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Earliest 1841-

Spread Eagle

Closed 2009

24 Victoria Road 1911Census / Prospect Place 1841Census

1 Princess Crescent 1871Census


Above photo 1987, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Spread Eagle

Above photo date unknown.

Spread Eagle 2000

Photo 2000 from by John Law.

Spread Eagle

Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.

O S Map 1852

O S Map 1852.

Margate map 1948

Above map 1948.


The "Spread Eagle" was the scene of a fracas many years ago, when the town Bellman, at the instigation of her husband John, publicly proclaimed the debts contracted by Mary Ann Pettitt outside the inn. Unfortunately for the ‘crier' Mrs Pettitt and her friends were enjoying a drink within, and on hearing the unwelcome proclamation they rushed out en masse and proceeded to beat the daylights out of the bellman, who had to run for his life.


From The Advertiser, Saturday 1 March, 1873.


An inquest was held on Monday last, at the "Spread Eagle Inn," on the body of a child named Alfred Bennington, aged one and a half years, whose parents reside in Victoria Road.

On the 7th inst., the mother was making some soup while the child was sitting in front of the fire, and the saucepan being accidentally upset, the boiling soup went over the child and scalded it in a very shocking manner.

Dr. Treves was sent for, and he attended promptly to its sufferings, but the poor little thing gradually sank, and expired on Sunday last.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."



The "Stourmouth Brewery," near Wingham, Kent, with spacious stores and Malrtings, also small Hop Plantation, and two Leasehold Public Houses.

MR. W. W. MASON (the person appointed by his lordship the Master of the Rolls as vacation jude), will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, London, on FRIDAY, October 9th at Twelve for One o'clock, in one lot, without reserve, a Valuable Brewery Property.

Comprising the Freehold Stourmouth Brewery, desirably situate about two miles from the Grove Ferry Station on the South Eastern Railway, and six miles from the Adisham Station on the London, Chatham and Dover line. The premises have been much enlarged and improved within the last few years, and comprise a convenient brew house with tunroom, and a specious vat store, malt and hop rooms, capital arched cellering, two malting houses, (to wet 28 quarters and 12 quarters respectively), stabling for ten horses, and neat cottage residence with well stocked garden. A well upon the premises affords an unfailing supply of water peculiarly adapted for producing beers of the highest quality. The property will be sold as a going concern with the advantage of the old established connection. Also a freehold hop plantation near the brewery, containing about two acres, and the following leasehold properties:-

The "Spread Eagle" public house, Margate, the "Hussar Hotel," Garlinge near Margate, and a residence and cottage, Beech street, Dover.

May be viewed, and particulars with plans obtained ten days prior to the day of sale of Mr. John Minter, solicitor, Folkestone; of Mr. Wilks, solicitor, Hythe; of Messrs. Nichols, Clark and Elliott, solicitors, Cook's Court, W.C.; of Messrs. White, Borrett and Co., of 6, Whitehall Place; at the "Rose Inn," Canterbury; the "White Hart," Margate; the "Royal Oak," Dover; the "Saracen's Head," Ashford; the "Ship Inn," Faversham; at the Mart, Tokenhouse-yard, E.C.; and of the said Mr. W. W. Mason, at 61, King William-street, City.


The 1901 census named this the "Ebenezer & Spread Eagle."


Thanet Times, Tuesday 14 February 1978.

Alone in the Pub with no Licence.

Reopening scotched in a last minute bar.

A Margate public house which should have reopened on Friday after a 20,000 refit has had to lock its doors to customers.

Only hours before the "Spread Eagle" pub in Victoria Road, Margate, was due to open, rival publicans put in an objection to the licence.

Spread Eagle licensees 1978

Mr. Barnard Phillips and his wife Daphine reading a congratulatory telegram at their pub at the weekend.

Its new owner, Mr. Bernard Phillips, said he spent 20,000 preparing for the opening and the drinks were ready to flow when he heard that the Licensed Victuallers Association had objected to his licence.

He said the association had 21 days with pill and chose the last day to do so.

"It is too bad of them to leave it until the last minute," he said.

"They don't like it because they missed a good opportunity and I bought and redecorated the pub and turned it into a Free House," he claimed.

Mr. Phillips (40), who has managed other pubs in Kent with his wife Delphine, bought the "Spread Eagle" in October. It was previously owned by Whitbread's, who were advised to sell in 1971 by the monopolies commission because the brewery had too many pubs in the area.

Mr. Peter Cook, press officer for the L.V.A., said the appeal was not lodged earlier because the association took legal advice and considered the matter carefully before deciding to object.

"We have nothing against the gentleman at all," he said.

"We never make objections on personal grounds. It is the relicensing of the "Spread Eagle" we are appealing against.

"Our reasons will come out in court."



CROFTS David 1841+ (age 25 in 1841Census) (Prospect Place)

COSGRAVE John 1847-82+ (age 48 in 1881Census) Williams Directory 1849

KINGSTON Alfred Robert 1890-91+ (age 40 in 1891Census)

KING Charles Edward 1901-03+ (age 32 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

JOHNSON Leonard 1911-22+ (age 28 in 1911Census)

JEFFRIES George T 1930+

THUNDER Alice E Mrs 1938+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Williams Directory 1849From Isle of Thanet Williams Directory 1849


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