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Ruby Lounge 2005

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Ruby Lounge beermat

Above beermat, date unknown, kindly sent by Mike L.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 16 June, 1964.

Doug and Peggy Barthaud, Ruby Lounge.

Doug & Peggy Barthaud 1964

Doug and Peggy Barthaud have been in Margate for only 18 months, but in that time they have earned for themselves a reputation second to none in the "Ruby Lounge."

And their success lies in the fact that neither has attempted to stamp their own personality on the house or its customers.

"The atmosphere of a house depends not only on the landlord or his wife," says Doug, "but on the customers themselves. We have attempted to weed out a few jarring notes and are now content to let the harmony of remaining regulars speak for itself."

The correctness of this philosophy is reflected in the fact that after only 10 years in the licensed trade, they own two free houses.

Old World.

Peggy Barthaud is the licensee of a charming old-world pub on the Grand Union Canal at Stoke Hammond, near Bletchley. Many of the scenes for the Harry Corbett film "The Bargee" were shot there and the company recently spent about 3-weeks on location at the pub.

The only reason they left the "Three Locks" in the management of Peggy's parents was that they considered it unsuitable and unsafe for a young family.

Doug is a Cockney born and bred - and proud of it. After leaving school, he spent six years at sea in the Merchant Navy. His first shore job was at a snack bar, at Barking. He followed this with a short spell as a bookmaker and then converted an old ambulance to do outdoor catering.

His first house was in Brick Lane in the East End of London. And this was like being thrown in at the deep end. "If we did not have about 4 punch ups on a Saturday night, then something was wrong," he said.

Show House.

After only 12 months, Doug and Peggy were selected by their brewers as the tenants of a show house. The "Festival Inn," in Poplar. Three years ago they brought the "Three Locks" and came to Margate in January last year.


East Kent Times and Mail, Friday 13 May 1977.

Pub landlady saw man break window after being barred.

After being barred from a Margate pub an unemployed man returned to the premises and asked to be allowed back in.

Only moments after being refused entry he was seen to break one of the pubs windows, magistrates at Margate heard on Tuesday.

Before the court was 22-year old Daniel Lowe, of Grosvenor Place, Margate. He pleaded not guilty to committing the criminal damage offence at the "Ruby Lounge" pub on April 1.

Prosecuting for the police, solicitor Mr. Ronald Webb said the joint licensee of the "Ruby Lounge," Mrs. Olive Woodcock was standing inside the locked door of the pub at 8:20 p.m.

"There was a knock on the door and Lowe was standing there. He asked if he could come in, knowing him to be barred from entering the bar Mrs. Woodcock said no.

"She returned to the bar and saw Lowe standing in front of the pub window. She saw him clench his fist and take three swings at the window. On the third occasion the window broke, said Mr. Web.

Lowe was arrested and taken to Margate Police Station where he was charged. He told the police officer:- "I admit I did it. It was an accident. I even offered to pay for it."

In court Lowe said he knew he was barred but a friend of his was in the bar and he wanted to contact him. After being told he couldn't enter the premises he had gone to a window where he saw his friend sitting at the bar.

"I knocked on the window. He didn't hear me. I knocked again and the glass broke. At no time did I punch the window. I just tapped," he told the magistrates.

The Bench found the case against Lowe proved and he was fined 25 and ordered to pay 8 compensation for repairs to the window.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 31 May 1977.

Publicans withdraw pleas for extension.

TWO publicans in Margate's old town centre withdrew applications at Margate Court on Wednesday for licensing extensions to open their premises during the afternoon of 6 June.

They were licensees of the "Ruby Lounge" and the "Queen's Head" hotels.

Parties for the young and elderly to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee are planned in the square during the afternoon.

The bench also turned down an application by the landlord of the "Crown and Sceptre" at Acol for a Jubilee day extension to coincide with an afternoon fete and carnival being held on a field opposite his public house.




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