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Earliest 1861-

Market House Hotel

Dec 1910

4 Duke Street


Market House Hoptel 1960s

Above photo circa 1960s. Seen between the no entry signs.


At present I have no information regarding this operating as a public house after 1910.

The premises, was situated opposite the "Wellington" in the 1960s when it fell into disrepair it was subsequently converted into private dwellings.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 6 September 1859.

INSOLVENT DEBTOR, to be heard at the County Court of Kent, to be holden at the Sessions House, Maidstone, before James ’Espinasge, Esquire, Judge of the said Court, on WEDNESDAY, the twenty-first day of September instant, at the hour of Eleven o’Clock in the forenoon.

FREDERICK MALIN, formerly of the "Bird-in-Hand" beerhouse, Maynard-street, Hornsey, in the County of Middlesex, beerseller, bricklayer, and contractor; then of the "Market Inn," Market-street, Margate in the County of Kent, bricklayer and contractor, and foreman of the New Water Works in course of erection at Margate aforesaid, my wife and family during such last-mentioned period residing at the "Bird-in-Hand" beerhouse, Maynard street, Hornsey, aforesaid; and late of the "Old Robin Hood," Church-street, Margate, aforesaid, bricklayer and contractor, and foreman of the New Water Works in course of erection at Margate, aforesaid.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 24 August, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.

Thomas Bartlett, an Ash salesman, was then charged with inciting J. Gilbert to resist the superintendent on the day in question:— Mr. Boys appeared for the prisoner who pleaded “not guilty.”

The superintendent deposed:- On Saturday last about half past one as I was passing the “Market House Inn,” Bartlet said alluding to me “give it the _____ he has not been in Margate long and it would have been a good job if he had never have come. He should not take me nor all the police.” This evidence was corroborated by P. C. Douglass, who was assisting in taking the prisoner to the station.

James Nutting, a mariner, was then called by the prisoner, and said:- I did not hear Bartlett use any bad words, but he persuaded the prisoner Gilbert to go quietly or it would be worse for him.

Charles Saffery, labourer, was also called by the prisoner, and deposed to hearing Bartlett say “give it to him,” meaning the superintendent.

The defendant was fined 10s, and 10s costs, or in default 14 days.

The money was paid.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 23 February 1901. Price 1d.


The annual dinner in connection with the Margate Lodge of the Grand Loyal and Philanthropic Prussian Hermits was held on Wednesday at the “Market House Hotel,” when there was a numerous attendance of brethren and friends. Bro. Charles Austen presided, and was supported by the principal present and past officers and a company numbering nearly forty. The usual loyal and patriotic toasts were duly honoured, and in connection with the toast “Success to the Margate Lodge of the Grand Loyal and Philanthropic Prussian Hermits,” it was stated that the lodge, one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Margate, was in a vary flourishing position, both financially and numerically.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday, 19 November, 1910.


The "Market House," 4, Duke Street, Margate, beer-house, owners Messrs. Woodhams and Co., Rochester, and Mr. George Whitley, Hillside, Warren Road, Chingford, tenant Mr. James John Kent. Total amount 742; divided, freeholder 582, registered owner 160.— It was stated that there was no tenant to compensate, the holder of the licence being put in at 8 weekly wage. The owners bought out the previous tenant.



MALIN Frederick pre 1859 Next pub licensee had

WINCH Frederick Charles 1858-67+


YEOMAN Richard 1871-74+ (age 32 in 1871Census)

WRIGHT Stephen S 1881+ (age 32 in 1881Census)

BROWN William 1890-91+ (age 44 in 1891Census)

HAMPTON Frederick J 1901+ (age 34 in 1901Census)

MOORE John 1903+

KENT John to Dec/1910




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