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Earliest Aug 2012

Four Candles Alehouse

Open 2020+

1 Sowell Street

St. Peter's

07947 062063

Four Candles

Above photo kindly sent by Chris Excell, 10 August, 2012.

Four Candles Four Candles sign 2013Four Candles sign 2013

Above pictures showing Mike outside the Four Candles and below the signs in 2013.


The "Four Candles" is said to be the smallest pub on the Isle of Thanet and was originally a flower shop/deli unit.

The following has been taken from their website:-

The Story Behind The Name...

Ronnie Barker is said to have been inspired to write the famous Four Candles sketch while on a visit to Broadstairs to see his comedy partner, Ronnie Corbett.

Corbett had a holiday home next to the Charles Dickens public house and just along from H. E. Harrington's general ironmonger business that is famed for stocking everything you could possibly need.

Barker, who wrote under the pseudonym of Gerald Wiley, is known to have noticed Harrington's wide and diverse stock - screws can be bought loose, either singly or in greater numbers; tea urn cleaning brushes are displayed alongside saucepans and potato ricers.

This gave him the basis of an idea that he then developed into the classic 1976 Two Ronnies BBC sketch that starts with a customer who walks into a hardware store and asks the shopkeeper for "fork handles".

The premises now known as The Four Candles pub, was a hardware store for many years, before going through other, briefer, incarnations as a florists, delicatessen and exotic meat shop. The locals also refer to the pub as "The Extended Window Sill" (with matching benches.)

Sowell Street is 13 minutes away from York Street, so it's close enough to the original to pay tribute to one of Britain's best-loved comedy sketches.

Reputed to be the smallest micro pub in Britain. Anyone with any other pubs claiming this?


I have been informed that this was once called the "Royal Oak," although to date I haven't found a pub with that name in St Peter's.


Now (2016) brewing their own beers at the "Four Candles Brewery."


From the By Kathy Bailes, 13 July, 2019.

Four Candles boss takes the reins at The Albion Inn in bid to save it from closure.

Four Candles micropub and brewery boss Mike Beaumont has taken on management of neighbouring The Albion Inn following the sudden departure of former landlord Marcus Hogg.

The St Peter’s Road pub – formerly the "Little Albion" and then "Hogs Head" – is being taken on by Mike temporarily, with discussions over its permanent future expected to take place after next month’s Folk Week event.

Mike opened the "Four Candles" in 2012, followed by the site’s microbrewery in 2014.

The pub was given the name because it was previously a hardware store and Sowell Street, where it is based, is not far from the former H. E. Harrington’s general ironmonger business in York Street, that is famed for stocking everything you could possibly need. It is thought the shop was the prompt for a sketch written by Ronnie Barker of the Two Ronnies.

Archbishop at Four Candles

Archbishop Welby tastes the beer with Four Candle boss Mike Beaumont (left) and Rev Andrew Jacobson. Photo Brian Green.

The micropub hosted the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby last year when he visited to launch a beer brewed by the Reverend of St Laurence Church.

Archbishop Welby made the stop as part of his tour of the isle which has included schools, churches and foodbanks.

Mike will be bringing the "Albion Inn" back to basics by removing the juke box, pool table and courtyard smoking area.

The venue opens on Monday at 4pm and will be operating the same times as the "Four Candles" – 5pm to 11pm last orders on weekdays and Noon-11pm at weekends. There will be no card machine so cash only payments.

Mike said: “We have agreed to keep it open until after Folk Week to see if the locals still want a regular pub as well as a successful micropub at this end of St Peter’s. The "Four Candles" remains unaffected but we think there may be a demand for a no-frills pub as well.

Archbishop Welby

Photo Brian Green.

“We shall have music over Folk Week but make a decision about regular music slots after that. We don’t want to see the "Albion Inn" close. It has been here for 200 years so we’ll do what we can to save it.”

Former landlord Mr Hogg hit problems in 2017 after numerous complaints from residents about excessive noise, both from music and customers outside the boozer in the early hours.

Following hearings at Thanet council Mr Hogg was allowed to keep the premises licence and the right to have live and recorded music – but had to abide by a set of strict conditions.

However, he has now left the premises.



BEAUMONT Mike 2013-19+


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