first charge, and sentenced to 14 days hard labour on the second.

Mr. S. Shea, who prosecuted on behalf of Mr. W. C. Attwood, the licensee, explained that about 9:20 the previous evening the defendant entered the public bar and as he was obviously drunk the barman refused his request to be supplied with a glass of mild and bitter, and asked him to leave the premises. He would not do so, however, and the landlord was called forward, but still he refused to go, so Mr. Attwood telephoned for the police.

On hearing what he was going to do Barrett said it would take all the policeman in Margate to turn him out, and he would smash the windows. He asked other men in the bar to get him a drink, but they would not, and he then made use of filthy language in front of the women. When the men remonstrated with him for this, he continued to swear and knocked the table over. Just then the police arrived and ejected him. Outside he became very violent, and had to be handcuffed.

Mr. Shea asked the Bench to do all they possibly could to see that a licensee who observed the law and wished to conduct his premises properly was protected.

Evidence was given by Mr. Attwood and P.C. Bray, and Barrett told the Bench that he was very sorry that had occurred. He walked from London to try and get some harvesting work, and met some men he knew who gave him a drink.

The Chief Constable said the defendant was sentenced by the court to 7-days hard labour for having been drunk and disorderly, and 14 days for assaulting the police in 1913, and the previous year was fined 5s. for being drunk and 1 for common assault. Just prior to the war he left the town, and had not been seen until recently.

In giving the decision of the Bench, the chairman (Mr. W. Booth Reeve) said to defendant:- "You are one of those men who are a nuisance to the licensed victuallers, whose interests must be protected against such men as you, as you are likely to get them into a good deal of trouble. I advise you to steer steer clear of Margate. We don't want you here."



CASTLE Henry 1826-38 dec'd

CASTLE Mary Mrs 1838-57 Williams Directory 1849Melville's 1858

CHANDLER Thomas (age 69 in 1861Census) 1857-62+ Post Office Directory 1862

KEVIS James 1867+

HILLS Hohn B 1871+ (age 30 in 1871Census)

BAYLEY George 1874+ Post Office Directory 1874

ROBERTSON George Allen 1881-91+ (age 24 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

SAMSON James Thomas 1901 (age 42 in 1901Census)

HAMMOND Allen Edward H 1903+ Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

MUSSARED Charles 1913+ Post Office Directory 1913

HARRIS Henry O 1922+ Post Office Directory 1922


KEEN Albert 1930+ Post Office Directory 1930

TULETT Ernest 1938+ Post Office Directory 1938

SQUIRREL Mick ????

HYATT Len "Jim" 1956+

CLAYTON Peter 1980+


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