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Earliest 1861-

Rising Star

Latest 1924



Rising Star

Above photo showing the house that used to be the "Rising Star."


The 1871 census gave the address of this as Bogsole Farm and described the property as a beer house. Ten years later in 1881 the census identified it as the "Rising Star Inn" at Bogs Hole Road.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 22 November 1924.

A Sunday Morning Raid.

Police visit isolated inn. Whitstable farmer's generous action.

The sequel to a police raid on the lonely "Rising Star Inn," at Bogshole, near Whitstable, was provided at St. Augustine's Petty sessions, Canterbury, on Saturday, when Sidney Browning, the licensee, was summoned for selling intoxicating liquor during prohibited hours on November 9th, to Henry J. Burrough, farmer, of Court Lees Farm, Whitstable, and also for similarly supplying Harry V. Payton, of 29 Albert Street, Whitstable, with intoxicating liquor. Messrs Burrough and Payton were also summoned for consuming liquor. All three pleaded guilty and the cases were taken together.

Sergeant F. Rivers, of Whitstable, stated that about 11:35 a.m. on Sunday, November 9th, in company with Sergeant Quested, he visited the "Rising Star." They entered the bar and saw sitting at a table the defendants, Burrough and Payton each of whom had a pint glass of beer before them. Browning was in the bar. He ask Mr. Burrough if he could give any reason why he should be on licensed premises during prohibited hours and he replied, "No." Witness asked if he had paid for the beer in front of him and he replied. "Yes. I paid the landlord for it." In reply to similar questions, Payton said the landlord gave him the beer. Browning said. "Yes I did give it to him. It was a pint I owed him from a dart match the previous Saturday. Mr Burrough's was paid for." Witness told Browning he would be reported for selling intoxicated liquor to Burrough and for supplying it to Payton during prohibited hours. He replied. "Yes. I'm sorry." When told they would be reported for consuming the liquor. Burrough replied. "Yes, I know I'm in the wrong. I came here for cigarettes." Payton said. "I usually come for a stroll around this district on a Sunday.

Browning told the Bench he was anxious to get rid of his stock as he was closing that day owing to lack of trade. The two in Court were the only two customers, by one other, he had all that day. From that day the house of been closed.

Mr. Burrough said he went there for cigarettes. He thought it was nearer opening time, as he was under the impression that 12 o'clock was opening time, but found he was wrong. It was about 11:50 when he went in, according to the clock there.

Browning explains that his clock was fast.

Mr. Burrough, continuing, said he did not go to get beer. He probably had more in his own house and the landlord had at that time.

Mr. Payton had nothing to say.

Superintendent Ford said all three defendants were very respectable. he had received complaints and that was the reason the police visited the house. It was no doubt true that Browning was anxious to get rid of his stock for, as he had said, there was no tribe. The magistrates would remember his (the Superintendent's) objection to the renewal of the licence about 2 years ago. The house had then been closed for a long time. The landlord had since the visit closed the house himself.

The Bench imposed the fine of 1 in each case on the licensee, with 2s. costs, and the other two being fined 1 each.

Mr. Burrough thanked the magistrates for letting the landlord off lightly and said he would pay his fine as he helped to get him into trouble.

Superintendent Ford remarked that he was sure that would be appreciated.

The Bench pointed out to the licensee that he was liable to a fine of 30.

Browning then said that all he had earned during the last week at the place was 8s., while he had paid out 4 10s. He was getting out of it in December.



HADLOW Edward Hadlow 1861-92+ (also market gardener age 62 in 1891Census)

HADLOW Annie Mrs 1903-13+ (widow age 81 in 1911Census)




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